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Embassy of The East Pacific

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Jul 15, 2018
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The East Pacific News Service
August 31, 2018​

TEP Aligns with UPPERCUT in case of Nuclear Apocalypse
By Tretrid

As the one-year anniversary of N-Day23), TEP has decided to join the faction UPPERCUT for when N-Day32, consisted of TNP, TP, and TSP. It, among other things, had a non-aggression pact with Syberian Badgers w/ Caek (essentially agreeing not to nuke each other), which in turn consisted mainly of TEP, TWP, and Osiris.

On August 11, Svezjacael, on behalf of the NPO, reached out to Minister of Foreign Affairs Wonder Woman and said that the NPO was looking to unite all five feeders under the UPPERCUT banner. Wonder Woman said that TEP is open to working with UPPERCUT.

TWP is also expected to join UPPERCUT once N-Day3Florencia Conquered[/size]
By Tretrid

On September 21, a password was placed on the region of Florencia, ending the 26-day occupation of the region.

It started when raiders from a fascist region hit the region on the major update of July 25, even though the same organization had previously hit the region.

EPSA and Legio Pacifica quickly set up an op to take the region and demonstrate, according to the WFE they set up, "when impotent update skills and arrogance meet professionalism and actual ability". They, led by Xoriet and Kurnugia, seized Florencia the following update, with Kurnugia becoming Delegate.

They proceeded to banject the fascists. When it became clear to the natives that the region was not going to go to them, they founded a new region, which is hopefully more secure than the old one. After removing all the fascists (and the natives had left to their new region), Xoriet became Delegate and eventually had enough influence to password the region. All but 4 remaining nations have since either left or been ejected.

Summary of RMB and its Role Play
By Nation of Elementia

In the past couple weeks of the RMB RP, many things have happened to changed the way RMB RPers are, and also many changes to the RMB RP itself.

For the past couple weeks, there has been a map crisis, involving the ''official'' maps of the RMB RP. The Valsora map (named after the account that was shared by the council of mapmakers), was disbanded and would not be updated any longer due to a fallout between some map members and other events that took place. After a lot of debate, both maps (Zukchiva's old map along with the Valsora map) were considered canon. After some more debate, it has been decided the new RMB RP map would be Zukchiva's map, and with this happening, LibertannymapFree Pacific AllianceLibertanny and Fellon.
Along with the FPL, a new organization, called the UEP, or the United East Pacific, where it is similar to the UN. It was founded by Fraxhemark. The Secretary General that was elected was Aytovis Bauge from WiranathNation of Elementiahere.

Discussing the Future of EPNS with New Wisconsin Empire and Serge
By the New Wisconsin Empire ___ Edited: Glacikaldr

In a backroom of the EPNS Pub, otherwise known as the East Pacific News Service's headquarters, the user behind all the major decisions of the New Wisconsin Empire, Chunky Monkey, meets with our beloved Minister of The East Pacific's most prominent publication, Serge. You could swear seeing the cigar smoke coming out from under closed doors, and lucky for you we bugged the whole place. So, without further ado, here's how the meeting went down.
CM: Hello Serge. Nice to meet you. It is of our understanding that you are the new Minister of EPNS, is this correct?

Serge: Nice to meet you too, and yes, you are right. I am the new Minister of EPNS. However, if I had to be honest, EPNS itself is not a Ministry; I am Minister until I am officially voted in as the head of EPNS as Editor, but until then, and with Mecovy leaving, I am to be temporarily called a Minister.

CM: You have said it yourself: you plan to take EPNS into a new direction. What does this entail exactly?

Serge: Well, I believe that we are one of the most influential departments in the government. We are the ones who bring information to people. I believe that we should strengthen the governmental influence in our region, and use our sway to make our fellow East Pacificians more politically involved. But to answer your question, I believe that EPNS needs reorganization, and a new life. I see many ambitious people who want to work in EPNS but have nothing to do. I am planning to set up a few new departments alongside EPNS that will help our government cooperate with greater efficiency. But it's going to be a lot of work. So much in fact, that dare I say it'll be far too hard to describe all I have planned in just one of these meetings.

CM: Surprise me. What new departments are you planning to set up?

Serge: I was talking with Aelitia about EPNS and EPNS-related things. From our little chat, I found out that there's a few revisions to the EPNS Act that may need to be made. So theoretically, for now we'll set-up the departments as being unofficial, which is a process that has been approved by our Delegate Yuno. By setting up these departments, I am planning to split some more specific responsibilities between EPNS workers, hopefully decreasing the chaos within this very establishment along the way. There'll be a department for coding; another for data distribution; one for cooperation with other ministries; and, a few others. Now, since we started working on these departments, I've noticed that people have been a little more interested in working in EPNS. You know, everyone have different skills, so now we don't only recognize the writers.

CM: Do you plan to bring EPNS into other regions?

Serge: You know, each region tends to have its own news service, or a ministry responsible for writing newsletters. I am not planning to set up a secret TEP newsletters in other regions, but I am planning on promoting EPNS outside of TEP. So far, due to the high upvote numbers on our newsletters, we have managed to recruit some people from other regions. They either joined our region with their main account or with a puppet account. I think that that alone is an achievement worthy of celebration, is it not?

CM: It certainly is. Do you think that EPNS should only deliver unbiased news?

Serge: If I were to be honest, no. I don't mean that I want EPNS newsletters to become governmental propaganda, but, I think, that we should beef up some information. To either make people more interested in some topic, or to show that it was kind of an important event or happening. But as I said in the past: I don't support turning EPNS into clear propaganda.

CM: Do you believe that EPNS will reach the goals that you have set for it?

Serge: As long as I am the Minister, have as awesome of a staff as I have now, and continue to have Yuno's support, I believe it is within the realm of possibility. Although it does not look like there's much going on in EPNS right now, I assure that there is much being done behind the curtains. We are reorganizing our Ministry, and, when we are done, I believe that we will be one of the most efficient and active bodies of our government. That being said, we've already managed to achieve some of the goals.

CM: One finale question. What are your personal goals and aspirations within the government?

Serge: There are two goals that I have. One is more personal, and one is more EPNS-related. Let's start from the second. My end goal here is to convert EPNS into something I'd like to call the Ministry of Information, however, the East Pacific News Service Act is currently stopping that. We will need the Magisterium to rewrite or repeal this act. And there's one simple reason behind my arguing of this being a necessity: we currently have twenty-five people on the EPNS server, most of which are indeed EPNS workers. With such a big and ambitious team, we should be allowed to do more than what we are currently tasked and thus retrained into doing. But returning to my first more personal goal, I first had, let's call it, a secret dream of becoming a Regional Officer. You know, enforcing the law and getting to act like a policeman in the RMB. But, as I just said, at first it was a secret dream. Surprisingly, as I have now found out, some Ministers and ROs have already said that I would make a good RO within their circles. So, for now, let's say that this is the goal I'm currently prioritising. But it means putting in the hard work, and make that long at that. Then we shall see if I will become one.

