Lazarus: Wolfists vs 'La Resistance' [Sign Up]
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Game Information

This game is based loosely upon the Lazarene Civil War, with 'Wolfists' vs 'La Resistance'. It is the goal of the Wolfists to stop the La Resistance through holding the closest to a majority, and the goal of La Resistance is to make themselves a majority. The twist to the game is that nations can apply to join once it has begun, and a 'purge' or 'turn' only lasts 48 hours before they return to their faction/the game. 

After a faction holds the majority after a set amount of time, there is a start of counter-revolutionary activity to determine the final winner of the Delegacy, and which faction ultimately 'wins' the civil war. 

GameMaster/s: @ New Rogernomics, TBA

Begins 11 PM UTC


Wolfists vs 'La Resistance'
Phase 1 - 11 PM UTC
Day 1: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours

Phase 2 - Starts UTC
Day 2: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours 

Phase 3 - Starts UTC
Day 3: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours

Phase 4 - Starts UTC
Day 4: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours
Phase 1 - Starts UTC
Day 1: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours

Phase 2 - Starts UTC
Day 1: 48 hours, 
Night: 24 hours

How to Join:
1. Request a role in this thread, in the application form below. This will be PM'd/Personal Messaged to you. Do not reveal a role to anyone or talk about it.
2. Once the game has begun, the only roles left will be 'Wolfist' and 'La Resistance', and a separate application thread will be created for this. These roles will be assigned to favor which faction is weaker, and to try to even out faction numbers. 

Wolfist vs 'La Resistance' Roles:

Wolfist Faction

'La Resistance' Faction

Counter-Revolution Roles:

1. Role PMs: 
Don't talk about the role PM, except that you may say what faction you are but not whether it is true or not. 

High Influence is a characteristic, so you can talk about that. 

Don't discuss other games in this thread, and if you are a spectator don't post in this thread.

2. Public Roles

There are three public roles: Evil Wolf/Killer Kitty, Counter-Intelligence Officer, and Recruiter.

This is due to the fact that they either can't vote or can't be turned/ejected. 

3. Voting

During the Day phase, you must place a player name in bold like this: Obvious Plant

4. Activity
Post and vote at least a few times each Day phase.

If you go an entire day phase (48 hours) without any game-relevant posts [e.g. a single post saying "sorry I'm out all day" does not count], then you will be replaced in your role by someone else. If you return you will be reassigned your previous faction but without any characteristic like 'high influence'. 

There is no activity requirement for night.

5. Phase lengths 
48 hour days, 24 hour nights
Phases end at [TBA] UTC.

6. Tied votes
First past the post.

If there is a tie, the first player to get to that total will be banjected. For example:

Player 1 has 4 votes.
Player 2 has 3 votes.
Someone changes to Player 2, putting him at 4 votes.
If Player 1 is still at 4 votes, Player 1 is banjected.

7. Sample Role PM

[Image: B2FliIw.jpg]
You are a Wolfist. 

Your Regional Influence Level is Normal.

Welcome to the Fight!

[Image: b1Es3Kn.jpg]
You are a member of 'La Resistance'. 

Your Regional Influence Level is Normal.

Welcome to the Fight!

8. Counter-Revolution Roles

The Winning Faction will be headed by their leader i.e. the Recruiter for 'La Resistance', and 'Evil Wolf' for the Wolfists.

There will be a Wild Card Faction with no leader, and effectively they are the everyone for themselves faction.

8. Initial Role Selection

1. Firstly, it will be determined which faction you are in through the roll of a 6 sided dice. 1-3 being Wolfist, 4-6 being 'La Resistance'. 
2. Secondly, it will be determined whether you have a special characteristic of high influence on a 6 sided dice. 5-6 being high influence.
3. Thirdly, if you are in the 'La Resistance' faction, each 24 hour period a 'Hero of the Resistance' will be selected at random using a 9 sided dice, with 9 being 'Hero of the Resistance'. 

9. Re-Rolling Faction

 If you don't want your current position, such as a Recruiter/Evil Wolf/Counter-Intelligence Officer you can request a faction re-roll. 

10. Anything else
Game moderators will not answer or address questions asked publicly if asked during the game. Any complaints/critiques about the game setup during the game may be directed privately. After the game, you may complain or critique about setup publicly if you desire, but please keep such concerns constructive.

Application Form:

State that you want to join below.

@Old Hope [High Regional Influence]
@ Constie [Normal Regional Influence]
@ TempestShadow [Normal Regional Influence]
@ Ryccia [Normal Regional Influence]
@ Imaginary [Normal Regional Influence]
@ Imkihca [High Regional Influence]
@ Killer Kitty [High Regional Influence]
@United Massachusetts [Normal Regional Influence]
@ wymondham [Normal Regional Influence]
@ Roavin [Normal Regional Influence]
Applications closed.
I request a role. I want to join.
I wish to join.
Assistant Minister for Media and Events
Former Chief Justice of the Grand Court
Former Vice Delegate
Former Guardian


[Image: 3cgBDsj.jpg]
I'd like a role please
I'd love to participate.
Deputy Foreign Minister of Lazarus (November 27th, 2018-Present)
Ryccia Aiguis
Head of the House of Aiguis

Family Server:
[Image: JPEG_20181202_211520.jpg]
Can I have a role pretty pretty please?
Waste this night away with me.
Sign me up please Smile
[Image: wXPeCEt.png]
I will also take a role.
(09-02-2018, 04:25 PM)Killer Kitty Wrote:
I will also take a role.

Do you want to play as Killer Kitty/Evil Wolf or as a random role?  Laugh
I like this. Sign me up.
United Massachusetts
Stat crux dum volvitur orbis

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