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Monthly Update - Europe - February 2018 - South St Maarten - 03-01-2019

The European Foreign Office Is Committed To Brining Monthly Updates To Its Embassy Regions. Here Is February's:

European Regional Update
February 2019

Regional Population: 951
WA Population: 402 (42% of the regional population)
Delegate Endorsements: 327 (81% of WA population, 34% of regional population)

This month has been fairly quiet in Europe. With no legislation being put forward, the only polls this month have been three opinion polls. In addition, we had the one-year anniversary of the Second Deputy Commissionership elections.
This month’s first opinion poll was published by our First Deputy Commissioner, [Image: st_scarlett__490492t2.png]St Scarlett. It asked the question; “What is your favourite food from around the world?” Most Europeans chose Italian as their favourite, with the runner up being French. The second poll was put forward by our Second Deputy Commissioner, [Image: south_st_maarten__197690t2.jpg]South St Maarten, and asked Europeans what their favourite school subject is/was. Unsurprisingly, Social Studies/History won in a massive landslide, with the runner up being Science. The third and final opinion poll was once again proposed by [Image: st_scarlett__490492t2.png]St Scarlett, and gave Europeans the difficult task of choosing a favourite film from 2018. Avengers: Infinity War was unsurprisingly the most popular choice, distantly followed by Bohemian Rhapsody.
This month marked the one year anniversary of our first Second Deputy Commissioner election. The candidates, two of Europe’s most respected and esteemed nations, were: [Image: yahlia__120578t2.png]Yahlia and [Image: south_st_maarten__197690t2.jpg]South St Maarten. Although all the candidates showed promise, [Image: south_st_maarten__197690t2.jpg]South St Maarten was re-elected 42 - 28. Despite the final tally, the election was back and forth, with 4 lead changes. [Image: south_st_maarten__197690t2.jpg]South St Maarten drew his core support from the European Internationalist Party, which he is the chairman of.
This months update written by - [Image: feria-alkaline__192700t2.png]Feria-Alkaline[Image: novgorod-pskov__888133t2.jpg]Novgorod-Pskov[Image: south_st_maarten__197690t2.jpg]South St Maarten, and [Image: the_poland-lithuania_commonwealth__46280t2.jpg]The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth

RE: Monthly Update - Europe - February 2018 - Imaginary - 03-06-2019

Thanks for the update on what's popping in Europe!

Also, congratulations on your re-election St Maarten. :)

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