CM: Very well, I think our time is up. Is there anything else you should put on the table?

Serge: Well there's one last thing I should say, or repeat actually. I will try to reach my goal of making EPNS the most active and influential Ministry possible and I'd love to be doing that alongside it being renamed to the Ministry of Information. Honestly, that's probably all I have to mention in the here and now. Thank you for your time.

CM: Thank you and have a great day, and I hope you find success in your future.

Magisterium Debate on Repealing the EPNS Act
By Zukchiva

Scientific Interview between Wersh and Analyst Prole[/size]
By Wersh and Analyst Prole

In one of scientific lodges, next to the University of East Pacific, a science student decided to have a long interview, or story-telling, wth one of experienced veterans of Nation States Science.
Wersh: What is it we are discussing today?

Analyst Prole: That is an excellent question Wersh. I've been thinking about what I could possibly use as the starting article. Something that is a foundation and fairly scientific, butable to meet the needs of our readers...Who are said to be between 13 and 20.I know exactly where to start, "NS MT" Technology, the kind of stuff that is wellunderstood, but not cost effective or properly prototyped in the real world.

Wersh: Ah, the basics. The perfect place to start in any scientific study.

Analyst Prole: Now I heard you suggest the wire mesh idea earlier, but what I was specificity talking about, are mostly stuff straight out of NS Draftboard.

Wersh: Ah, great topic. Plenty of things to discuss here!

Analyst Prole: Indeed.

Wersh: Which piece of tech are we dissecting today?

Analyst Prole: Before we get into that, would you explain what the NS Draftboard is to readers? Or do you not know?

Wersh: I unfortunately am not familiar to the draftboard. Could you remind me what it is?

Analyst Prole: Well, if you talked to really old users on NS, they will tell you that NS wasn'talways what it is today. There was the Jolt era, and periods were NS didn't have forums or had clunky ones. Somewhere around this time, the NS Draftboards was started, so the story goes. I've been there and read around, it's a place where some of NS finest weapon
designers and thinkers passed ideas and information around, before giving feedback to each other.Some of the reading is rather dry, but it's very long and well documented.

Wersh: Wow. How many weapons were designed?

Analyst Prole: I have not the slightest idea, but what I do know is there was a series of debates, discussions, and examinations that led to one of the most common "NS MT"technologies of all. A technology widely used in NS MT but not in real life. You want to guess what is it?

Wersh: Would that be the Nuke?

Analyst Prole: I'm talking about something that we haven't mass produced yet.

Wersh: Ah. A Rail-Gun?

Analyst Prole: Closer, but not quite there. Rail Guns are usually considered to be PMT, postmodern tech, the era that most cyberpunk RP takes place. Be less ambitious, you are close.

Wersh: Hm... I'm truly stumped.

Analyst Prole: ETC guns in tanks.

Wersh: Ah. Mind explaining for our readers?

Analyst Prole: Well, on NS Draftboard there were a solid series of discussions about trying tomake guns bigger and more powerful. NS MT is said to be a place of "19th century politics, with 20th century wars, and 21st century technology." The wars of NS MT
were a super arms race that made our Cold War look like two kids trying to out-design each other with waterguns.
Now then, as a layman, if I asked you how to make a gun more powerful then 120mm, what would you say?

Wersh: I would take a gun off of a Battleship and put it on a tank.

Analyst Prole: So you would make the gun bigger yes?

Wersh: Yes. And in turn the tank bigger.

Analyst Prole: And this is what real life nations did. 40mm, 75mm, 76mm, 85mm 88mm, 90mm,100, 105, 115, 120, 125mm. Bigger, bigger, and bigger. The tanks got bigger too.

Wersh: And we ended up with a surplus of oversized and impractical machines.

Analyst Prole: Almost. In Real Life there was talks of of 140mm NATO Leopard 2s and Abrams, of Russian 155mm T-14s and Black Eagles. None of these machines went past rumorsor prototypes due to cost, size, and the Cold War ending.

Wersh: Like the Ratte Super Tank prototyped by the Nazi's in WWII?

Analyst Prole: In a way yes, or like the Super Tiger.

Wersh: Too large to be effective.

Analyst Prole: Well, someone on NS Draftboard crunched the numbers. They found that tanks with larger barrels would be very expensive, very heavy, and have very low numbers of rounds. They found that they needed an auto-loader, a machine, justto get the ammunition into the gun. Too heavy for roads, too heavy for bridges, too heavy for railroads.

Wersh: The size made them too ineffective for real life.

Analyst Prole: NS Draftboard wanted things to be at least scientifically plausible, so they lookedat US military research. ETC Guns were what they found. You know what ETC stands for or how it works?

Wersh: No. Could you explain for me?

Analyst Prole: ElectroThermal-Chemical

Wersh: Ah. So like a precursor to plasma?Electrical heat weapons?

Analyst Prole: The electric heat part is to spark the propellent, which is conventional.

Wersh: Ah, so a large fire-explosion based cannon on the modern scale.

Analyst Prole: A 120mm gun, just like the last one, but with a stronger barrel, stronger propellent, and a very hot spark to ignite the propellent, to send a heavy metal atrapid speed to the target.

Wersh: Wow.So like a Rail-Gun without the Electro magnetism.

Analyst Prole: The sabot is something like a needle, it goes right through things, this has beenaround for decades. According to research, rail-guns waste lots of energy to get comparatively low speeds.

Wersh: So this is, in theory and practice, better than a Rail-Gun?

Analyst Prole: Until you can produce and store vast amounts of electricity at low cost, yes. You might be wondering however, why this is different from the old guns or how it is.Would you say that?

Wersh: This seems like if you took a shotgun and shot a single, massive hypodermic needle at the speed of a shotgun slug.

Analyst Prole: Which is what has been done for decades and decades in most tanks, that is old technology. The speed achieved is amazing, much faster then a shotgun slug.

Wersh: It is amazing. How does it compare to a Rail-Gun?Analyst ProleWell, Rain-Guns would need gigantic batteries and massive guns to get heavy metals up to the speed needed. This is why people are considering putting them on naval ships that cost over abillion dollars.

Wersh: That is incredible. What kind of damage does this gun cause?

