Lazarus: Wolfists vs 'La Resistance' [Sign Up]
(09-02-2018, 04:48 PM)New Rogernomics Wrote:
(09-02-2018, 04:25 PM)Killer Kitty Wrote:
I will also take a role.

Do you want to play as Killer Kitty/Evil Wolf or as a random role?  Laugh 

Oh, random, for sure.

More fun that way.
I would like to join
Count me in.
Toxic Backstabbing Glen-Rhodes Sycophant
We will need the following:

Wolfists Faction:

1 Evil Wolf/Killer Kitty: You are immune to being turned or banjection, and can select a nation to banject for 48 hours. 
1 Counter-Intelligence Officer: You can reveal the identity of a member of the resistance. The Counter-Intelligence Officer cannot be turned.

La Resistance Faction:

1 Recruiter: You can 'turn' a nation to your faction for 48 hours. The recruiter cannot be banjected or vote.

If you have interest in being any of these. Please PM me(or DM me on Discord).
I'm not particularly interested in a special role but would take a role if still necessary.
Toxic Backstabbing Glen-Rhodes Sycophant
If we can't get roles filled, then I'll do random dice rolls to determine reveals, who gets turned, and who gets banjected.
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Hero of the Resistance, Recruiter, and Counter-Intelligence Officer will be dice rolls, meaning GM/s will do a roll to determine who they effect. 

I am re-opening event applications till Monday.

By then, I will have organized the dice-rolling and random events.

It has been a slow start, due to admin tasks I had to fix first.

Sorry about that.
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I am suspending this till the end of N-Day.

You can continue to make votes, but day two will remain on hold.
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