Imaginary, a very real infiltrator
Canary Wharf — In a stunning admission, Imaginary publicly came out as a long time infiltrator of the Undead Dominion of Lazarus.

In what was perhaps the greatest gameplay upheaval of 2017, the Celestial Union of Lazarus dissolved into civil war when then Sovereign Funkadelia staged a coup and installed the Undead Dominion. Over the course of two months, belligerents on both sides made their case before the World Assembly and the gameplay community at-large, while simultaneously attempting to capture or maintain the Delegacy.

Imaginery underscored his displeasure at these events and states that it was his steadfast resolve to remove Funkadelia from power which led him to join the Dominion under false pretences. Owing to his unknown background, he was able to maintain this facade for the course of the Dominion’s short-lived history.

In early 2018, the Dominion transitioned to the Khanate of Lazarus under the control of Lone Wolves United and was controversially removed in an internal coup by Imki, now Delegate of Lazarus. The new Delegate was not immediately trusted by all residents, as Imaginary himself notes.

‘When Imki took over I didn't know her so I decided to remain incognito’, Imaginary recalls, ‘until I could trust that she wasn't going to use the region in the same way Funk and co. did.’

The revelation of this deception was greeted with understanding. Roavin, himself a seasoned game-player, testified ‘Just from a player's perspective, there's nothing wrong with infiltration - it's an absolutely valid form of playing the game, and in a way, credit to you for being able to successfully do it for a year.’

As to his future, Imaginery said it was up to Lazarus whether it would accept him after his misconduct. The former member of the Dominion expressed hope that he could ‘continue to draw Tubbius pics and hang as an ambassador in our embassies, and most importantly be a part of the region's current community, which I have fallen in love with.’
An interesting summation of the events. Slight misspellings on "Imaginery" throughout that could be fixed, and, well, Imaginary's a she, not a he. Big Grin

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