Analyst Prole: It either sends the heavy metal sabot through the tank like it's butter or it actually gets past armor that was thought impossible to get past. If the heavy metal isdepleted uranium, due to a chemical reaction, the cabin of the tank bursts intoflame. Again, this has been around for decades and decades. Goes to show that in 2018,we live in very advanced times.

Wersh: Indeed. Why is this not better known?

Analyst Prole: Sadly, not everyone on NS, or even MT RPers look into these kinds of things. However, this article is thus prepared to teach a bit about MT, before it pushespast it, which it is doing right now. Exciting stuff.

Wersh: Yes it is.

Analyst Prole: However, Wersh, while you were comparing this to WW2 technology and technology in sci-fi books, I think we missed something.

Wersh: And what is that? Modern Day?

Analyst Prole: Yes, modern day. Specificly, "why are ETC guns better then non ETC guns" and "why I brought up the failures of larger 140mm guns".

Wersh: The bigger the gun, the bigger the tank. The bigger the tank, the less practical. A syou said, roads become unusable, Bridges break, ammo is harder to manage andput into the gun itself. If a tank could deal that amount of damage with a 120 mmbarrel why go bigger?

Analyst Prole" Well, remember when I said the tank gun fires a sabot, something like a needle?

Wersh: Yes. Is that not what most tanks fire? Needle shaped projectiles?

Analyst Prole: Against other tanks, yes. The thing is, a sabot is a projectile or bullet smaller then the opening in the barrel it is fired out of.The 140mm gun and 120mm guns might have the exact same size of sabot.

Wersh: Hm; And why is that?

Analyst Prole: Making the sabot bigger isn't the point of making the gun bigger. The sabot is smaller then the barrel because it's meant to be like a fast needle, speed is key.

Wersh: As spoken like a famous YouTuber. Anyway, if it can go so fast, are there ways to counteract this? Every upside to anything has drawbacks.

Analyst Prole: The only drawback is recoil, cost, and factors like that.

Wersh: Really?

Analyst Prole: Yes.What I am trying to get here, is why the 140mm barrel is better then the 120mm barrel, despite maybe using the same projectile.

Wersh: I see. Anything else about this gun we need to know?

Analyst Prole: I'll give you a hint, speed is key.

Wersh: Just how speedy is the projectile? We never got to that.

Analyst Prole: Over 5,000 feet a second.

Wersh: Wow. Just wow.

Analyst Prole: The 140mm gun fires possibly the same projectile, but faster.

Wersh: That is almost a mile a second/

Analyst Prole: It is.That's what modern warfare demands.

Wersh: Jeez.

Analyst Prole: You see, the 140mm gun has a bigger barrel and that means you can cram more propellent in it. Which makes the sabot faster.

Wersh: Exactly. Newton's Laws in action! Equal and Opposite.

Analyst Prole: The faster the sabot goes, the harder it smacks into something. So, back to ETC, it's meant to do the 140mm in 120mm.

Wersh: And so it does. Amazing what technology can do.

Analyst Prole: You see, ETC uses denser propellent and thus gives more oompf then even the140mm guns would, in a smaller package.But, the issue is that propellent is harder to ignite.

Wersh: What is this propellant anyway?

Analyst Prole: I only know it's a denser, more powerful type of gunpowder, which is made in a labfrom a series of complex chemicals.

Wersh: Ah, so Classified.

Analyst Prole: Gunpowder has been very complex for something close to 80 years, even I don't understand it.

Wersh: Neither do I.

Analyst Prole: You see, ETC is needed to spark the powder. You need incredible heat to set this propellent off.

Wersh: Just how hot are we talking here? In the hundreds *C?Also known as the Thousands *F.

Analyst Prole: Hot enough that gas is turned into plasma, which the sun and lightning is madeform, it's a state of matter.

Wersh: Wow. It takes a state change to ignite this stuff. It must be very stable if that is thecase.

Analyst Prole: And, on top of that, ETC can spark liquid propellent.

Wersh: It can light Kerosene on fire?

Analyst Prole: Something more advanced then normal propellent.

Wersh: Ah.Still amazing.

Analyst Prole: Liquid propellent means you might be able to decide in the field how much propellent to use. A gun using it might use lots of propellent or very little, and thushave perfect control what speed it's ammo is fired out at.

Wersh: That also would help with range control.

Analyst Prole: And so, NS Draftboard figured out ETC, got it to a reasonably well explained standard, and then decided to unload it right onto the NS forums.

Wersh: What was the public reaction?

Analyst Prole: Lyras and VMK, the largest and former second largest miliary giants, built their storefronts off of technology like this.

Wersh: And how was this tech used in Role Play, as this site is so fond of it.

Analyst Prole: They and other industry giants got something close to 90-95% of all military contracts on the NS economics board.This tech was used to make the arms race worse and worse, till tanks started tocost 20 million dollars and use 140mm ETC guns or larger.

Wersh: Wow. So many nations went bankrupt making their army capable of defending themselves?

Analyst Prole: Most buyers actually could afford this technology, and many of them used it oneach other. The nations that released this stuff became the richest nations on NS. The technology soon got cheap enough that it cost almost what normal guns cost,with tanks in the 6-8 million NSD range being normal.

Wersh: Wow. That is a good price point.

Analyst Prole: Indeed and it will be a long while in NS or RL till we get anything better. NS MT isso extreme, that they did the 120mm ETC instead of the 140mm gun, and then just made the 140mm ETC anyways.

Wersh: This is truly an enlightening experience. Thank you for this chance to discuss this.

Analyst Prole: And thank you for your help.

Wersh: Don't mention it. I was happy to come on.

Analyst Prole: Tune in next time, where I try to explain the mysterious of Dauntless armor, ...and maybe have to explain how modern body armor works as well... because Dauntlessis really really good modern body armor.It'll be like how ETC and standard guns are.

Interview with Regional Officer Zukchiva
By Libertanny

Once again, EPNS Pub was hosting an interview between two famous executives of the East Pacific. Both Zukchiva and Libertanny (Serge) entered the pub, choosing a place next to the garden. Serge oppened his pack of cigarettes and proposed one of them to Zukchiva. With a hand gesture, Zukchiva refused to take one. Then, the interview has started.
Serge: Good evening Zukchiva, or shall I say, Officer Zukchiva? I've been waiting and observing your for quite a moment and I am more than happy to have an interview with you.

Zukchiva: That's cool! What's your questions?

Serge: So, as it's known, I have been in Nation States for more than year now, however, my East Pacifician career is relativey short. Would you mind telling me your story of how you became an executive in East Pacifician Government?

