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  [Question] Granting Official
Posted by: Domais - 10-25-2020, 03:28 AM - No Replies

This question comes from the Lazarene Citizenship Act (https://www.nslazarus.com/thread-1254.html), it has to do with the Granting Official:

1. Is the advice the Granting Official gives to the Delegate commital?
2. Can the Delegate process citizenship applications in the absence of advice from the Granting Official?
3. Is the answer the same in question 2 if there is no Granting Official?
4. Does the Prime Minister have veto power over the Granting Official?

- Dom.

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  World Assembly Accelerator Program Announcement
Posted by: Gorundu - 10-24-2020, 04:09 AM - No Replies

World Assembly Accelerator Program Announcement

Hello neighbors! The North Pacific is proud to announce the launch of the World Assembly Accelerator Program. Any World Assembly author can post their complete or nearly complete drafts for review and drafting assistance from the TNP Ministry of WA Affairs. When you’re ready to submit your proposal, it will be evaluated for sponsorship by the Ministry. Should it be accepted for sponsorship, your proposal will have the backing of TNP and access to extensive lobbying opportunities. You do not have to be a citizen of TNP or a WA resident to apply. For more information on this unique opportunity, please review this thread: https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/9193071/

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Posted by: winner909098#2336 - 10-22-2020, 03:19 PM - Replies (1)


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  Shareholdership Application: winner909098#2336
Posted by: winner909098#2336 - 10-22-2020, 03:17 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: zHT7ni5.png]

Did you submit this using an IP Proxy?  No

Nation in Lazarus: Winner909098

WA Nation: Winner909098

NS Identities: this is all that I have

Have you been accused of any crime/s in other region/s?: no

Have you participated in any other region/s?: yeah, but I didn't like them

Do you affirm this information is correct?: Yes

Oath of Membership: From this time forward, I voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people, whose community ideals I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

Survey (optional):

What areas of the region are you most interested in?: Culture & Role-playing i.e. World building and regional events,Spam & Chatting i.e. you are here for informal fun,Media & Reporting i.e. writing articles for the region

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  Shareholdership Application: Cooler than you.#8926
Posted by: Cooler than you.#8926 - 10-22-2020, 01:47 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: zHT7ni5.png]

Did you submit this using an IP Proxy?  No

Nation in Lazarus: United Federal Directorate of the Vierre

WA Nation: United Federal Directorate of the Vierre

NS Identities: United Federal Directorate of the Vierre

Have you been accused of any crime/s in other region/s?: No

Have you participated in any other region/s?: No

Do you affirm this information is correct?: Yes

Oath of Membership: From this time forward, I voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people, whose community ideals I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

Survey (optional):

What areas of the region are you most interested in?: Culture & Role-playing i.e. World building and regional events,Legislature i.e. discussing and proposing laws

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  President Peeps Elected in Close Election
Posted by: Lime - 10-15-2020, 01:12 AM - No Replies

President Peeps Elected in Close Election

Contact Information (Discord): Forilian#8262

(Europeia, October 3, 2020) - The citizens of Europeia elected Peeps as president in an election held on Friday, October 3. Peeps, along with his vice president, Pichtonia, defeated Lime/Calvin 54.5 percent to 43.9 percent, with 1.5 percent going to Re-Open Elections. Both Peeps and Pichtonia were on the Cabinet before the election, serving as grand admiral and attorney general respectively.

"I thank the people of Europeia for electing me and look forward to what we can accomplish this term," said the newly elected president. The vice president adds that he is "happy and very honoured." to be elected, and that "the Vice Presidency has been my dream office since my early Europeian days. Monkey has left me a high bar for this office and I hope I'll do my very best to do it justice.".

The Senate has confirmed the following individuals into the Cabinet:
Kuramia, minister of foreign affairs;
Istillian, grand admiral;
Malashaan, minister of interior;
Forilian, minister of communications;
SkyGreen24, minister of world assembly affairs;
Sopo, minister of radio;
Calvin Coolidge, minister of culture; and
Aexnidaral, attorney general.

The nominees were not voted on until after the by-election to replace Senator Common-Sense Politics, who resigned recently, was held on October 4.

