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Mandate 7


The Domster!
Strategos (LazGuard Commander)
Resident (Lazarus)
Nov 6, 2018
Mandate 7
The Constitution of Lazarus

Recognizing the inherent responsibility of authority in Lazarus, we lay forth the following government to be known as The Lazarus Mandate, along with such policies that will ensure efficient management and orientation of those nations that find themselves amongst the community of Lazarus, reborn or immigrant.

The Delegate

The Delegate serves as the sovereign of the region and as such, holds sole power regarding regional affairs. The Delegate, however, can delegate such power to others. On the first week of March, the Emerald Council will elect a member to the office of Delegate. Election periods will be a nine-day period that is to be held starting in the first week of March. Three days will be devoted to nominations and campaigning. The following three will be devoted to more campaigning and platform presentations and the final three will be dedicated to voting. At any point more than two months after the election or re-election of the Delegate, the Delegate seat may be challenged. A challenge must be seconded by two other Council members for it to be recognized and the election period to start. Upon the resignation or absence of the Delegate from the forums or Nationstates site for more than 7 days, their nominated successor shall become the Delegate and assume all their powers and responsibilities.

The Emerald Cabinet

At his or her sole discretion, the Delegate may create any Cabinet Office and appoint any citizen to it. The Delegate must nominate a successor whom will be a member of the Cabinet, at the start of their term. All appointments made by the Delegate must be confirmed by a simple majority vote of the Council. Delegation of power to said office is to the extent that the Delegate deems appropriate. Offices may create subordinate positions within their authority, and with the approval of the Delegate, may entrust powers to the subordinate positions and nominate members to fulfill the duties allocated to them.

The Emerald Council

To become a citizen of Lazarus one must complete an application form satisfying the requirements set by the Delegate whom may then grant or reject it. Only nations that have held citizenship in Lazarus for over 30 days are entitled to apply to the Emerald Council. An application is made to the Council in their forum area where they may ask questions of the applicant, especially regarding their past record and future ambitions. After the applicant receives two nominations from existing Council members an admission vote is initiated. This requires a simple majority support of the Council for the application to be approved. The Council retains the right to expel members from the Council and/or region by a 75% vote. Council members have the right to propose any Motion, Law or Mandate amendment they desire, except Treaties which must be proposed by the Delegate, and they all require a 75% vote. All votes without specified time limits last a maximum of a week. Abstentions and absences are not counted as participating voters.

The Emerald Nobility

The Delegate will be recognized as the head of the Emerald Family and King|Queen of the region under their own custom title. The Delegate may bestow special titles of nobility to citizens that are found deserving of special recognition for service to Lazarus. The Emerald Family shall consist of the current Delegate and any members that have been recognized as Delegate in the past. All Lazarene citizens will be recognized with Baronetcy. This is not to suggest that titles are reserved exclusively for Lazarenes. Nobility ranking will consist of the following though special titles may be granted to members by the Delegate not labeled below:
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Viscount/Viscountess
  • Earl/Countess
  • Marquess/Marchioness
  • Duke/Duchess
In the event that the sitting Delegate, past Delegates, or members with titles of nobility are expelled from the region for misconduct, they will no longer be recognized as a member of the royal family and or have all titles of nobility removed.

The Emerald Legion

The Emerald Legion shall be the official military of Lazarus. It shall be overseen by the Delegate and consist of volunteer conscripts from amongst the native forum members.

If the Delegate so chooses, he/she may appoint one general, to be known as General of the Emerald Legion, who shall be responsible for assisting in missions, the creation of and changes to regulations, and recruiting for the Emerald Legion. In order to be considered for the position of General of the Emerald Legion, a nation must be part of the Emerald Council.

Members of the Emerald Legion are obligated to endorse the Delegate whenever their World Assembly nation is present in Lazarus, in order to keep the delegacy secure.