EPNS - September 2018
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Eastern Pacific News Service

Delegate Elections
By Airrajul
The time for the voting of Pacifica Orientalis’ new WA Delegate nears, and a number of candidates have now been nominated into the election and have recently opened their campaigns. From now until October 7, 2018, at 4:00 PM EST, these candidates and others to be nominated shall commence their campaigning within this period. On October 7, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST until October 12, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST, the actual voting shall begin, so citizens of TEP, please do not forget to pick which candidate you want to become the delegate. All of these candidates exhibit promising attributes that may potentially establish an incipient prosperous era for The East Pacific, but only one may stand triumphant. The candidates are diverse, each from all kinds of backgrounds, so the issue of not having enough to vote for may be minimized. Again, citizens of TEP, do not forget to cast your votes!

Goodbye, Yuno! You shall be missed as TEP’s SUPREME LOLIGARCH!

View the campaigns of the candidates here!

Interpacifican Media Office
By Libertanny
After successful cooperation of Minister of Information Libertanny with Media Offices and Governments from other Pacific regions, the East Pacific, the South Pacific, the West Pacific and the Pacific, they have decided to launch interregional project - InterPacifican Media Office (IPMO).

IPMO will be advertising Pacifics within Nation States, releasing interpacifican newspaper (the official name was not decided yet) and launching NS-wide campaigns.

Interpacifican Media Office is currently targeting for launching Campaign Against Harassment and releasing their first newspapper.

Are you willing to join the project?
Come here: https://discord.gg/GVaFWU7

Todd for a very long time...
By Zukchiva
Todd McCloud for a very long time, has served as a Delegate of the East Pacific, helped many nations learn to roleplay in the past, and founded the University of the East Pacific. Now, Todd has gone to complete his goal, and written a book!

The book, which is called the Listonian, is now available in Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, its author has revealed that it will soon spread out to other stores. Alternatively, Todd has also revealed that it will be coming out as an e-book soon.

The book originally stemmed from Todd’s roleplays. He noticed that he was beginning to write longer and longer roleplays and soon they were hard to keep up on. Because of this, Todd decided to try his hand at writing a book, and thus, the Listonian was born.

The Listonian is, in a paraphrased form of the author’s words, it is about a Vulpine who explores himself in a world dominated by two species… and two nations.

Todd has shown that he hopes to release five books. The Vekaiyun, his second book, is finished and now being shown to publishers. The third book is currently in the outline and drafting process.

EPNS wishes Todd the best of luck to finish his books and enjoy writing them!

N-Day^3: Giving You an UPPERCUT of the likes Never Seen Before!
By Glacikaldr (Swisstican)

In the words of Max Berry Himself, more commonly known as Our Lady [violet] (let's be honest now), "in celebration/defiance of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests on August 29", the interregional community has once more descended -- or ascended if you really consider the force behind that punch -- into nuclear war! While there were doubts as the 29th came and went, it was announced the following month on the 23rd that the 26th to the 27th of September would be forever more known as N-Day^3: Get UPPERCUT Edition

The event, taking place over a non-stop period of 24 hours involving shields and nukes to deliver knockout blows to rival factions, saw the return of familiar alliances, a little hardened here and there, and new factions all the same! But let's cut to the chase: my editor didn't even need to tell me why I should write about the event! It's obviously to most that we're here to brag about UPPERCUT, the go-to Pacifican faction besides The West Pacific, who had helped out Osiris's Pirates (who were predominantly found along the Nile and came a noteworthy fourth overall).

There's no need for us to sound modest. Barry already did for us in His summary, seen here, where He lightly touched on how, "the new champs [won] by over 100,000 points." UPPERCUT, indeed coming first, achieved a score of 183,556! That's 58,633 points higher than the Augustin Alliance's faction last year, of which made itself a definite target of both nukes and memes this time around, and 69,712 points more than UPPERCUT got the Year before in second. This year around, 2nd was Hell's The Horsemen of the Apocalypse with 67,500 points, and 3rd was Canopy with 63,123 points.

All in all, Pacificans both in the East and afar thank you for the good times shared, and are glad to hear that recovery efforts have been swift - needing only one day in fact to repair all damage done! That means more to damage next year around! Maybe try taking up boxing so you can learn how to better dodge our punches. Wink[/justify]

Workers Honoured following EPNS Reforms
By Glacikaldr (Swisstican) & Libertanny

As the East Pacifican News Service (EPNS) undergoes its internal reforms into the Ministry of Information, noteworthy workers of EPNS have been awarded for their contribution to The East Pacific through the former executive body. The current Minister of Information and Design, Libertanny, handed out the following badge to the, "ambitious, hard working and contributing members", both current and former, and executive and non-executive, alike.

List of awarded people: Mecovy (Pendragonania), the Atlae Isles, Tretrid, Queen Yuno, ToddMcCloud, Bachtendekuppen.
[Image: file.php?id=601858]

Ministry of Information is watching you!
By Libertanny

Ministry of Information and Design never stops impressing and fascinating people. While Forum believes that we are alive only in Discord and RMB believes that we are alive only on Forum, none of the statements are true. We are everywhere and we know everything. Seriously.

Believing that the statement above is true (or is it not?), we have decided to award some of our residents with nice looking titles.

The Best New-Fried RMB Role Player award goes to the Angel of Charity for his impressive role playing skills he managed to develop after so short time of presence in our regional message board.

The Best Ministry in Long-Term award goes to Ministry of Immigration for dealing with citizenship applications, watching Regional Message Board, great stability and resistance to the illness of Ministries randomly dying.

The Most Efficient Worker of the Government awards goes to two people, which is Regional Officer and Minister of Immigration Pakitsk for watching the safety of our region and Provost Verdrassil for watching and mentoring work of whole Magisterium.

The Best Loligarch award goes to Queen Yuno for her love to pinkish colours, contribution to our region, recruiting valuable workers to our Government and many, many, m a n y more.

The Best Forum Mentor award goes to whole Moderation Team of the East Pacific Forum. You are doing great job guys!

The Best Writer of the East goes to Zukchiva for sentence has made "you respect me make you respect you more"
Thank you for this update.

Thanks for the news!
Waste this night away with me.

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