More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here

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  MORE Issues of the CSBS!
Posted by: (Chaos)Jester - 10-12-2020, 08:28 PM - No Replies

[Image: caer-sidi-broadcasting-service-168655.png]
The official newsletter of Caer Sidi

The 5th issue of CSBS Newsletter is out! Click here to read the dispatch (text) version.
Open the spoiler to read the (pretty) image version:

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  The North Star Issue XX
Posted by: Gorundu - 10-09-2020, 11:20 AM - Replies (1)

[Image: f4UEI8F.png]
[Image: sG8YGQy.png] Regional Assembly Highlights | August - September 2020
by Cretox State, Deputy Speaker

Speaker: St George (MadJack)
Deputy Speakers (August): Robespierre, Crushing Our Enemies, Cretox State, and Bobberino
Deputy Speakers (September): Robespierre, BobberinoComfed, and Lady Raven Wing

Current Business

Current outstanding business for the Regional Assembly as of writing is voting on the rejection of New Francois's citizenship application by the Vice Delegate, and handling the potential confirmation of Gorundu as prosecutor for the court case  "The North Pacific v. New Francois".


Rejection of New Francois's Citizenship Application

Summary: New Francois lost citizenship on 9 September 2020 due to failing to maintain a nation within TNP. They reapplied for citizenship on 20 September 2020; this application was rejected by Vice Delegate Dreadton. The Regional Assembly must determine whether to uphold this rejection.

Status: At Vote

Appointment of Gorundu as Prosecutor for "The North Pacific v. New Francois"

Summary: Delegate TlomzKrano appointed Gorundu as Prosecutor for the court case "The North Pacific v. New Francois" on 21 September 2020 after some concerns were raised regarding a prior appointee. The appointment of Gorundu is currently being discussed.

Status: Discussion and Debate

On Hold

Appointment of Chewie as Prosecutor for "The North Pacific v. New Francois"

Summary: Then-Delegate Prydania appointed Chewie as Prosecutor for the court case "The North Pacific v. New Francois" on 11 September 2020. The matter was successfully motioned to be voted upon, but received enough objections to cancel the scheduled vote. Another Prosecutor was subsequently appointed by Delegate TlomzKrano.

Passed - Legislative

The legislative proposals that have passed through the Regional Assembly in the months of August and September thus far are the Government Officials Achieving Transparency Act and the North Pacific Security Council Disclosure Act.


The Government Officials Achieving Transparency Act* by Praetor

Summary: In an effort to increase the transparency and accountability of the region's Security Council, Praetor brought the aforementioned proposed piece of legislation before the Regional Assembly in early July. The bill sought to make the Security Council subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), thereby allowing redacted private Security Council records to be made public upon resident request. The bill passed the Regional Assembly by majority vote, after which it was vetoed by the Delegate.

Results: 32 Ayes | 14 Nays | 5 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 15 August 2020
*Vetoed by then-Delegate Prydania after passing

North Pacific Security Council Disclosure Act by Oracle

Summary: In response to the veto of The Government Officials Achieving Transparency act, Oracle brought their proposed legislation before the Regional Assembly in mid-August in an attempt to address the subject of Security Council transparency in a modified manner. The most important of these modifications included provisions dealing with private records that existed prior to the bill's taking effect and methods of validation through the Court. The bill passed the Regional Assembly by majority vote.

Results:  19 Ayes | 6 Nays | 9 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 13 September 2020

Passed - Non Legislative

The non-legislative proposals that passed the Regional Assembly in the months of August and September as of yet are the Confirmation of Fregerson as Election Commissioner, the Confirmation of Vivanco as Prosecutor in "The North Pacific v. Ihese", the Confirmation of Cretox State and BMWSurfer to the Election Commission, and Former English Colony's Security Council Application.


Confirmation of Fregerson as Election Commissioner

Summary: Fregerson was nominated to the Election Commission by then-Delegate Prydania on 11 August 2020, as Fregerson's term on the Commission was expiring. The nomination was soon motioned to a vote, and passed the Regional Assembly by majority vote on 25 August 2020.

Results: 36 Ayes | 0 Nays | 6 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 25 August 2020

Confirmation of Vivanco as Prosecutor in "The North Pacific v. Ihese"

Summary: Vivanco was nominated by then-Delegate Prydania to serve as Prosecutor for the aforementioned Court case. After a period of debate, the nomination was brought to a vote on 3 September 2020. The nomination was confirmed by the Regional Assembly by majority vote.

