Choatic good
Just thought I'd point it out. Unless it's intentional or you want to keep it for comedic effect.

[Image: anim_63.gif]
[Image: lAe9O7F.jpg]

6x, 7x, or 8x WA Delegate of Lazarus, depending on how you count
2x WA Delegate of The South Pacific, make of my time there what you will
Author of SC #61, SC #94, SC #100, SC #128, SC #130, GA #280, and Issue #352
2x Condemned by the Security Council (NS Record)
2x Delete-on-Sight, another NS Record
Retired II Roleplaying Mentor
Quote:Embassy opened with Fishmongers.
Quote:Embassy closed with Milograd is The Eternal Delegate of TSP.
One last thing: Milo's Hutong can (but doesn't necessarily have to) be archived.
I love some good choas.
The Most Holy Kingdom of Wycliffe
I noticed this a loooong time ago, English teacher that I am. Smile
It is intentional.
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