Zukchiva: Basically, I was on a TEP server one day. I forgot which server, but I was talking with our Delegate Yuno, along with citizen, and now Magister Trukya. Yuno said that me and Trukya should try out the Culture Ministry. So I decided to follow her advice, and I signed up and was accepted! Honestly it still to this day is my favorite ministry!

Serge: Mhm. Would you mind telling our readers how is it to be a worker of Ministry of Culture? What does a "culture man" do?

Zukchiva: Well, being a part of Culture means I have to help plan out events. Lots of drafting polls and ideas. it's a pretty neat and creative Ministry!

Serge: Mhm. And so, after you got started with Culture, what was your next steps?

Zukchiva: Well, at first I was not going to join any other Ministry. But then I realized that I wanted to do more things in the East Pacific. So I applied to Foreign Affairs, and later to Immigration. I also began doing my duty in the East Pacific Police Service.

Serge: Seeing that you work in so many Ministries. Do you think that the government lacks new workers or it's just your love to region? If it's the first option, do you think that new executives are welcome?

Zukchiva: It definitely lacks new workers. As older workers leave the East Pacific and/or take lesser roles, we do not have an influx of new executive members ready to work as what used to be the norm when I joined. New executives are definitely always welcome. However they should be prepared to work, have fun, and most importantly contribute to their ministry and be active.

Serge: Hm. So thank you for answering this question, but, do you have any ideas on how to recruit new people?

Zukchiva: Honestly, I don't have any ideas based on long term recruitment. However I do believe you were the one who proposed the idea of checking the citizen application threads. I believe you wanted to have the ministry members recruit the citizens who wanted to join their specific ministry, and I agree with you. However, I do plan one day to make a telegram explaining why joining the executive branch is a good thing to do, and how it benefits you. As well as a forum navigation tutorial for new people who find it hard to navigate the forums and become discouraged, and ultimately do not join the government. Hopefully, this will spark some interest in the executive.

Serge: Seems very interesting. I am glad to hear we have such an ambitious workers in Government. However, the main reason I decided to mett with with you is you becoming a Regional Officer. Many East Pacificians have no clue on who is an RO and how does one become one. Can you explain our readers how it all works on your example?

Zukchiva: Well, basically a Regional Officer is a person granted powers by the Delegate in a region. The powers can vary depending on what the Delegate gives: Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassies, Polls. To become an RO, you need to prove you are worthy to the region. You need to be active, work hard, and try to do your best for the East Pacific. The region is a meritocracy, the only way you can become an RO is through hard work and dedication.

Serge: Mhm. And since we have many ambitious executives, do you think that there is a place for a new RO?

Zukchiva: Currently, I do not know. Assuming the Vizers need to keep their abilities to help fend off coupers, there really is no spot left I believe. However it is obvious a spot will open up in the future. When it does happen, the people who work hard and actively rather will become an RO.

Serge: Okay, sadly the end of the interview is coming. Is there anything you would like to add?

Zukchiva: Mainly just do the best you can. If you try, you can do it obviously. Willpower is the best virtue to have.
Thanks for having me.

Serge: Thank you for the interview. Hope to see you again in the nearest future!

Welcome to The East Pacific's Embassy in Lazarus!

TEP Leadership

Delegate: Albrook
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Raiu East


Lazarus - The East Pacific: Wang Yao
The East Pacific - Lazarus: Catiania

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Eastern Pacific News Service

Delegate Elections
By Airrajul!

View the campaigns of the candidates here!

Interpacifican Media Office
By Libertanny
After successful cooperation of Minister of Information Libertanny with Media Offices and Governments from other Pacific regions, the East Pacific, the South Pacific, the West Pacific and the Pacific, they have decided to launch interregional project - InterPacifican Media Office (IPMO).

IPMO will be advertising Pacifics within Nation States, releasing interpacifican newspaper (the official name was not decided yet) and launching NS-wide campaigns.

Interpacifican Media Office is currently targeting for launching Campaign Against Harassment and releasing their first newspapper.

Are you willing to join the project?
Come here: https://discord.gg/GVaFWU7

Todd for a very long time...
By ZukchivaN-Day^3: Giving You an UPPERCUT of the likes Never Seen Before![/size]
By Glacikaldr (Swisstican)

In the words of Max Barry Himself, more commonly known as Our Lady [violet] (let's be honest now), "in celebration/defiance of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests on August 29", the interregional community has once more descended -- or ascended if you really consider the force behind that punch -- into nuclear war! While there were doubts as the 29th came and went, it was announced the following month on the 23rd that the 26th to the 27th of September would be forever more known as N-Day^3: Get UPPERCUT Edition

The event, taking place over a non-stop period of 24 hours involving shields and nukes to deliver knockout blows to rival factions, saw the return of familiar alliances, a little hardened here and there, and new factions all the same! But let's cut to the chase: my editor didn't even need to tell me why I should write about the event! It's obviously to most that we're here to brag about UPPERCUT, the go-to Pacifican faction besides The West Pacific, who had helped out Osiris's Pirates (who were predominantly found along the Nile and came a noteworthy fourth overall).

There's no need for us to sound modest. Barry already did for us in His summary, seen here, where He lightly touched on how, "the new champs [won] by over 100,000 points." UPPERCUT, indeed coming first, achieved a score of 183,556! That's 58,633 points higher than the Augustin Alliance's faction last year, of which made itself a definite target of both nukes and memes this time around, and 69,712 points more than UPPERCUT got the Year before in second. This year around, 2nd was Hell's The Horsemen of the Apocalypse with 67,500 points, and 3rd was Canopy with 63,123 points.

All in all, Pacificans both in the East and afar thank you for the good times shared, and are glad to hear that recovery efforts have been swift - needing only one day in fact to repair all damage done! That means more to damage next year around! Maybe try taking up boxing so you can learn how to better dodge our punches. ;)[/justify]

Workers Honoured following EPNS Reforms
By Glacikaldr (Swisstican) & Libertanny

As the East Pacifican News Service (EPNS) undergoes its internal reforms into the Ministry of Information, noteworthy workers of EPNS have been awarded for their contribution to The East Pacific through the former executive body. The current Minister of Information and Design, Libertanny, handed out the following badge to the, "ambitious, hard working and contributing members", both current and former, and executive and non-executive, alike.

List of awarded people: Mecovy (Pendragonania), the Atlae Isles, Tretrid, Queen Yuno, ToddMcCloud, Bachtendekuppen.

Ministry of Information is watching you!
By Libertanny

Ministry of Information and Design never stops impressing and fascinating people. While Forum believes that we are alive only in Discord and RMB believes that we are alive only on Forum, none of the statements are true. We are everywhere and we know everything. Seriously.

