Announcement: Resignation of Citizenship, Hutong Preservation
Friends and comrades,

I'm resigning my citizenship so that I may fully commit myself to my involvement in the New Pacific Order, as that is where I feel most needed right now. Call me a shill, a subversive, an opportunist, whatever.

Here is my decision-making matrix:

1) Milo puts in 100% effort to Laz, 0% to the Pacific | Payoff: 100 Laz, -500 Pacific ⇒ -400 net
2) Milo puts in 100% effort to The Pacific, 0% to Laz | Payoff: 100 The Pacific, 0 Laz ⇒ 100 net
3) Milo puts in 50% effort to The Pacific, 50% to Laz | Payoff: Doesn't matter. Clearly, this is not efficient or wise at the moment.

If The Pacific is to become the region I (and all of Pacifica) wishes to see it become moving forward, members of the Order will need to be responsible about their citizenship engagements abroad. That is not to say duality is impossible; on the contrary, I am a firm believer in it. However, I am also a pragmatist, and I realize that there currently isn't enough trust in the New Pacific Order for me to be deeply involved in both the regions simultaneously. My history doesn't lend me credibility either.

I have complete confidence in Emperor Lord of Darkness and the direction of the NPO.

Having said that, actions, not words, are all that really matter. So... I'm going to go get started.

- Milo
Good luck to where you go in NS. 

Enjoy the game.
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tl;dr I'm resigning my citizenship and it's for the best. I'll still be around in Lazarus and will likely reapply for my citizenship eventually.
(12-01-2018, 01:54 AM)New Rogernomics Wrote:
Good luck to where you go in NS. 

Enjoy the game.

Thank you, but I'll still be here! I'll just lack access to private forums and chats. The Hutong is my dwelling.
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I'm not going to call you any of those things, because I appreciate you being respectful enough to acknowledge that dual citizenship isn't a good idea at the moment, and to resign citizenship without a fuss. I could criticize the fact that you're choosing the NPO over Lazarus, but I would rather just appreciate that you did the respectful thing and let go of your citizenship. You could have not done that, and made it a drawn out thing. Thank you for being respectful to Lazarus.

Be well, Milo. It will be good to still have you around in a reduced capacity as a non-citizen.
Cormac Skollvaldr

"We are all misfits living in a world on fire." - Kelly Clarkson, "People Like Us"
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Fair thee well Milo
You'll be back soon enough I imagine Tongue
(12-01-2018, 02:12 PM)Arlo Wrote:
You'll be back soon enough I imagine Tongue

I hope to be! Smile

Thank you all for your camaraderie and well wishes. Like I said, I'll still be involved in the community -- just not as a citizen. Also, not for the next two weeks, because I'm visiting Israel.
:o Have fun and bring back some yummy food for us please!
Waste this night away with me.
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Of main course. Wink

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