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Embassy of Europeia

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Spring Beach Bash Festival
Contact Information (Discord): istillian#0676
Adapted from https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1689009

(Europeia, April 9, 2022) - You're invited to the Spring Beach Bash festival hosted by Europeia, TGW, TRR, and Thaecia!

Ready for some sun and sand? Spring Beach Bash is back! Come enjoy the warming weather and party down with friends from Wednesday, April 13th to Monday, April 18th. Join one of three festival teams to compete for the second running Beach Bash trophy with point-based events including a Treasure Hunt, R/D Wargames, Poetry Contest, Flag Competition, and more!

Not only that, cozy around the bonfire with friends for several movie nights, party games, messages of encouragement, and of course an ultimate showdown for the trophy at the end! See you there!

Event Schedule: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1689009

Event Discord: https://discord.gg/K2EQddJe7w

Hello friends,

Did you know that April 23rd was UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day? Really! It's a celebration of the joys of reading and literature. Each year since 1995, people of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities have come together to recognize the impact books have had on human culture. April 23rd was chosen for a very specific reason: It is the anniversary of the deaths of some of history's most influential authors, the likes of William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, and Miguel de Cervantes. Even in the internet age, it's still important to commemorate the deaths of such titanic figures, promote literacy, stand up for equal access to knowledge, and revere creativity. That is what World Book and Copyright Day is about.

Now, what better way is there to celebrate such a holiday than with a classic short story competition? We certainly couldn't think of anything, so we went ahead and made one! And guess what? You're invited, no matter what region you call home. The victor and runners-up will be provided with unique Writer of the Year graphics (marked with placings ofc), and hold sole bragging rights (until next year ;) ).

Now, we know what you're thinking: "Why the heck are they celebrating a holiday a week late?" To which we'd ask you: is there anything more true to the writing experience than delays? In our personal experience, we'd say no. :p

  • Short stories should be centered around this topic: The power of storytelling. Feel free to interpret it as narrowly or broadly as you see fit, let your creativity show!
  • Submissions should be DM-ed to SiliconVGC#5439 on Discord, TG-ed to Gemeinschaftsland, or private messaged to Gem on the Europeian Forum.
  • Only one story may be submitted per individual.
  • All stories must be original work. If any participants are caught plagiarizing, they will be immediately disqualified.
  • Stories may not endorse hate speech of any kind that disparages others on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, country of origin or similar circumstances.
  • Stories should endeavor to stay away from excessive profanity.
  • Stories must not include erotica.
  • As this is a short story competition, submissions must be 1,500 words or less.

April 30th, 2022, 12:00 AM CST: Submissions open!
May 10th, 2022, 12:00 AM CST: Submissions close & voting begins.
May 13th, 2022, 12:00 AM CST: Voting ends & results/rewards are announced!

If there are any further questions, please, contact Gem via a telegram to his primary nation, Gemeinschaftsland or via a DM to his Discord account, SiliconVGC#5439.

On behalf of the whole Europeian Ministry of Culture, I'd like to wish you all a happy World Book and Copyright Day, and we can't wait to see the amazingly creative stories you all come up with!

P.S. If you want to lend a hand, please upvote the gameside dispatch so it can be visible to more people.[/HR]

President Writinglegend Re-elected

Written by John Laurens and Seva
Edited by Moon, McEntire, Dracondra, and Prov
Written and Published by the EBC; Edited to reflect changes since original publication

Arnhelm, Europeia - In what many viewed as an impending coronation due to his high approval ratings, incumbent President Writinglegend won re-election over former Vice President and multi-time cabinet member Monkey, who led the Government Accountability Office for part of last term. Writinglegend is the first president since the re-merge of the executive branch to be re-elected, and this will be his record-breaking ninth term as President.

The campaign was relatively quiet, and did not even feature a presidential debate between the candidates. Polling showed a massive lead for the Writinglegend/Sarah ticket, with Monkey/Calvin Coolidge ticket only taking up 13% of the vote in the last poll before the election opened.