Believing that the statement above is true (or is it not?), we have decided to award some of our residents with nice looking titles.

The Best New-Fried RMB Role Player award goes to the Angel of Charity for his impressive role playing skills he managed to develop after so short time of presence in our regional message board.

The Best Ministry in Long-Term award goes to Ministry of Immigration for dealing with citizenship applications, watching Regional Message Board, great stability and resistance to the illness of Ministries randomly dying.

The Most Efficient Worker of the Government awards goes to two people, which is Regional Officer and Minister of Immigration Pakitsk for watching the safety of our region and Provost Verdrassil for watching and mentoring work of whole Magisterium.

The Best Loligarch award goes to Queen Yuno for her love to pinkish colours, contribution to our region, recruiting valuable workers to our Government and many, many, m a n y more.

The Best Forum Mentor award goes to whole Moderation Team of the East Pacific Forum. You are doing great job guys!

The Best Writer of the East goes to Zukchiva for sentence has made "you respect me make you respect you more"[/hr][/hr]​
The East Pacific - Looking Forward to the Future
King Tut and his wife depicted with lotusAsian Cultures and the Lotus[img=300x423]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/L...Yrv_oIy64atLh0370kQnpcSVhHaOpGUV-jI2mWm[/img]
[align=center]A Tibetan depiction of Buddha seated on a pink lotus. In Buddhism, the pink lotus is considered the supreme lotus while the blue represents wisdom and the white purity.here.

The East Pacific News Service
March 31, 2020

An Interview with East Malaysia and His Thoughts on the Empire Coup of the East Pacific
By Zukchiva Yura

(Editor's note: East Malaysia is a Vizier, Magister, and Deputy Minister of Information and Communications. East Malaysia has been part of TEP since 2004, and served as an "Elder" in the aftermath of the Empire's invasion of The East Pacific, as will be explained.)Zukchiva: Hello East Malaysia!

I'll be interviewing you today about the time you spent as an Elder of the East Pacific, back during and a few months after the Empire Coup of 2008. Not many people know the work you and your fellow Elders did, and even fewer know how it really felt like to be a government leader of TEP during that crisis.

The first question I would like to ask is for you to explain, in your own thoughts, what the Elders were and what was their importance in East Pacifican history?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: I agree, I find myself often wishing I could see the logs from the drafting of the Concordat myself. But at least we got the Concordat!

My second question I'd like to ask is, how did you first think of the idea of the Elders when Citizen Flemingovia proposed it? As I understand, it was a supremely different form of government from the East Pacific's past two democratic governments of the time.

East Malaysia: Without looking... I believe so. A lot was going on at that time. I was brought in I believe after the role was set up. At this time I was a simple citizen and was probably picked because I had been in the region for what was at the time considered a long time... ha. I was honored to be considered.

The previous government of The East Pacific was not democratic at all. So we went from dictatorship to democracy.

And to perhaps clarify that we did have democratic elements like a legislator and judicial branch but overall the Delegate had the last say.

Zukchiva: Oh! I guess I didn't research far enough. Guess I'm gonna have to dive back into my research. >_>

I understand that it has been a while since you were an Elder, like many-years while. However, looking back to what you remember and what happened afterwards, do you think you would've wanted to do anything different in that role, in hindsight? In other-words, what would you change, if anything, regarding your actions as an Elder?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: That would've been pretty cool! But either way, thank you for your work in forming the Concordat.

Next, based on whatever you remember, how did you feel during the Empire coup itself? Were you stressed, scared, or some other emotions when they were ruling TEP?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: From the records of the time it was shown that TEP saw itself as an inactive community. Do you think TEP would be as vibrant as it is today without the Empire coup?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: If you were able to name the most important person responsible for helping TEP survive the coup, who would it be and why?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: What was the strongest moment/event you experienced during the coup?

East Malaysia: ASBS becoming Delegate. We could finally take a take a sigh of relief. Holding out for four months is years in the way NS moves.

Zukchiva: I've noticed that the Empire adopted nobility names in a form of role-play, and spoke disparaging comments against the community of TEP at the time (like one couper calling TEP her "property". How did you, specifically, feel about those remarks, if you remember anything?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: Besides ASBS and Daanistan's legendary unendorsemsnt campaign, how did you guys and gals fight against the Empire? What methods did you use?

East Malaysia:Zukchiva: Well, thanks for sticking with me so far, Em.

One last cliche question. Is there anything you'd like to add? About being an Elder, or the Empire or what happened after they left. Any sort of message or thing you believe the younger readers of EPNS should know of that time?

[b]East Malaysia:[/b] This is what makes being a citizen and being an active member of the community by participating in government or roleplay so important. An active community can easily combat outside threats. NationStates is a very complex game when you break it down. The East Pacific is The East Pacific?s because of the community and government. It?s our own virtual country and it should be the duty of everyone to keep The East Pacific strong the beautiful.

[b]Zukchiva:[/b] Thank you for your time, East Malaysia!

It was extremely appreciated.

[b]East Malaysia:[/b] :D

[b]The Conclave Rolls Out Reforms[/b]
By Zukchiva Yura
[i](Editor's Note: This article is written as a firsthand account by the Viceroy, Zukchiva, hence the use of first-person words like "I".)[/i]

If you read the East Pacific News Service?s Edition published for January 2020, you?ll know that the Conclave has already begun reforming itself as part of the massive post-coup East Pacific reforms. The aim for the reforms are to make the Conclave a more accessible place for everyone, and in this way ensuring more transparency and fairness in East Pacific justice.

As Viceroy, I instituted the following ?steps to reform?, or in other words a small to-do list to assist us Arbiters in changing the branch for the better. These steps will be explained in detail in the order listed below in order to help increase understanding of the changes going on, despite many of them being unseen.

[b][u]The Steps to Reform:[/u][/b]
[*]Come up with Election Law [COMPLETED]

Set guidelines for precedent usage [COMPLETED]

Reform the Standing Orders of the Conclave [COMPLETED]

Create new guides for the Conclave [IN PROGRESS]

Reorganize Conclave Forums [IN PROGRESS]

Create table consisting of precedent for easy access to legal rules [IN PROGRESS]

Implement an attorney system [IN PROGRESS]

[b][u]Completed Steps[/u][/b]

These are steps that have already been completed. (Yay us!)

[b]Step:[/b] Come up with Election law

For many years, the Viceroy of the East Pacific has been the sole administrator of Delegate Elections, one of the most important events in East Pacific government. However, no law was ever enacted for elections, with only unwritten norms and traditions, along with the Concordat, guiding election procedure. This obviously often caused confusion and tension during election processes, along with many mishaps in election occurrences.

