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Lazarus regional update (September - October 2023)

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New Rogernomics

Councilor (75%)
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Jun 12, 2018
New Rogernomics
Lazarus regional update (September - October 2023)


Upcoming elections, End of a term, and future musings...
Lazarus regional update
September - October 2023

Current Leadership
Hegemon (Delegate): Treadwellia
First Citizen (PM): McChimp (or Custadia)
Epistates of the Ekklesia (Assembly Speaker): Debussy
Herald (Vice Delegate): New Rogernomics
Epilektoi (Councillors of Lazarene Security): McChimp, Debussy and Leonism
Areios Pagos (Court of Lazarus): Chanku, Wang Yao, and Wymondham​

Lazarus established World Assembly Voting Act
By New Rogernomics

Lazarus has passed a World Assembly voting act which establish in law how World Assembly resolutions are recommended to the Delegate of Lazarus. Under this law change the Delegate of Lazarus would by default follow the will of the region's World Assembly nations by voting according their majority will, which has been the defacto position in the past for a Delegate of Lazarus. The First Citizen (PM) of Lazarus may also establish regional policy on recommendations, which will take priority, such as where they have a specific policy on a nation, region or organization. The recommendations of the Prime Minister and their cabinet will also take priority.

Elections being held in Lazarus
By New Rogernomics

Elections began on the 19th of October to select a First Citizen (PM) of Lazarus. First Citizen, McChimp (or Custadia) has decided to not stand for re-election, though New Rogernomics has decided to stand for election as of news time.

This is the Election Calendar:
  • Standing Period: 10/19/2022 UTC -10/22/2023 UTC
  • Campaigning Period: 10/23/2023 - 10/28/2023 UTC
  • Voting Period: 10/29/2023 - 11/03/2023 UTC
First Citizen (PM) term ends
By New Rogernomics
With the last day of the First Citizen's term, their actions were to direct efforts towards restarting the regional guard, to stand with our treaty allies, and in support of The North Pacific against the actions of the Brotherhood of Malice and The Communist Bloc, and to Repeal Treaty of Connacht with Caer Sidi due to their relations with the Brotherhood of Malice. It was not an easy term for sure. We wish the First Citizen (PM) the best and thank them for their efforts this term.

Lazarus amends mandate to define states of emergency
By New Rogernomics

The Lazarene mandate (or constitution) has had a portion of its mandate that has never been clearly defined since the mandate was passed, which was the portion over what would define a state of emergency. With a new constitutional law this has been clearly defined as a situation where the Delegacy is in peril or where the Delegate has ceased to exist or gone inactive for 28 days or more. To issue a state of emergency, a citizen must first appeal to the Delegate or the Council of Lazarene security which can vote upon it. States of emergency cannot suspend the mandate or the Assembly, but may pass necessary measures with urgency and less red tape.

General Updates
By New Rogernomics
- Lazarus has streamlined its discord server, cutting down channels and clearing up masking
- After an experiment this year it was decided to return to forum based citizenship applications
- Regional dispatches have had a revamp and some more have been added
- Embassies opened with Alcris, Community, and the Holy Utopian Empire


The Lazarene Gazette
Issue 19 • 10/19/2023

Where does Lazarus go now with the Lazarene military?
By New Rogernomics
Lazarus, if it wishes to establish a frontier or stronghold would also have to firmly establish a regional guard, if not stronghold or frontier militia, in order to defend such a project from hostile actors. This project would also open the question further into where Lazarus goes with its regional military. As it stands the regional military is required to be neutral as fair as raiding and defending, but legislative amendments have been made to allow for small scale raids or defense operations, and for larger scale operations upon approval of the Delegate or the First Citizen (PM).

Potentially the best method for establishing a frontier would be to establish it well as a stronghold before considering any shift to the more complex undertaking of a frontier that would require constant vigilance over its regional security. Though so far in many First Citizen (or PM) terms Lazarus been either unable to find those willing to establish the guard with the past limitations it had, and the limitations that still exist within the
Charter of the Lazarene Regional Guard as written.

It will be interesting to see whether Lazarus can establish a frontier and stronghold, and if so, how it will establish military policy during future First Citizen (PM) terms to come, in order either to defend the fronter or stronghold, or to turn a new page in how the regional guard is run.

So the war begins...as expected (unfortunately)
By New Rogernomics
It was not too long ago that Lazarus was put in an awkward position, as it had not been following extensively what was going in Osiris or its ties to the Brotherhood of Malice, and it was not prepared for any drastic change in foreign policy that would force Lazarus to reconsider the Treaty of Sun (or alliance with Osiris). We had stood together during the war on The New Pacific Order, and Osiris stood by the newly fledged regime of Lazarus after LazAnarchy while many other regions were not willing yet to sign a treaty with us. So, to many of us, the idea or thought that our alliance could ever end was absurd. Plenty hoped even when the discussion to amend or repeal the treaty was put forward that we could reach compromise - though it later became apparent that this was impossible.

Though my concern as I was part of the negotiation team that met with Osiris, was the hypothetical future, as my general feeling having looked at the facts involved in the escalation of the war of words between Osiris and other regions, and the breaking down of treaties, was that were Lazarus to side with Osiris, we could be diplomatically isolated and clinging to Osiris solely for regional security. Though the worse scenario which was at the top of my mind is that we wouldn't just be siding with Osiris, we would have been forced to go war alongside Osiris against potentially a large number of GCRs and UCRs, which was something we were not comfortable with - as Lazarene unwritten foreign policy since LazAnarchy been essentially to have as many friends and allies as possible, and as little foreign entanglements as possible. Had we maintained the treaty, regardless of efforts to compromise, the results unfortunately were set to be the same - Lazarus entangled as a defacto client state of Osiris.

It was also even difficult for a downgrading of relations, as the proposed compromises would have still maintained a requirement to not act against one another, and compromised the ability of Lazarus to fulfill the terms of its other treaty alliances. So, the effort for a treaty of non-aggression failed and we soon repealed the treaty and broke off treaty negotiations, with both regions breaking off diplomatic relations and each continuing this break of relations to this day. It could be expanded upon why this failed, though the simple reality was that the end result would have been the same, meaning a compromise that couldn't stand and the end of our relations, regardless of political goodwill on either side. It was nevertheless a painful decision to burn bridges with Osiris, which even should one day this war end, and Osiris come to its senses and reject the Brotherhood of Malice and apologize and make restitution (as our treaty allies would understand it) are unlikely to ever be repaired in the future.

Lazarus is now put in a difficult position for the future, as it could potentially be pulled into a war, especially as the war continues to escalate with further perceived acts of aggression or regional policies that put Osiris and the Brotherhood of Malice at odds with our regional allies and friends. Lazarene policy as it stands is to of course support our treaty allies, though Lazarus for now is on the sidelines and does not support the overthrow or a coup of the Osiris regime. It is also a difficult position for Lazarus to be in because Lazarus traditionally has been neutral or friendly to Lone Wolves United, which is also at war with our treaty allies. Lazarus right now is forced to follow a very tight line, and the question is really whether it can keep it, or will brought into one or more of these wars as well? It will not be easy to stay out of an escalating conflict.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion as private citizen, and not as the foreign minister of Lazarus, and such should not be considered a statement of Lazarene foreign policy.

This regional update was brought to you with all the best wishes of the region of Lazarus. Thank you for reading!
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