November 2018 Update
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November - 2018


The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


Kawaii Schoolgirl, Arkadia Universalis, Chervil, Dalimbar, Yy4u, Mediobogdum


Recruitment and Citizenry: Overthinkers

Foreign Affairs: Kawaii Schoolgirl

Internal Affairs: Dewilands

World Assembly Affairs: nrevyw

TWPAF Commander: Chervil

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Arkadia Universalis

Deputy Ministers:

Sergeant-At-Arms: Alchera

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters

[Image: last-convoy1.jpg]

Tension in Borders - TWP Close Embassy with TP (Better known as NPO)

After the declarations made by the previous emperor and by the Senate of NPO, with its declaration of war against TBH, and any military operation where TBH was involved. Diplomatic tensions in several regions have skyrocketed with the massive closure of embassies and relations with NPO, the tension is noted with the phrase that makes the difference between NPO and the rest of the regions: "NPO Delenda Est".

TWP has not been the exception, with a long list of negative experiences, the Delegate was faced with the difficult decision to face this event and show solidarity with the rest of the allied and/or known regions, withdrawing the embassy and withdrawing the status diplomatic of the NPO members on our server in Discord.

Quote:The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (Halo Rahl) » Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:30 pm

"The West Pacific wishes to announce the end of its treaty with The Pacific.

This is our oldest active treaty and the decision was not made lightly. We continue to have a fondness for some of its citizens and a respect for its long history.

However, the information that has recently come to light demonstrates that the NPO, at least as it is currently governed, does not respect the sovereignty of its allies nor the safety of the people of NationStates.

At the very least it fosters an environment where its high government officials feel free to act against other regions and to associate with, and even protect, players who seek to do others harm. At most, The NPO has engaged in espionage against its allies, including The West Pacific, and used a dangerous player as a tool to promote their own interests.

When I took office, I stated that two of my important goals were to promote safety and to ease the toxic exchanges that we see so often. It is clear that The NPO diminishes security and promotes toxicity.

This type of behavior must be rejected by GCRs and UCRs alike. The West Pacific will always expose and eliminate any harmful players like Block and we call upon all of the regions of NS to pledge to do the same.

The West Pacific stands in solidarity with Osiris. Our treaty with The Pacific is withdrawn and their embassy will be closed. We remain, as always, prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from all threats."

The responses of friends and allies have been positive, however unconfirmed nations have been created in TWP with the purpose of creating disorder and discord. But TWP's Guardians have dealt with these verbal aggressions head-on. It only remains to hope that this conflict that is escalating to a multi-regional war, is settled and that the new emperor promotes a new and positive change in NPO. This, however, is understandably a rather big challenge, due to the ideology of the previous Emperor which quite rooted in the minds of the members of the region's Senate.

Regardless, we longly await for the day the region cleans itself up and may once again stand as our ally. Until that day comes, our military is prepared to fight to the end.

[Image: Elections.png]
Internal Elections!

Yes, it is that time of the year once again and the election results have come in:

Ministry of Recruitment & Citizenry
OverThinkers - 13 votes in favor, 1 Abstain - Won with 92,86%

Minister of World Assembly
nrevyw - 11 votes in favor, 2 Abstains - Won with 84,62%

Minister of Internal Affairs

Greyghost - 3 votes (25%)
Dewilands - 9 votes - Won with 75%
No Abstains

Speaker of The Hall of Nations

Rizorien - 3 votes (25%)
Arkadia Universalis - 7 votes - Won with 58,33%
Abstains - 2 votes (16,67%)

Sergeant At Arms
Alchera - 11 votes - 2 Abstains - Won with 84,62%

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
KhanterWinters - 11 votes - 2 Abstains - Won with 84,62%

[Image: VJx4kKg.png]
Join our Secret Santa!

December is just around the corner, and with it all the joy and excitement of Christmas, that's why TWP invites you to join our Secret Santa, which will be locked on December 13. Come and have fun, be part of our last month of the year, and gather good wishes as human beings for next year.

Credits of TWP Seal for Bran Astor.
Nice stuff, but no mention of the shake-ups in Guardian stuff? Big Grin
Beautiful and informative update! Big Grin Thank you for sharing with us.
Waste this night away with me.

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