In order to rectify this, I proposed to the Magisterium on February 14th, 2020 the ?Delegate Elections Act?. Due to complicated issues involving a llama and a lawn that took up my time, A Mean Old Man was brought in as a co-sponsor for the bill. Following debate with insightful comments by A Mean Old Man, the proposal was motioned to vote on March 15th and came into law on March 24th, 2020!

[b]Step:[/b] Set guidelines for precedent usage

Precedent is a bit confusing of a confusing matter, and the Conclave went into disarray for a tiny fraction of time as we were trying to find out how precedent worked and how it would function in the court. (Note: Aelitia was the only Arbiter with more than a year?s worth of experience when he left, so we?re all pretty new at our jobs!)

However, after a quick Discord discussion on the matter, Arbiter Pakitsk drafted the Procedural Rules on Precedent, which were quickly reorganized and then passed through vote. You can read them at this link.

These guidelines clarify into procedural law what precedent is and how it will be used in the drafting of verdicts! These guidelines will also help citizens to understand precedent, so that judicial functions and the way Arbiters reach verdicts makes more sense.

[b]Step:[/b] Reform the Standing Orders of the Conclave (SOC)

The Standing Orders of the Conclave had become slightly outdated and open to interpretation since they were redrafted in 2014. So we, the Arbiters, met in Closed Chambers to edit the SOC, then made a public convention (in which only one citizen showed up :<) to allow citizens to provide their input. After a month or two, we voted the final draft into action.

In the end, not much was changed besides clarification on trial procedures and the formalizing of the ability of the Conclave to raise an advisory question to a Judicial Review. While not the most life-changing of reforms, these small changes will help the Conclave run trials for years to come.

[b][u]Steps In-Progress[/u][/b]

These are steps to reform that are currently being done or haven?t started yet. [img alt=":(" style="max-width:100%;" class="smile" src="//storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/sad.png"]

[b]Step:[/b] Creating new Conclave guides

Viceroy Barb was one of the Conclave?s most notable Viceroys, leading the court into its first few landmark trials and drafting up the first rendition of the Standing Orders of the Conclave along with Todd McCloud, in 2010. As part of her work, Viceroy Barb created two guides: A Viceroy Tutorial plus a guide on Trial Decorum. The Viceroy Tutorial explained what Barb learned about doing the job of Viceroy and wanted to share with her successors, while the Trial Decorum explained the trial processes and expectations of that time.

Overtime, these tutorials became outdated as trial procedures, Arbiter duties, and Viceroy duties changed over time. Thus, as part of the Conclave reform, new guides are being created by me! (And can be checked over by the Arbiters if they feel something should be changed.)

The current goal is to create four new guides stemming from Barb?s idea of tutorials: A Guide to Being a Presiding Arbiter (it?s a confusing job), A Tutorial to Being the Viceroy, A Tutorial to Being An Arbiter, and A Guide to Trial Procedures (the only one out of the four guides that will be made public).

These guides should prove as helpful resources in the future, or at least that?s our hope!

[b]Step:[/b] Reorganize the Conclave Forums

The forums for the Conclave have been a little bit complex for some time. While this had not been an issue for the past few years, some forums of the Conclave hadn?t been used since Yuno?s Delegacy, and the Closed Chambers subforum is overflowed with archived posts.

As part of reforms, a request has been submitted to forum administrators for simplifying The Library of the Court subforum (currently closed to the public but will be released in the future) into a single subforum containing all of East Pacifican judicial law, along with other more minor changes.

This important resource will aid all those seeking to delve into judicial matters when the request is completed. On a side note, I was almost offended when I realized it wasn?t public (being such

[b]Step:[/b] Create table consisting of precedent for easy access to legal rules

At the Conclave, we understand that precedent is a confusing matter (as elaborated on earlier). And given that it can be used to charge a criminal crime and dictate court procedures, we decided that precedent needed to be listed out clearly in a simple forum thread, with a table.

The plan is to go over all Judicial Reviews and trial verdicts, and to record any precedent they set and place it into said nice table.

This will help further simplify how our court works and further turn the Conclave into a more accessible legal branch. [img alt=":D" style="max-width:100%;" class="smile" src="//storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/grin.png"]

[b]Step:[/b] Implement an Attorney System

During the case of TEP v. Fedele, an Arbiter was forced to become an attorney for one of the accused based upon a series of mishaps (and my suggestion to the accused to get an Arbiter as an attorney). Afterwards, I realized my mistake but it was a bit too late in that regard.

In order to ensure that defendants are properly represented in future trials, Arbiter Pakitsk drafted up a resolution for the establishment of a Public Attorney Office to the Magisterium. The Resolution came into effect on March 28th, 2020.

New Administrative rules, mostly following the opinion of the Magisterium as set in the resolution, are now being debated by the Conclave in Closed Chambers. They are expected to go to vote soon. With the establishment of this Office, trials are expected to run more smoothly in the future, and without delay.

In the end, the reforms simply aim to make the Conclave a better place. With a new dedication to justice and simplicity, the changes being made should ensure that everyone can understand judicial processes, their place within it, and judicial functions they can perform in their positions.

If anyone has ideas on reforms or wants to learn more, please feel free to contact me as derp#9479 on discord, or my NS nation, Zukchiva for telegrams. ^-^ Stay safe, and have a nice day!

[b]FA is Not Dead (Yet)[/b]
By Libertanny
For the past few weeks, since Minister Libertanny came back from LOA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been experiencing a total revamp, reorganization, creation of new plans, ambitions, ideas and targets.

Many things changed and happened. In order to increase security of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also to make role assignments easier, Discord server of Foreign Affairs went through a total revamp.reaction-roles, new masks and verification process have been added (using Pancake and Reaction Roles bots). For more intuitive and easier use, Foreign Affairs subforums (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy Row) of The East Pacific Forum were reorganized by East Malaysia. New Google Documents and Sheets were created, to keep track of diplomatic missions, tasks assignments and staffers.

Foreign Affairs Policies, after vivid debate within Platinum Hall - Cabinet of Foreign Affairs (consisting of Zukchiva, Libertanny, Marrabuk, A Mean Old Man, Tretrid, East Malaysia, Sedequia and The Atlae Isles), have been liberalised. That action caused The East Pacific to reach out to new possible friends, resulting in establishment of relations between The East Pacific and The Free Nations Region, Social Liberal Union and League of Conservative Nations. In the meantime, Embassies with Thaecia and The Union of Democratic States have been estabilished, whilst Embassies with Equilism, Greater Dienstad, Europe and Gay were closed.