Writinglegend took an early lead when polls opened, and his re-election was never in danger - his ticket emerged victorious with 80.6% of the vote. The absolute number of votes, 57, broke the record for most votes for a candidate for a contested election in recorded history - records of election results are only available from July 2015 onwards.

The re-election of Writinglegend brings a new Vice President in Sarah, replacing Sincluda who chose not to run for re-election for real life reasons. Sarah was Culture Minister under Writinglegend in the previous term and has been Statsminister of Balder and Delegate of The Rejected Realms in the past.

Since the polls closed, the President has published his inaugural address where he stated that he "wanted this term more than any of [his] previous terms." As opposed to the last term that was "about challenges and roadblocks", Writinglegend has declared this term will be "about opportunities." He promised to "flip our domestic ministries inside-out to support our ambitious foreign affairs agenda" and to "seek out newfound opportunities", echoing his promises in his campaign platform. "It is the people of our community," he concluded in a call for all Europeians to get involved in the region, "who harness our greatness."

The President has also appeared on radio to make his cabinet nominations, which were largely well received. The cabinet is as follows, with all members having been confirmed:

Minister of Interior - Calvin Coolidge
Minister of Culture - Istillian
Minister of Communications - Seva
Minister of Radio - Lime
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Sopo
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna
Grand Admiral - Icarus
Attorney General - United Adaikes.

Although the Senate has voiced mostly support for the nominees, the confirmation process has not been completely smooth. For instance, the nominee for minister of radio, Lime, has faced questions about a term as President where he earned a 5% approval rating and resigned. The consensus, however, seems to be that he is qualified to lead his ministry given his knowledge of and contributions to Europeian media.

Former Minister of Interior Poseidon63 also was nominated as Minister of Interior, but withdrew their name from the table due to outside factors.

Istillian, the nominee for minister of culture, was on a break from cabinet positions during the previous term and therefore faced some questions about his readiness to go back to the cabinet in a position he has never served in before. He has outlined the ways he got involved last term and declared he is "bursting with excitement" about his new role.

Sopo, Icarus, Pland Adanna, Seva, and United Adaikes were all heavily involved in their departments last term, Sopo as the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs, Icarus, Pland Adanna, and Seva in deputy positions in the Europeian Republican Navy, Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, and Ministry of Communications respectively, and United Adaikes as Deputy Attorney General. Therefore, they were seen by the citizenry as the natural choices for their positions.

Senate By-Election Ends

After the resignation of Senator Poseidon63, a vacancy was left in the Senate halfway through the term. Vice Chancellor Istillian opened up standing on June 23, with polls set to open on the 29th.

Five candidates stood for the vacant seat. Jaydee, Celia (Prov), Gaudosia, Peeps, and Izzy. Jaydee, Peeps, and Izzy are all former Senators. Celia and Gaudosia have never served in the Senate and were seeking their first term.

No candidate received more than 50% of the vote to win outright, so the top two qualified for the runoff election. Gaudosia and Peeps both had strong showings in the polls, winning 23.1% and 42.3% of the vote respectively. The runoff ended with Gaudosia receiving 47.3% and Peeps received 52.7%, with Peeps being elected as the newest Senator. They join the ranks of Speaker Lloenflys, and Senators Gem, Cove, McEntire, Gorundu, and Pichtonia.

FA Media Week

Last term, President Writinglegend and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo arranged a series of interviews with the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation featuring prominent foreign diplomats from across Nationstates. Five EBC articles were published, along with four radio interviews. Below is a list of the interviews conducted. We hope you enjoy this rare insight into the many minds that make up the NationStates foreign affairs landscape.

Print Media

Q&A with Toonela, World Assembly Delegate of the Social Liberal Union
PhDre interviews WA Delegate Toonela about the Social Liberal Union. Also discuss the SLU's role in NSLeft, and the newly created Office of World Assembly Affairs

Q&A with Andusre, Co-Founder of Thaecia
Communication Deputy Istillian interviews Andusre (Andy). Discussion spans the growth of Thaecia, and Andy's recent SC commendation.

