[FAILED] Ban on Capital Punishment
=50Ban on Capital Punishment
Category: Human Rights | Strength: Significant | Proposed by: United Massachusetts

[/hr]Having already presented its rationale in GA 4XX,

Restating, however, that the death penalty institutionalizes a model of justice with only retributive value, a model inherently flawed in its assertion that violence and killing are best dealt with by more bloodshed,

Concerned that the use of capital punishment prevents nations from taking steps to correct errors in their legal process, the most grave and final sentence having already been delivered,

Believing that life sentences and other alternative punishments better provide criminals with the opportunities to repent for their wrongs and improve their habits,

Asserting that justice is best served without the death penalty, for it is cruel, condemns certain innocent people to death, and rejects the affirmation that all sapient life is valuable by its very existence,

The General Assembly, at long last, invoking its august power in this present session assembled, and by the advice and consent of its delegates and member nations, hereby:
  1. Declares that no member state may execute any person under its jurisdiction.

  2. Mandates that member nations commute any death sentences handed down within their jurisdiction, and instead determine through their legal processes an alternative punishment,

  3. Prohibits member nations from extraditing individuals to a foreign nation where they are likely to face execution or capital punishment inline with prohibited punishment above.

Co-authored by: Imperium Anglorum
I'd personally suggest a vote FOR for this proposal.
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Despite my personal opposition to capital punishment, this is a serious matter, one that requires national sovereignty. For the sake of the independence of all WA nations, vote Nay, plz.
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