Survey in a form of Google Forms was created, in order to analyze opinion of TEP?s friends in several areas. As of now, a total of 7 regions rated cooperation between The East Pacific and their respective regions 9/10 or higher, namely: (1) New Pacific Order [10/10], (2) 10000 Islands [10/10], (3) The Free Nations Region [10/10], (4) Eientei Gensokyo [10/10], (5) Thaecia [9,67/10], (6) The West Pacific [9,67/10], (7) Balder [9/10].

?The East Pacific seemed quite friendly and open-armed just from my first interactions with a few of its members. The Foreign Affairs Department has been especially cordial to foreigners, and I look forward to meeting more people from TEP? - comments Terranihil, Director of Foreign Affairs of League of Conservative Nations.

?We were very interested to say the least when we found out that TEP was considering relations with our region. It?s not everyday a GCR even talks to a UCR. The FA Ministry has been very friendly and reminds me of the ministry I?ve been building for years here in there SLU. I look forward to continue building relations with TEP and have our members get to know each other.? - says Goncar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Social Liberal Union.

"Our Experience with The East Pacific has been great so far. They are very friendly and are actually pretty dedicated towards the regions having consulates with them compared to other GCRs. Their Foreign Minister Serge is doing a fantastic job with the consulates and Consul Aivintis (TEP's Consul to FNR) is very active, dedicated and friendly." - comments South Asians, Vice President of The Free Nations Region.

But that?s not the end. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started recruitment, in order to begin a new era of this body - the new form of organization and hierarchy. In the same time, talks within Cabinet of Executive Government and Platinum Hall of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding a new project, have been very vivid. Hopefully, we will be able to share more details in upcoming releases of EPNS.

[b]The Conspiracy behind Pacific-Con[/b]
By Inquisitive Examinations
Note: The following is a work of satire and does not represent the views of The East Pacific.

On March 17th, the Delegate Marrabuk posted an image of a spiral thingy with the caption ?April 2020,? introducing Pacific-Con, a gathering of the five Pacific regions, with speakers and events for gameplayers and roleplayers alike. It seems innocuous, but there?s more that?s hidden under the surface.

The five feeders are very large and very diverse, but that diversity presents a huge challenge for unity. Something about ?ardee,? I guess. I don?t think it?s particularly important. I think they?re just finding excuses to yell at each other at this point in NSGeePee. But do you really expect these regions to come together when their varying perspectives on ardee? It would take an inordinate amount of friendship and interregional cooperation for that to happen, and events that would appeal to both sides of the ardee spectrum. Would Pacific-Con have that? I don?t know, I?m not much of an ardee man myself. In all honesty, The East Pacific should pull a Lazarus and just declare themselves neutral and opposed to all ardee in general. They all seem to be the subversive type.

Secondly, there?s ?arpee.? What even is arpee? In The East Pacific, the people on the forum and the people on the ol? arembee have two different arpee sectors, whatever that means. All I know is that means my messages on the arembee won?t be seen by anyone. If The East Pacific can?t even agree what arpee is, how will five different regions get together and do arpee? Are they going to merge their worlds together and make a huge amalgamation or something? Personally, I think they should just create a Minecraft server for the whole thing. And then people can play it after Pacific-Con ends and realize that they don?t need NationStates after all. Just kidding, of course, NationStates will suck us all back in.

Then there?s games. Games! The same 50 forum games return! If the Paradoxical event that The East Pacific is hosting along with The North Pacific and Europeia has taught us anything, it?s that NationStates players cannot count in order to save their lives. There?s just something about the game that affects people?s ability to count. But how, and why?

And here?s where I?m getting to the point. Let me ask again, given all these challenges, why would representatives from all five of the Pacific regions plot together and bring us all together? The cabal that runs Pacific-Con clearly doesn?t care about ardee, arpee, or games. It?s just a ploy for what they really want.

They?ve been bribed by Max Barry to advertise his new book. You?ve seen the ads all over NationStates (unless you have a Postmaster-General account, in which case you?ve been scammed into giving Max money). Max Barry shamelessly advertising his new book, like when he created NationStates to sell Jennifer Government? You see, due to the troubling times that the crooked editors have forced me not to name, Max is having trouble selling his book in physical stores due to them being closed. On his website, he says that ?the best kind of promotion now, obviously, is online promotion.? His newest book is about humans coming together to face an alien threat. Does that mean that NationStates is about to be attacked by aliens? Who knows, that might be the April Fool?s event this year. But where else is a better place to advertise it than an event where five unlikely regions come together? Perhaps that?s what all the arpee and ardee is about. Pacific-Con will be the epitome of the consumer culture that Jennifer Government was criticizing all along.

But that?s not even the worst part. The new book, which is named Providence, is clearly named after the Eye of Providence, which you will know as the Illuminati symbol. The same eye that was on Jennifer Government! This proves, without a doubt, that the cabal that runs the feeders and all the major, large regions is not the Rahls, but the Illuminati. And they have sponsored the book for this very reason. I bet Max Barry is one of them, using his influence to lure us all into this allure of a game and trap us in this political simulator.

Through my investigative skills, I have determined that Pacific-Con is a scam run by the Illuminati, which controls a large chunk of NationStates to sell Max Barry?s newest book to make money. Whatever you do, do not join Pacific-Con and do not join the Discord server when it comes out. Stay inside and answer your issues and farm cards in peace.

I mean, hell, even Todd McCloud is there. Never trust the fox. He?ll try to sell you his books.
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An interesting read, thank you for the news!

[align=center][size=large]The East Pacific News Service[/size][/align]
[align=center]April 2020 Edition[/align]
[size=large]Honoring Our Heroes[/size]
By Zukchiva Yura
The East Pacific has always sought ways to revere and remember the nations that have served within its borders. Stemming from resolutions to honorary citizenship, the East Pacific has attempted a variety of ways to honor its heroes. Here's a look at three of the previous ways in which the East Pacific has tried to honor its citizens, and a short blurb on its newest, fourth attempt!

Honorary Citizenship

Honorary Citizenship was basically a legal concept in which any person who received this type of citizenship would be able to remain a citizen of the East Pacific, even when they no longer meet the traditional requirements citizens need to maintain (remaining in the East Pacific, not ceasing to exist). As one of the East Pacific's highest honors, the Magisterium awarded honorary citizenship to many monumental nations such as 1 Infinite Loop, A Mean Old Man, Drakkengard (One of the first Viceroys of the East Pacific), and Mexregiona (one of the East Pacific's former roleplayers and Delegates) for their service to the region.

