[AT VOTE] Liberate Boston
Proposed by: [Image: lenlyvit__622719t2.jpg]Lenlyvit

The Security Council,

Noting that the region of Boston has had a troubled history of being raided after its founder entered the void of nothingness;

Observing that at this current time Boston is under occupation by a coalition of regions, including at least one Nazi/Fascist region and one internationally blacklisted region;

 Believing that no region deserves to become a wasteland trophy of Nazi ideology or Raider propaganda;

Determined that the international community should do everything in its power to prevent innocent regions from becoming trophies of fascists, nazis, or their collaborators;

​​​​​​​Hereby liberates Boston.
 Nakari: bowiemoria = marilyn manson freaks but from a different decade?
Its simplicity makes me sad
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