The Lazarene Gazette: A PROCLAMATION
Declaration of War against the New Pacific Order
[Image: Laz_Gazette_Banner-1.png]
The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Special Issue • December 2018 •1 Page


WHEREAS the Assembly in the exercise of the constitutional authority vested in them have resolved, by resolution of the Assembly of Lazarus bearing date this day "That the state of war between Lazarus and the New Pacific Order, which has been thrust upon Lazarus is hereby formally declared";

WHEREAS it is provided by Section one and Subsection five of the Twelfth Mandate of Lazarus, as follows:
The Assembly may declare war against another region or organization, and repeal a declaration of war, at the request of the Delegate, by two-thirds vote.

The Assembly has invoked Section one, Subsection five of the twelfth Mandate of Lazarus, and as of 12/16/2018 4:16 PM is now at war with the New Pacific Order and all her dependencies.

Treadwellia, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Treadwellia, Chief Operating Officer (Vice Delegate)
The Cabinet of Lazarus

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