Results: 30 Ayes | 1 Nay | 12 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 6 September 2020

Confirmation of BMWSurfer and Cretox State as Election Commissioners

Summary: BMWSurfer and Cretox State were nominated by then-Delegate Prydania in early September to serve on the Election Commission. Shortly thereafter, the matter was brought to the Regional Assembly, where both nominations passed by majority vote.

35 Ayes | 0 Nays | 4 Abstentions
Cretox State: 38 Ayes | 0 Nays | 2 Abstentions

Status: Both passed as of 10 September 2020

Former English Colony's Security Council Application

Summary: In mid-September, the region's Security Council nominated Former English Colony, one of the oldest and most notable members of TNP, for a seat on the Security Council by unanimous vote. The matter was motioned for a vote of the Regional Assembly, where it passed by majority vote.

Results: 40 Ayes | 0 Nays | 8 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 21 September 2020


Ease of Prosecution Act by Comfed

The only proposal that failed the Regional Assembly in the last two months is the Ease of Prosecution Act (legislative). Introduced in mid-July, the bill aimed to provide for the appointment of a new Prosecutor in Court cases where the sitting Prosecutor discontinues the case. The proposal barely failed to reach majority support.

Results: 12 Ayes | 13 Nays | 6 Abstentions

Status: Failed as of 29 August 2020

[Image: sG8YGQy.png] News - ADITO 2
by Arichia, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs
A Drop In The Ocean 2 was a celebration, hosted by The North Pacific and The South Pacific, celebrating TNP and TSP as allies and Pacifics. The festival followed A Drop In The Ocean 1, which happened in 2017. The celebration had places to learn, role-play, have fun. The celebration was planned by TNP’s Minister of Culture, Syrixia, TNP’s Cards Guildmaster, Praetor, as well as the rest of TNP’s Ministry of Culture. A Drop In The Ocean 2 began on 2 August 2020 and ended on 9 August 2020.

TNP Delegate, Prydania began with an Opening Statement on the celebration. Beforehand, a Celebration Pavilion was made in TNP’s forum, for the part of the celebration that was on the forum. A Discord server for the festival was also released.

TNP’s forums contained the Celebration Pavilion. There, three social deduction games were put up, Mafia, Detectives, and Assassin In The Palace, hosted by Praetor. However, Detectives ended early, due to discussion on the game happening on the Discord server. Seraph also brought over the “Cake vs Pie” thread from TSP. The Celebration Pavilion also had the central thread for the Art and Writing Contests. There were two prompts during the celebration, “Describe What You Think The Best Quality Of Your Region Is”, and “Describe What You Hope For The Future of TNP-TSP Relations”. The role-play part of The Celebration Pavilion contained the World Exposition, as well as the International Conference.

The Discord server of ADITO 2 had several channels, including The Mess Hall, and channels for some of the activities on the forum. The Mess Hall was a place for spam and memery. It also contained a trivia and a battle game for everyone to enjoy. The server also had a voice channel, the Aquarium, for lectures and AMAs (Ask Me Anything) from figures from both regions. Morover, Rom, Pallaith, Nimarya, Phoenix, Jay, Gorundu, Dreadton, Seraph, Syrixia, Nakari, and Prydania all did AMAs. Highton, Praetor, Omega, Phoenix did lectures on Sports, Cards, Podcasting, and Character RP, respectively. Nimarya touched on how the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Home Affairs rely on each other. Rom explained how they wanted to expand the NPA's piling force. Pallaith also talked about The World Factbook Project. Many other subjects were brought up as well. The transcripts were posted in the Celebration Pavilion, under the Lecture Transcripts thread. The recordings were posted on NBS.

As A Drop In The Ocean 2 concluded, El Fiji Grande was named as the winner of the Art Contest and was awarded a medal. Syrixia gave their Closing Statements on the festival, stating that “Our friendship has been and continues to be stronger and deeper than any of the great oceans on which we sail. May it remain so in perpetuity!” Following the end of A Drop In The Ocean 2, the Celebration Pavilion was locked and moved to the Archives.
[Image: sG8YGQy.png] The Spotlight - Interview With Nimarya
by Arichia, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs
Arichia: So, I would like to start from the beginning, how did you first get started in NationStates?

Nimarya: Well, my brother actually found the website and showed it to me a little over two years ago. I made a nation and spent most of the following two years just lurking, answering issues, and spying on the forum. Eventually, my old nation CTE'd, so when I decided to return to NationStates I made a new nation under the name "Nimarya" which just so happened to spawn in TNP. Then, I was inexplicably drawn into the activities of this region and the rest is history.

