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Treaty between Lazarus and The East Pacific


The Domster!
Strategos (LazGuard Commander)
Resident (Lazarus)
Nov 6, 2018
Posted?Sep 23, 2012

Treaty between Lazarus and The East Pacific

Article I
Both signatories recognize that the Lazarene government according to the Lazarene constitution is the legitimate government of the region Lazarus and that The Concordat, is the legitimate government of The East Pacific. Both signatories recognize each other as sovereign entities.

Article II
Both signatories ensure continuing diplomatic relations and agree to open embassies for the other party on their soil. The signatories promise to ensure the continued existence and use of these embassies as long as the alliance prevails.

Article IIIArticle IV
Both signatories agree to provide intelligence information at the request of the other party, as long this information does not harm their security or jeopardize ongoing intelligence gathering operations of their region or their allies. Both signatories are obliged to provide intelligence information to the other party if it refers to an immediate security concern to that party. Although both signatories must agree not to use the other party to harm the security or sovereignty of another region.

Article V
Both signatories may work on military operations beyond those ensured in Article III and both agree that closer military co-operation should be encouraged. However there is no obligation for the signatories to work together on military operations beyond those ensured in Article III.

Article VI
If any or both regions fail to abide by the following terms articles set forth by this alliance, either signatory may withdraw, but must give a week's notice to the other party before it becomes void and both signatories agree to attempt seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing.

Todd McCloud - Delegate of The East Pacific

Viktoria Gryfynn Somerset - Queen of Lazarus
Northern Chittowa - Seneschal of Lazarus