About Article Submission Types
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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus

When posting articles, there are two major article categories to choose from:
  1. Opinion Articles
    These are for residents, citizens, and even general forum members and ambassadors from other regions. These are considered to be the opinion of private individuals, and as such only require basic editorial standards, as they are not considered to necessarily reflect on upon Lazarus. It is expected however that Opinion articles are not too obscene or abusive to post in foreign regions and on the Nationstates forum.
  2. General Articles
    These are for residents and citizens of Lazarus only, as they are meant to have excellent editorial standards, and be a reflection of the community of Lazarus as a whole. Any general articles published are likely to reflect upon Lazarus, and upon the political and social landscape of the region.
Please take this topic under advisement when submitting articles.

Thanks from the Gazette! ​​​​Big Grin
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