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Nov 6, 2018
The following lists criminal complaints against two named defendants, Clorinda and PowerPAOK, levied by Domais and Wang Yao.

We accuse the following against Manson:

Count 1: Blackmail;

Blackmail is defined as "(1) Any person who threatens to, attempts, or uses damaging information against a person in an effort to force them to take, or to refrain from, certain actions, shall be guilty of blackmail." We believe that Clorinda has committed blackmail against then Prime Minister Domais by leaking private direct messages and taking and posting a screenshot (see Domais's resignation as Prime Minister) of such direct messages in an attempt to get them to be removed as Prime Minister through their resignation or removal by the assembly.

Evidence: See the resignation of Prime Minister Domais and the Assembly.

Count 2: Treason:

Treason is defined as "(1) Any person who engages in conduct with the intention of:

a. illegally removing or altering the Mandate, the Government or the Delegate

... shall be guilty of treason." we believe that the allegation laid out in count 1 is itself sufficient to be treason as Clorinda was seeking to alter the Government.

Evidence: See count 1.

We accuse the following against PowerPAOK:

Count 1: Fraud;

Fraud is defined as "(1) Any person who, knowingly or recklessly, falsifies a material fact in any matter regarding a citizenship application shall be guilty of fraud." Whereas PowerPOAK included in their other Nationstates Identities the identity of "Neq" they failed to list their nation "Neq Manson". While it could be argued to be a simple mistake we argue otherwise because citizen Clorinda is commonly known as Manson. In our opinion, this constitutes knowingly or recklessly. Therefore, we believe that PowerPAOK has knowingly or recklessly falsified a material fact in a matter regarding a citizenship application.

Evidence: Their citizenship application and
I just wish to post here to say that I do approve, and did decided to levy alongside Domais, this complaint, notably due to concerns for the Lazarenes' Sovereignty considering the actions denounced above.
Expect a longer message on my part later on.
This is the most trifling petty stuff. Charge me with crimes, sure, but Neq? Didn't think it was possible to go this low.

"Neq Manson" is an alias from an old NS family. It's just as damning as going by Montresor or Rahl.

Just when I thought Laz could be fixed, I realize it's just going to allow itself to repeat history. This is a purge of the citizenry, and I find it funny that Domais of all people is throwing stones in glass houses.

This is obviously a ploy to get his confirmation pushed through by revoking the citizenship of two members, one (me) with controversial opinions and the other simply guilty by association.

Blackmail? Sure. Treason? Nah, if this was treason I would've been a bit more careful.

I hope you get the delegacy in TEP you crave, Domais, and the CLS position here.

Maybe I'll bring forth a court case, I'm undecided at the moment, but one thing about me is that I'll make this messy and hard and I will ensure this case is drawn on for as long as I physically can until I am banjected from the region.


Manson (since you prefer to call me that)

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Blackmail? Sure. Treason? Nah, if this was treason I would've been a bit more careful.
For the record, the defendant Clorinda has admitted guilt as it pertains to count 1.
For the record, being barred from office over leaking seems like the equivalent of being convicted of blackmail.

Additionally, I'd rather you not talk for me and let the court decide, thanks. :)

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The current criminal complaint considered invalid as it attempts to join totally unrelated charges against two separate individuals into the same case, therefore the court will not be able to take up this manner. Thus, the court directs the petitioner to submit new criminal complaints that have been properly separated. The court also notes that the first stage of a trial consists of defense statements regarding the evidence submitted in the criminal complaint. Therefore the court advises the petitioner to include all evidence they would rely upon in a trial in the newly submitted criminal complaints, rather than attempting to introduce said evidence at a later stage.
Nice to meet you, Domais and Wang Yao. For the record, this is a very uncomfortable way of first meeting you both, but hello nevertheless.

My interpretation of the "Do you have any other nations?" Shareholder Application Form question was whether I had any active nations (or nations that I still try to actively revive). I tried to make this obvious in my application by mentioning how I have previous nations, and I would have been very happy for this to have been flagged as an issue and questioned at the time. This is an issue many long-term players face and have grown accustomed to, and hence I assumed Lazarus, much like other large/GCR regions, would be understanding of this (as I assume many shareholders who have been playing NS for a long time are). Apologies if this is not your perspective on the matter, and I am happy to try to settle this issue outside of this court as well.

I did attempt to list at least some of my more notable previous nations from what was available to me at the time. Nonetheless, as you point out, this list wasn't all the nations I have ever made. To be frank, I don't have accurate records of all my previous nations, but I am happy to either resubmit a citizenship application or whatever else this court sees as appropriate if Neq Manson and other previous nations I am now listing below need to be recorded against me in some way.

For context in relation to Neq Manson specifically, I made very little use of this nation -- creating it during a time of irregular activity and letting it die shortly after -- as demonstrated by this extract from the Boneyard below, and there are definitely other nations that I have used more and missed in the application. I made the nation after being welcomed into the Marilyn Manson family tree.

Neq Manson Former Nation
Population: 2.308 billion
Founded: 3 years 262 days ago
Ceased to exist: 2 years 221 days ago

For the sake of full disclosure or at least what I can best feasibly achieve to this end, and in an attempt to waste no more time of this court with a follow-up court case, I have now re-attempted to find all records of previous nations I have made. In my application, I declared the previous nations of Telaar, Defenderism superintendent, Herzog nequedum von lokerzen, The ascendant sect, Swisstican, Glacikaldrian aeribius, Satanas saltanas, and Dramoon military advisory - prefacing this list with "I believe my other nations no longer exist but they include" (hence I made no claim that my previous nations are limited to this list and I would have been happy to have digged deeper at the time if asked to do so).

This means, after re-investigating my previous nations, the previous nations I did not list include in my application are the following:

Neq Manson, Azenoc Dynasty, The Ascendant Sect, and whatever nation I made for a LOTR event with TRR and 10k Islands (can't find its name), as well as seven previous switcher nations that I still have the names of that I made for defending and may one day use again for those purposes. I am happy to reveal these switchers to whoever would be most appropriate and would be able to provide them relative anonymity over private/direct messages.

I hope this eases your concerns. Please feel welcome to reach out to me either here or on discord Nequedum#1716 if there is anything informal we can discuss that might avoid you turning to the courts on this matter again.
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