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Repository [A.R. 2] [Passed] War with the NPO

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Jun 12, 2018
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In accordance with Article I, Section 5 of the Twelfth Mandate, the Delegate has requested that the Assembly vote on a declaration of war with the NPO. As a declaration of war, it requires a two-thirds supermajority to pass. Citizens may vote "Aye" or "For," "Nay" or "Against," or "Abstain" or "Present."

The time allotted for this vote is five days. Voting will end on Sunday the 16th of December at 10:18am EST.


War with the NPO.

Citizens of Lazarus,

most of you have been following and voicing your opinions on the latest revelation in our long line of regional scandals. Once again outside forces meddled in your region's affairs and violated your regional sovereignty to their own end. Lazarus is a home of rebirth and fresh starts, but these latest perpetrators are not unknown to us. They have been found guilty of past offences against Lazarus, only to be given the chance to redeem themselves and start again, as is our forgiving nature.

Some of you have advocated for joining the current war efforts against the New Pacific Order; some of you have advised against it. Even if it may seem that we did not participate in all of those discussions and conversations, we did listen to you and have seen and pondered over all the arguments that you all have brought forth. After some consideration, both Tubbius and I agree that the best course of action is to let you, the citizens of this great region, decide whether we mobilise for war or not. We urge you, however, that you do not make this decision lightly, or in haste. We will share with you our thoughts on this matter. Some of these thoughts you have heard before; some may be entirely new. Please take these thoughts into consideration as you ponder what you think the right choice for Lazarus is.

For many years, the New Pacific Order has been a constant thorn in our side, its officials incessantly seeking to undermine us and our sovereignty. We would not be alone in this war either, but rather standing alongside our sister sinker Osiris and several other regions that have already declared war. It would finally allow us to pay back some of the pain that we have endured at their hands for years and show them that they cannot fool with us any longer or take advantage.

Furthermore, the social and economic benefits of a war abroad cannot be understated. Such a big unified goal will bring our citizenry closer together, acting and fighting side-by-side. Our residents will be engaged and motivated to participate in defence and patriotism for their region, which will surely prompt many of them to participate in ways they had otherwise been wary of. Without a doubt, engaging in this war will be a boon to our unity and our activity.

On the other hand, while we weren't formally at war, this region has been warred over for much of the past three years, if not longer. We are more stable than we have ever been in recent memory. A war threatens that stability. We would have to create a military again, with all the implications attached that have previously led us to eschew such an institution. The war will also make us a target once more. The New Pacific Order has seemingly left us alone after the installation of Mandate 12, finally; the transgressions that had been revealed predate the Anarchy Week back in April. By declaring war on them, we, in turn, become fair game to their machinations once more, and also to any region that might ally itself with the New Pacific Order.

Participating in this war would also bring up ugly memories of the fighting we've had here at home, both against foreigners and against each other; the returning weariness of Lazarenes from years past cannot be papered over by swift and glorious victories, because a war against the New Pacific Order must inherently be a war of attrition, long and arduous, and there is no consensus on whether such a war can be won at all.

Last but not least, it's a question of identity. Who are we? Are we warriors seeking to enact revenge upon those that have slighted us, or do we let bygones be bygones and concentrate on us and what makes us special? Do we reject the New Pacific Order's obviously begrudging attempts to meet our demands, or do we hold our word and accept that they have met our terms? Which kind of Lazarus do we want to be?

Fellow citizens, I do apologise for the heavy burden I am laying on you with this decision, but we feel at the same time that it is too important for us to simply order by fiat. The consequences of this decision will immeasurably shape the future of Lazarus in the years to come, and so we urge you with all of our conviction that you think about this rationally and with care. If you need to refresh yourself on the recent events, please see the following - Miniluv Messenger Articles (Part 1 & Part 2), our Demands to the NPO and the NPO Statement and Apology threads.

Speaker, by the power vested in me by Article I.5 of Mandate 12, I hereby request that the Assembly debate and vote on a declaration of war against the New Pacific Order.

Thank you for your continued time and efforts to make Lazarus a better, safer place.

ImkivilleDelegate of LazarusTreadwelliaVice-Delegate of Lazarus

Closed: Dec 16, 2018

With 18 votes Aye, three votes Nay and five votes Abstain, the proposal has passed with 86% for and 14% against.
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