Arichia: TNP has many activities for many people. What activities did you first get yourself involved in?

Nimarya: Home Affairs and the North Pacific Army were the two big things. I joined Home Affairs not long before Bluie resigned from the position of Minister of Home Affairs, and when Rocketdog stepped up as Minister he choose to give me a chance as Deputy. I think I can point back to that singular decision on his part as the one thing that's most defined my path in TNP, because when I was brought in as a Deputy I was given the chance to learn administration, to establish myself in the region, and was set on the course that would lead to me one day taking over as Minister of Home Affairs.

The NPA has also been one of my absolute favorite things about this region. Rom in particular was amazing and taught me R/D personally, and now I can say I'm an officer in the NPA thanks to his guidance. It's fun, it's engaging, and I love the friends I've made there. Working with the NPA is also a great opportunity to make friends outside of the North Pacific as you compete with other R/D players in NS.

Arichia: From what you've said about your time here, it looks like you've really enjoyed Home Affairs and NPA! I would also like to hear about what you think is the most enjoyable part of being the Minister of Home Affairs.

Nimarya: The most enjoyable aspect of being Minister of Home Affairs, for me at least, is harnessing the ideas and passion of the people who work with me. I like how we're all a team who wants to reach out to new players and help them become part of the region, and I think that passion and sense of community we share is crucial to the life and productivity of Home Affairs. It makes me very happy to see my staff have fun and engage with others, and that's been one of my most driving motivations as I work to continuously improve the Ministry.

Arichia: Before yourself, many people have held the position of the Minister of Home Affairs. As you are in that same position, who do you look up to, and what do you admire about them?

Nimarya: Well, I haven't worked under that many other Ministers in Home Affairs- only Bluie, very briefly, and Rocketdog. I have, however, also become friends with BMWSurfer who was a MoHA long before I joined TNP. I would say I respect each of them for different things. I admire BMW greatly for the advice he has given me throughout this term, as well as his genius creation of Home Affair's latest roster. I respect Bluie for being a solid and dependable worker and advisor who has stepped up to the plate multiple times this last term. I also admire the work he did with polls during his last term, an idea which, if I'm ever again able to work as MoHA, I intend to blatantly copy. Lastly, I respect Rocketdog for his example in delegating certain work to his deputies during his term as Minister, instead of trying to do everything himself. In that way I've chosen to follow in his footsteps by delegating work and trusting my deputies to help shoulder the work of Home Affairs, a tactic which I believe has led to better results all around.

Arichia: I see that you value hard work and determination. What are some difficult challenges that you have gone through during your time working in Home Affairs, or TNP government in general?

Nimarya: Two main challenges come to mind, I think. The first would be a more general challenge that just comes with gaining a leadership position. It can be hard establishing goals, schedules, and then of course figuring out step by step what exactly needs to happen and then how to make it happen. I think that's just gotten easier with experience as I've worked throughout the term. I've had to postpone different projects and I've had to accept that some things I would like to do just aren't feasible or important enough for the moment, which can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes. But I would like to say I'm learning, and getting better at management in general, and I am happy with the things we've been able to accomplish this term.

The other challenge would be handling situations with staff that aren't really doing what they're supposed to. This term we've had situations where people were claiming things out of order, or fighting over rows, and dealing with that hasn't been easy, but I think the key to solving or at least mitigating those problems has been just to talk to people, and work out what needs to change.

Arichia: Those are hard problems, but, of course, problems arise all the time, and we accomplish things too. Under your leadership, what do you believe is Home Affairs' greatest accomplishment?

Nimarya: That's a very tough question to answer. We have the new Log and Data Viewer system, which I believe to be revolutionary, and we've also recently introduced a cards reward program that I think will also go very far and might potentially serve as an inspiration for other cards programs. However, at the end of the day I think the most important thing Home Affairs has gained is a solid system of operations. We now have methods and routine for each of the main processes of Home Affairs, from distributing Home Office work in a rotational schedule, to guides for accepting and training new staff, to templates and procedures for mentoring, and more. At the beginning of my term, I said I wanted to do many small things to make Home Affairs easier to run and easier to work in. I think I can say I've succeeded at that.

Arichia: To my knowledge, much of the work you put into is for Home Affairs and the NPA. Are you part of other ministries, The Regional Assembly, or in any other places?

