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First Citizen (PM) Announcements


First speech as First Citizen: New Rogernomics

Thank you for electing me as First Citizen or Prime Minister.

I would also like to thank the outgoing First Citizen, Custadia, for allowing me to be Foreign Minister of Lazarus during his term.

Firstly, during the first month of my term I will be putting forward a resolution in the Lazarene Assembly to establish a stronghold that could eventually be converted into a frontier, and putting in the effort to establish the regional guard of Lazarus into a regional military that could participate in operations with our regional allies and friends. This is no easy task and I readily admit that.

Secondly, I will be establishing in-game regional representatives who will be elected by in-game polls and have regional powers to create polls in Lazarus, and perhaps further powers if it is reasonable to do so. This will be a way I believe to establish more of a say of our residents in the region and make residents and citizens feel more included.

Lastly, Lazarus will establish a new regional motto as the last one has been long since retired with the end of LazCorp theme.

It is also clear to me that Lazarus will face challenges in regards to the Brotherhood of Malice, The Communist Bloc, and perhaps Osiris too. I hope certainly that Lazarus will be prepared to meet these challenges if they should arise and support our regional allies and friends.

Lazarus has a clear opportunity to realize itself as a more prominent region in Nationstates though this is going to take a lot of hard work and effort during to my term to achieve, and during the coming weeks I will be putting together my cabinet to take a shot at this.

I hope that you have a great weekend, and may Lazarus prevail! Until we find a new regional motto and have something more fun to shout!

New Rogernomics
First Citizen (PM) of Lazarus