[PASSED] Condemn The Pacific
Condemn The Pacific
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.
Category: Condemnation | Nominee: The Pacific | Author: Topid

The World Assembly,

Recalls the history of the prior "Condemn The Pacific" resolution, which was repealed based in large part on The Pacific's apologies for the conduct of its government, the New Pacific Order (NPO), during the New Lazarus Order (NLO) coup of 2015,

Notes recent evidence such apologies were hollow, due to the continued infiltration of the sinker regions Osiris and Lazarus by notable members of the New Pacific Order (Feux through its puppet Adytus, and A Mean Old Man through its puppet Wrektopia),

Recognizes this body's long history of using condemnations and liberations to combat philosophies and movements featuring dictatorial leadership, authoritarianism, aggressive foreign policies, deceitful propaganda, controversial intelligence operations, and valuing individuals based on national or regional origin instead of on their own merits,

Asserts the history of the New Pacific Order of The Pacific is one of aggression, with powerful members linked to coups in The North Pacific, The South Pacific, and Lazarus, and the ongoing forced exile of Topid from St Abbaddon,

Observes the government of The Pacific relies on the heavy hand of authoritarianism to strangle opposition and unacceptable speech within the region, and uses ejections to disenfranchise World Assembly Member Nations concerned with the region's policies and track record,

Aware the NPO has frequently engaged in highly controversial intelligence operations, including the aforementioned infiltration of Osiris and Lazarus,

Appalled by the narrative advanced by the NPO's ideology, "Francoism," which preaches distrusting certain individuals based on their origins and homes, rising far beyond reasonable security and to a level of unacceptable fear mongering used to justify the horrible conduct of the institutions of The Pacific,

Remembers this body has condemned regions for their aiding and harboring of nations associated with or guilty of the destruction of regional forums,

Outraged that Pergamon and Feux were made aware King Bradley was responsible for the destruction of regional forums and aided King Bradley by keeping this a secret, allowing King Bradley to continue to secretly reestablish connections with the NationStates world,

Concludes that contrary to past false apologies and propaganda, The Pacific is a region that is aggressive, authoritarian, deceitful, and advances dangerous ideologies that seek to divide NationStates and instill fear in all,

Hopes for the destruction of the New Pacific Order, and its replacement by a government that ceases terrorizing its own members, and various targeted groups across NationStates,

Hereby Condemns The Pacific.
Cormac Skollvaldr

"We are all misfits living in a world on fire." - Kelly Clarkson, "People Like Us"

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