Nimarya: Well, as a citizen and Minister I'm definitely part of the Regional Assembly! I haven't been involved in drafting legislation, but that could change one day. Truth be told most of my focus and efforts have been on the NPA and HA, especially the past few months. However, I am part of Culture as well and have assisted with graphic design this term, and I'm also technically part of the Cards Guild, although that's mostly because Praetor hasn't kicked me out yet, and I want to become more involved with that in the future.

Arichia: And to finish, once your time as Minister is over, what do you plan to do, and would you consider doing anything more?

Nimarya: Well, when I'm done as Minister of Home Affairs, I'm probably going to turn my attention to trying out different areas of the game and region that I haven't explored much yet, namely Foreign Affairs and possibly World Assembly Affairs. I'll also consider running for office one of these days. That's not to say I intend to abandon Home Affairs or the NPA- on the contrary, I doubt I could ever leave them, but I probably will step back from leadership for at least a term in the future, just to recharge and figure out what it is I want to be doing.

Arichia: Those are all the questions I have. I really appreciate your time and answers! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you!
[Image: sG8YGQy.png]News - August 2020 Special Justice Election
by Comfed, Deputy Speaker
After Lady Raven wing lost her justice position for not posting on the forum for 14 days, she lost her position as justice and a special election was called.


Yalkan declared his candidacy in the candidacy declarations thread. He did not post a campaign thread.
Yalkan received 16.67% of the vote and was not elected.

Vivanco accepted a nomination from Praetor. He posted a campaign thread, and based it on his election to the now abolished post of Attorney General, and stated that he had enough experience to understand and interpret the law.
Vivanco received 28.12% of the vote and was not elected.

Eluvatar accepted a nomination from Robespierre. He posted a campaign thread, and ran on the basis of his experience as a previous justice. He also included a FAQ in his thread.
Eluvatar received 55.13% of the vote and was elected.

Mall also ran, but since he already had a justice seat his candidacy was null. He posted a campaign thread only, which was entitled "Mall4Court 2: Thanks Election Commission". The election was run differently due to the"Lessening Repeating Work" bill recently passed by Praetor resulting in a vote system similar to Single Transferable Vote (STV).
[Image: sG8YGQy.png]News - September 2020 Special Justice Election
by Owenstacy, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Due to losing citizenship, Eluvatar abandoned their position as justice, which resulted in a second Special Justice Election of the term being called. The election saw two candidates run, both of whom had experience in the judicial branch: Vivanco and Saintpeter.

Vivanco, a former Attorney General and running for the fourth time, ran on a platform of ‘truth, honesty, and justice’. Citing the importance of stability in the court, and the fact that this was the third judicial election of the term, he promised that he would not abandon his office.

Vivanco received 85.71% of the vote and was elected.

Saintpeter, running for justice for the second time this term, also pledged that they would not abandon office this term if elected. Apart from this, they ran on the same platform as they did in their last candidacy. This consisted of the clear implementation of judicial philosophy into the workings of the court and the court self-regulating its power. As well as this, Saintpeter proposed implementing a trial of law clerks to give people experience working in this branch.

Saintpeter received 14.29% of the vote and was not elected.

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  The Northern Lights Issue XXXII
Posted by: Gorundu - 10-09-2020, 11:15 AM - No Replies

[Image: p1XZof7.png]
[Image: N5YJXjh.png]
[Image: JIRjOR1.png]
[Image: itKy6NQ.png]
[Image: BBcmPpj.png]
[Image: NRA5WDB.png]
[Image: ZeDYJB4.png]
[Image: DEEwQSK.png]
[Image: u8xi815.png]
[Image: He0Urw0.png]
[Image: 2RJGdBc.png]
[Image: 0gOjALq.png]

Dedicated entirely to defining, exploring, and evaluating Information For Voters releases (IFVs), this piece takes an in-depth look at an increasingly critical component of many regions' WA programs. This essay also takes a look at the dual nature of IFVs: they serve to both amplify regional voting power and provide players less involved in WA matters with a means of gaining greater insight into a specific proposal.
Kenmoria - The Role of IFVs in the General Assembly

This relatively shorter essay defines and examines liberations in the modern sense- specifically, offensive liberations and their defensive (or "standard") counterparts. Liberations are a potent tool, which can be wielded to protect native populations- or to harm them.
Lord Dominator - Offensive and Defensive Liberations