Q&A with Aynia, Co-Founder and Seasonal Queen of Caer Sidi
Another Co-Founder is interviewed! This time, by Pland Adanna. Discussion topics range from community-building to the Treaty of Cairdeas.

Q&A with Pallaith, WA Delegate of the North Pacific
Phdre interviews WA Delegate Pallaith about his work in TNP and the Versutian Federation. Discussion also covers his work in WALL, as well as his Security Council Commendation.

Q&A with Moon, former Prime Minister of the South Pacific
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo interviews Moon. Discussion covers their work in TSP, the Grey Wardens, and Europeia. Topics also include the future of TSP, and their role as Warden-Lieutenant in TGW.

Radio Interviews

Interview with Rejected Realms Delegate Minskiev
President Writinglegend interviews the delegate of The Rejected Realms Minskiev/Walrus. This exclusive EBC Radio interview covers Minskiev's history in NationStates and the Rejected Realms.

Interview with Gorundu
President Writinglegend sits down with Gorundu. Gorundu is a prominent author in the World Assembly, the current WA Officer in The Rejected Realms, and former WA Minister/Comms Minister in The North Pacific. Gorundu discusses his history in NationStates, offers advice for future WA authors, and details his past work in The North Pacific.

Interview with Grea Kriopia
President Writinglegend sits down with First Warden Grea Kriopia to discuss her accomplishments in XKI, TRR, and TGW.

Interview with Hulldom and Whatermelons
Minister of World Assembly Affairs Gem interviews WA Authors Whatermelons and Hulldom on General Assembly and Security Council and the importance of the WA.[/hr][/hr][/hr]

  • The Europeian Republican Navy has officially transitioned to LibCord! LibCord is the primary operations center for Defender operations, and this shift in policy for the ERN marks an important step in our growth. As of the time of this writing, the ERN has already participated in 7 update operations with our LibCord friends. Additionally, the ERN participated in a detag operation with The East Pacific.
  • President Writinglegend released a strong statement condemning Operation Ragnorak and voicing support for our historic ally Balder
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo announced the closure of embassies with Osiris. This decision comes as a result of Osiris's failure to condemn Operation Ragnorak.
  • Senator Peeps opened a discussion in the Senate regarding the reopening of Arnhelm, this time as a gameside oriented program.
  • Robust discussion occurred in the Grand Hall in regards to RMB moderation and how to properly address Europeia's resident population.
  • The Ministry of WA Affairs initiated a staff swap with our allies in the Social Liberal Union.
  • A General Election was held, and led to the election of the 5 person 85th Senate. Senators elected were Prim, Peeps, Gorundu, McEntire, and Cove.
Culture News:
  • A Discord movie night was hosted with the Order of the Grey Wardens. The gang watched Turning Red! Additionally, a Discord trivia night and mafia game were hosted.
  • Culture collaborated with Interior for their manual recruitment incentive this week. As stated in the incentive, Culture is currently planning an exciting theme week!
  • Minister of Culture Istillian launched gameside roleplay prompts, along with gameside polling. Recent polling numbers indicate high participation among residents.
  • A Pirate Theme Week was launched on the forums and Discord.
Radio News:
Minister of Radio Lime oversaw the publishing of ten new radio shows.
EBC News:
Eleven articles were published by Minister Seva and the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation. They can be read here:

WA Recommendations:
Several discussion threads have been opened, and eight voting recommendations were released. They can be read here:

  • Europeia was commended by the World Assembly, with over 85% of votes in favor. The Senate followed up by passing the Commendation Day Amendment (2022), which called for August 23rd to be celebrated as "Commendation Day."
    • Listen to an EBC Radio show with Hulldom, the author of Commend Europeia.
  • Europeia signed the Modern Gameplay Compact, a historic agreement between Europeia and Balder, The West Pacific, The Pacific, and The North Pacific.
    • Listen to an EBC Radio show about Europeian Foreign Affairs and the Modern Gameplay Compact.
  • Europeia signed a non-aggression pact with The South Pacific, titled "Pact of Orohena," ushering in "a new era of relations between our historic regions,."
    • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the non-aggression pact, featuring TSP's Minister of Foreign Affairs HumanSanity.
  • President WritingLegend was reelected to a third consecutive term, alongside Vice President Sarah.
    • This came after the WritingLegend Administration received historically high approval ratings in an end-of-term poll.
  • Lloenflys was nominated by President WritingLegend for an Ovation for their contributions to Europeia. The Senate unanimously passed the Ovation, and a cultural event was held celebrating the Venerable Lloenflys and their contributions to the region.
    • Listen to an EBC Radio interview with Lloenflys.
  • Europeia conducted a Senate election, with nine candidates running.
    • Private media outlet The Think Tank advocated for a large Senate, after an EBC article criticized uncompetitive elections.
    • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the Senate Election.
    • SkyGreen, tbsowers, Prim, Lloenflys, Izzy, Lime, and PhDre were elected and selected SkyGreen as Speaker of the 86th Senate.
    • The Senate is currently debating Election Reform, and is expected to take up debate on ways to increase newcomer legislative opportunities.
  • Europeia participated in N-Day, and EBC Radio sat down with the largest N-Day factions as they explained their perspectives on the event.
    • Listen to the EBC Radio retrospective.
  • President WritingLegend is releasing weekly podcasts on how to win and be a successful President in Europeia. "Guide to the Godelnblock" is an in depth look at how politicians can be successful anywhere in NationStates.

World Assembly Recommendations:
25 voting recommendations were released. They can be read here:
Hello everyone, I am Lloenflys, the newly appointed Ambassador from Europeia. I hope to have a chance to meet some of you while I am posted here, and to keep you updated on the goings on in Euro. Please say hi sometime here or on Discord! I'd love to get to know people from here!

Welcome. :)

ICARUS ELECTED PRESIDENT IN THREE WAY RACE Written by PhDre Edited by John Laurens Written and Published by the EBC; Edited by Lime to reflect changes since original publication Arnhelm, Europeia - Grand Admiral Icarus was elected President of Europeia November 12th, besting candidates Olde Delaware and Pland Adanna. Icarus received 35 of the 64 total votes cast (54.7%), enough to avoid a runoff against two of her former Cabinet colleagues. With former President Writinglegend making it clear that he would not seek a fourth-straight term, the Presidential election was the tightest in recent memory. Early polling from The Panda's Pen suggested that Icarus was the frontrunner, but did not have enough support to gain a simple majority and avoid a runoff. In the Discord text debate, Olde Delaware surprised both pundits and The Panda's Pen poll respondents with a strong performance, drawing from Pland Adanna's base. On Election Day, Icarus surged out to an early lead, and hovered above 50% of the votes for almost the entire voting period. With 64 total votes cast, the election was the most competitive since June 2022, when Writinglegend defeated Monkey 58 votes to 14. The final results were 35 votes (54.7%) for the Icarus/Istillian ticket, 15 votes (23.4%) for the Olde Delaware/Lime ticket, and 14 votes (21.9%) for the Pland Adanna/Kuramia ticket. The President announced her Cabinet nominations the next day, and were as follows: Minister of Interior - Prov Minister of Culture - Turbiatop Minister of Communications - PhDre Minister of Foreign Affairs - Writinglegend Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna Grand Admiral - Kuramia Attorney General - Lloenflys All nominations were soon confirmed by the Senate, except for the nomination of Prov for Minister of Interior. After multiple Senators raised concerns about the quality and lack of detail in the answers received from Prov, the President withdrew their nomination on the 17th citing concern about the slow response from Prov when reached out to concerning their answers. President Icarus then nominated Vor to serve as Minister of Interior who was later confirmed by the Senate on the 19th of November. Also, notably this was the first time in several years not to see a nomination for Minister of Radio, with Minister of Communications PhDre tasked with leading both Communications and Radio under one Ministry. This was a campaign policy of the Icarus/Istillian ticket to combine the Communications and Radio Ministries into a single joint Ministry arguing it would lead to increased efficiency.[/hr]
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