This piece explores the logic that often shapes big Delegate voting in the General Assembly, and examines several differing schools of thought when it comes to determining how regional Delegate votes are cast. A secondary purpose of this essay is to examine the factors that often determine a region's voting stance on a particular proposal, and the role of IFVs in shaping how votes are cast.
Maowi - Regional Delegates and General Assembly Canon

Interpreting committee provisions within General Assembly resolutions is inherently a point of some controversy due largely to the significant differences in how national governments and WA committees create and enforce regulations, and the increasing reliance of proposals on committees. This piece argues in favor of applying the reasonable nation test (nations would not interpret provisions in a self-detrimental way) to committee provisions.
Imperium Anglorum - Interpreting committee provisions

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  The North Star Issue XIX
Posted by: Gorundu - 10-09-2020, 11:12 AM - No Replies

[Image: f4UEI8F.png]

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]The Spotlight - Interview with Prydania

by Chinese Rebel, Reporter for The North Star

Chinese Rebel: Well everyone, here we are with our Delegate Prydania. I have a few questions I'd like to ask. Let's start from the beginning - How did you get started in NationStates?

Prydania: So I got started in NationStates like so many do, as a teenager who was interested in politics and history.

I was in my grade twelve year of high school and I had just finished with Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. And I stumbled upon NationStates. I was still thinking about a passage form Nineteen Eighty-Four that explained that the totalitarian INGSOC regime had built a statue to honour Oliver Cromwell. Something about a socialist Britain that found common cause with Cromwell was very interesting, so I created Inglo-Scotia. It was a Britain expy whose government was a mix of Orwell's INGSOC regime and Cromwell's British republic.

I can't remember where I spawned, but I quickly joined the Lexicon where I met Eluvatar. That was back in 2006.

Chinese Rebel: That is such a long time ago! How did you eventually make your way into The North Pacific's government?

Prydania: I came to TNP full time in the summer of 2017. I had some bad experiences with game play and regional government in my last region, Taijitu. I had been there for nine years by that point, but it ended in a very explosive way.

So I decided I only wanted to be part of RP in TNP. No government stuff. Problem was I was a good enough RPer to be made a RP mod! And that got some attention from the GP community. I had to turn down multiple offers to be Minister of Culture. I finally accepted when Minister of Culture MadJack resigned in the final two weeks of Ghost's last term. I agreed to fill in. And Fiji, who succeeded Ghost, convinced me to stay on. I ended up staying on as Minister of Culture for a year. And then enough people who I respected in GP convinced me to give a run at Delegate a try. And here I am!

So I got started in TNP government through slow, eventual capitulation to peer pressure! Not a good look for a teacher, I admit, but I'm glad I did. I'm proud of what I've been able to do as both Minister of Culture and as Delegate.

Chinese Rebel: That is an extremely interesting experience! So for most of your time in government you have been Minister of Culture. What did you oversee and accomplish in that position?

Prydania: Regular publication of the Roleplay Reel magazine. We set up and ran a number of cultural events with regions such as Greater Díenstad, XKI, and the other Pacifics. We ran fantasy football, which was a huge success. And we successfully resurrected the Lennarts. Not to mention getting a RP map included in the 2019 Democracy Day reward package!

Chinese Rebel: So now that you are Delegate, what has been your most challenging problem so far?

Prydania: So that's an interesting question! This is my first shot at being Delegate in my long time spent in NationStates, but that long run in the game has given me a good idea of what the position entails. My good friend Sovereign Dixie was a multiple time Delegate or Taijitu, and I served as his Vice Delegate for one of those terms.

So I decided to run for Delegate it TNP with a pretty good idea of what the job would entail. As such most of the trials of the office haven't bothered me too much. I knew what I was signing up for, essentially.

I would say the biggest problem I've had is dealing with what I didn't expect. TNP is a very large region with a lot of moving parts. Of course as Delegate I oversee many of those moving parts but even so. It seems like a lot of people, both inside TNP and outside, are of the belief that I'm the guy who can snap my fingers and address whatever problems they have. I've been inundated with requests about the Civil Defence Siren and embassies and "grand initiatives" random players dream up in their spare time since I was sworn in.

The trials of the Delegacy- working to accomplish goals I want to see accomplished- I'm fine with those. I knew what I was getting into.

Being the point man to absorb everyone's random thoughts or grievances, however, has taken some adjustments.

Chinese Rebel: Of course, there will eventually be a time when you are no longer Delegate. What do you plan to do then?

Prydania: I plan on focusing on my roleplay. Both as an active participant in the roleplay community and with my duties and lead RP mod.

Chinese Rebel: One thing I've been wondering - did you ever consider joining the NPA?

Prydania: No. I had a few unremarkable stints in the Taijitu army but military gameplay isn't really my cup of tea. That being said, working with Rom as my Minister of Defence and the rest of the NPA has been an enlightening experience. The work those guys and girls put into the Army is incredible.

Chinese Rebel: Now, as a Delegate, I'm sure you've looked to past Delegates for inspiration. Who was the delegate when you first arrived and do you think they did a good job?

Prydania: I arrived in the summer of 2017, and the Delegate was Ghost. I thought he did an amazing job, despite being hampered with the RMB drama that was kicked up just before his term started. I have a lot of respect for Ghost, and it's been an honour. Both to kick off my Minister of Culture career under his Delegacy and to have him on board as my Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese Rebel: And who was your favourite Delegate?

Prydania: A lot of them are quite good. McMasterdonia's ability to be everywhere at once was something to admire. McM has also been a great mentor for me in both the Delegacy and earlier in the Ministry of Culture. Fiji provided calm, stable leadership that I personally see a lot of myself in. Ghost is that special sort of leader who can just get you to do anything after a pep-talk! Siwale did a lot for the RP community and the RMB, which I think speaks a great deal to his character because he's not really part of either community. Yet he went the extra mile for both communities.

Those would be the favourites of mine since I've been here, but if I had to pick one? Geeze...I would go with Fiji because I tend to jive with his leadership style and it's one my own is closest to.

Chinese Rebel: Well, unfortunately, that's all we have time for. Thank you for joining us in this interview, Prydania!

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]North Pacific Army Bulletin - June 2020

by Gorundu, Lieutenant of the North Pacific Army

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Minister of Defence: General Rom

Deputy Ministers of Defence: Colonel Robespierre and Colonel BMWSurfer

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The North Pacific Army and The Black Hawks wait for orders to enter Liberty Nations Alliance during RaiderCon

So what has the North Pacific Army been up to these days, you ask. Well, curious reader, let me tell you the answer - a lot! We started the month of June with an occupation in SECFanatics, courtesy of an invitation from our friends at The Black Hawks, to stop them from spamming all those pesky embassy requests.

And what’s that? It’s the smell of fresh, new blood in the air! After a successful hold that saw 18 NPA soldiers deployed among over 100 total pilers, two of our newest Privates were promoted to Private First Class (PFC). Soon after, a joint tag raid on June 6 with the Europeian Republican Navy and East Pacific Sovereign Army, hosted by ourselves, saw three of our PFCs joining in to hone their skills in the art of tagging, taking 34 regions with two teams even as update variance threatened to thwart our plans.

Of course, all this raiding doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our defender friends! On June 13, we hosted the Rejected Realms Army, South Pacific Special Forces and East Pacific Sovereign Army in a joint detag run, efficiently taking down the eyesore non-NPA graffitis from 45 regions in three teams.

But alas, nothing can beat what’s to come at the end of June. On the 29th, under the cover of a sleepy minor update, the NPA and The Blacks Hawks snuck out during a regular tagging run to capture this year’s RaiderCon target: Liberty Nations Alliance. We swiftly restored order to the chaotic, crumbling region, taking action decisively to suspend its Constitution and eject the troublemakers. Again, 18 soldiers were deployed as part of an over-100 coalition occupying force to maintain order.

In the ensuing RaiderCon festivities, much fun was had, whether it’s listening to RaiderVision entries, beating the Puzzle Hunt in impossible time, or laughing at the cringeworthy entries to the meme contest. But the show-stealer came from our newly minted General BluieGamer, who claimed victory in the triggering contest, beating out The Black Hawk’s finest, including fellow General Jakker in the finals! Of course, the bragging rights were immediately claimed by Minister of Defence Rom, and as a reward, we expect Bluie to be leading a lot more missions in the coming months Smile

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]Regional Assembly Highlights - June 2020

by Cretox State, Deputy Speaker

Speaker: St George (MadJack)

Deputy Speakers: Robespierre, Crushing Our Enemies, Cretox State, and Bobberino

Current Business

The only current outstanding business for the Regional Assembly from the month of June is the Court Amendment Act.


Court Amendment Act by McMasterdonia

Summary: Proposed by former Delegate McMasterdonia, the Court Amendment Act would attempt to modernize the Court's operations to be more in line with the region's present needs. In its form as of writing, the bill would shift Justices to being appointed by the Delegate and confirmed by the Regional Assembly on a rolling basis, with each Justice serving six-month terms. The bill is currently being revised and discussed, and will likely be submitted at some point in the future.

Status: Proposed



The proposals that have passed through the Regional Assembly in the months of June and July thus far are the Confirmation of Dreadton, Sil Dorsett and Eluvatar as Election Commissioners, the Confirmation of Dreadton as Prosecutor in The North Pacific v. Pigeonstan, and the Lessening Repeating Work (LRW) Bill.


Confirmation of Dreadton and Sil Dorsett as Election Commissioners

Summary: Nominated to the Election Commission in early June 2020 by Delegate Prydania, Dreadton and Sil Dorsett had both garnered acclaim for their previous work on the Election Commission. A week after the opening of debate on the subject, both nominees were deemed to have responded to questioning satisfactorily and a motion for a vote began. Both Dreadton and Sil Dorsett were later confirmed by near-unanimous majority Regional Assembly vote, and were admitted to the Election Commission.


51 Ayes | 1 Nay | 4 Abstentions

Sil Dorsett: 51 Ayes | 0 Nays | 5 Abstentions

Status: Confirmed as of 21 June 2020


Confirmation of Dreadton as Prosecutor in The North Pacific v. Pigeonstan

Summary: Dreadton was appointed in mid-July 2020 to serve as Prosecutor in the criminal case The North Pacific v. Pigeonstan. A vote was quickly opened and scheduled to run for the shortest possible duration of three days. Dreadton was confirmed by majority vote at the conclusion of the voting period.

Results:  31 Ayes | 6 Nays | 7 Abstentions

Status: Confirmed as of 23 June 2020


Lessening Repeating Work (L.R.W.) Bill by Gorundu

Summary: Initially brought before the Regional Assembly by Praetor in mid-July 2019, the L.R.W. Bill was revived and revised by Gorundu in mid-March 2020. The bill sought to implement a preferential voting system for Judicial elections, and passed the Regional Assembly by majority vote.

Results: 30 Ayes | 5 Nays | 13 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 1 July 2020


Confirmation of Eluvatar as Election Commissioner

Summary: Eluvatar was nominated to the Election Commission by Delegate Prydania in mid-July, 2020. Eluvatar has previously served on the Election Commission, and the confirmation was expected to pass easily.

Results: 37 Ayes | 2 Nays | 4 Abstentions

Status: Passed as of 27 July 2020



Two proposals have failed in the Regional Assembly since the last update, being Wonderess' Security Council Application, which failed to reach a two-thirds majority Regional Assembly vote, and the Delegate's Report Bill, which failed to reach a majority.

Wonderess' Security Council Application

Summary: After applying to the Security Council on the first of May, Wonderess failed to be recommended for admission. The Regional Assembly then began a discussion to examine the proposition of upholding or overturning the Security Council's decision.

Results: 37 Ayes | 42 Nays | 12 Abstentions

Status: Failed as of 25 June 2020


Delegate's Report Bill by RocketDog

Summary: The Delegate's Report Bill was originally introduced to the Regional Assembly a year ago during El Fiji Grande's term as Delegate as a way to clarify when the executive administration was to give reports on its activities. After a period of dormancy for many months, discussion surfaced again in late March of 2020 and after a few revisions the bill was later passed by the Regional Assembly and vetoed by the Delegate. On 14 July 2020, the bill has been brought to vote again after further revision.

Results: 9 Ayes | 23 Nays | 19 Abstentions

Status: Failed as of 21 July 2020

[Image: sG8YGQy.png] World Assembly Digest

[Image: ga.jpg]

General Assembly

Improving the world one resolution at a time.

Rights Of The Employed


Proper Hygiene For Medical Instruments


Language And Education Rights For Deaf Individuals


Regulating Desalination


Supporting And Valuing The Humanities


Standards On Police Accountability


Fair Arbitration Act


[Image: sc.jpg]

Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.

Commend Crushing Our Enemies


Commend 9003


Repeal Liberate Iran


Commend Apulita


Repeal Condemn Vandoosa


Commend The Salaxalans


Condemn Australian rePublic


The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth

Prydania :: Executive Editor: Gorundu :: Managing Editor: BMWSurfer, Bormiar

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.

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