During the Delegacy of Fedele, Fedele himself brought up the idea of removing citizenship, based upon the "elitism" it gave to its awardees as setting them "above" the citizenship of the East Pacific. While a Concordat amendment striking out honorary citizenship would pass the Magisterium, it would fail the citizen's referendum and would not go into effect.

However, honorary citizenship was one again brought up for removal during the November 2019 Concordat reforms. This time, it was passed through both Magisterium and citizen referendum, and was formally repealed within that year, with all honorary citizens now losing their honorary status.

Magisterium Resolutions to Commend an Individual

Albeit the least used method to honor, the Magisterium has used its ability to release extremely strong opinions of the body (resolutions) to commend individuals for their service to the East Pacific. The two individuals who have been commended in such a fashion insofar are Packivilania (also known in TEP as 'Pax') and Xoriet. Pax was honored for his work as Delegate-in-exile during the 2008 Empire coup along with his work as a forum administrator and government leader. Xoriet was rewarded for her legendary records she made as General of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army, in which she reached record numbers of operations that have not been met since her tenure.

The Hall of Heroes

Perhaps the most recognizable honorary institution to the East Pacifican, the Hall of Heroes was an institution meant to give individuals a detailed description of their exploits, in their own forum thread. The Magisterium was responsible for voting in nominees into the Hall, who, upon passing vote, would receive a thread and a description describing why they deserved to be in the Hall.

Ever since its institution in 2014, the Hall has suffered from neglect and disuse. In 2019, a new position called the Keeper of the Hall was created to run the Hall, with Bachtendekuppen serving as first in office. While he would end up completing his duty by writing out descriptions of everyone ever instituted into the Hall, he would end up resigning later on due to tensions with Delegate Fedele.

In 2020, the Hall of Heroes Act was repealed after once again falling into inactivity and disuse, and was replaced with the Order of the Golden Ocelot Act, which instituted in legislation a medal long held in esteem by the East Pacific.

The Order of the Golden Ocelot

The Order of the Golden Ocelot is now the primary way in which the East Pacific honors its citizens. While it is still relatively new in its latest form, it has been in effect starting from 2015.

In 2015, Delegate Ramaeus instituted via Executive Order the institution of the first rendition of the Order. The medal was created by British Grand Pacific (a prominent government official of the time), with its design meant to honor Xoriet for her actions and duties she performed in her service for the East Pacific (while this is not explicitly stated, this can be reasonably inferred to the device of an "ocelot", which remains one of Xoriet's primary appearances). Ramaeus would award the Order to Todd McCloud, 1 Infinite Loop, and Xoriet amongst a few other select nations.

Ramaeus, when awarding the medal, stated that "The members of this Order have profoundly changed and impacted The East Pacific in their given fields, whether it be military or civilian.", in explaining the purpose and meaning of the medal. These values in which Ramaeus decided who would be deserving of the medal now exist in the medal's current form.

In 2017, Delegate Aelitia would re-institute, via Executive Order, the awarding of the medal to three more nations: Hobbesistan, Free Pacific States, and the British Grand Pacific. For the award, Delegate Aelitia would also design the medal's ribbon, which is in use today.

In 2020, the Magisterium debated and officially passed the Order of the Golden Ocelot Act in April. Ten days later, the Act would become law, instating the Order as the highest civilian award within the East Pacific. This Act would legitimize the versions of the Order initiated by Delegates Aelitia and Ramaeus, while ensuring that from now on the Magisterium may also award the Order by majority vote, alongside the Delegate's ability to award the medal at their discretion.

Within the same month, the Magisterium debated and moved to vote fourteen nominees to receive the Order, consisting of those who used to hold honorary citizenship or were in the Hall of Heroes (but hadn't received the Order), as well as three other nations awarded separately for their hard work and dedication. The Magisterium has, within the same month of April, passed all nominations for the Order with a high majority.

The Order of the Golden Ocelot is another attempt by the East Pacific to honor those who had served it for so faithfully and for so long. While time can only tell whether the medal will accomplish what the Hall of Heroes and honorary citizenship could not, hope is bright for this revitalized award. It's the hope that this medal will finally bring to its awardees the honor and distinction they have, in the East Pacific's eyes, rightfully earned.
[size=large]The Drewpocalypse[/size]
By Turtle (Quebec-and-Maritimes/Nordenpunto)
On April 20th, the YouTuber Drew Durnil released a video showcasing NationStates, causing the event dubbed the "Drewpocalypse". Tons of people created nations, which caused the servers to lag a lot.

Who is Drew Durnil?

Many were unaware of Drew before this situation unfolded. A poll was held by Sedequia inquiring about if the respondents had created a nation following the release of the infamous video. Out of 492 participants, 306 (62%) said that they were. The others had no clue what was going on or voted no. These results don't tell us much though, other than that there has been a lot of new foundings inspired by the video (no surprise on that end). Nonetheless, Drew has been releasing videos showcasing, playing or spectating games related to geography, history, military strategy and the likes for nearly seven years now, so there's bound to be some overlap in the fanbases.

What exactly happened?

Around noon, "Creating 1 country to battle 184,028 other Countries in the World" came out, causing a large spike in the number of nations created (about 550 foundings per hour in TEP after release, with a slight slowdown later that day). NS servers didn't take this well and delays were observed worldwide. This was because the RAM usage was at capacity, so disk memory had to be used instead. Ultimately, most of the new people won't stay, and the fans of Drew that do will be considered just another fellow player in due time.

A second wave?

This afternoon, another video of Drew playing NationStates was published, bringing up the possibility of even more players joining in large quantities. Though many new nations were created, the servers didn't seem to struggle too much. The data shows that 360 new nations were founded in TEP today between 16:00 and 17:00 UTC. According to VW53aland, the Minister of Immigration of the East Pacific, "[...] foundings are equally distributed over the 5 feeder regions; TP, TNP, TWP, TSP, and TEP. So the total influx will be five times larger than what we're seeing." Some quick math tells us at least 54,000 new nations have been founded (worldwide) since the start of these events.

Closing remarks

Though it will be remembered, The Drewpocalypse is not a watershed moment in NS history. Most of the people that enjoy and stick with the game would probably have stumbled upon it at some point. Though the amount of people that have joined during these events is unparalleled (for now), it seems unlikely that this will change much in the grand scheme of things. (Except for anyone who has to process applications. VW has shown how many more citizenship applications they've been getting and they deserve more appreciation.
[size=large]The Catgirl Candidate: Interviewing Sakana[/size]
By The Atlae Isles
Atlae: Hello Sakana! I know most of NS will know you as Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, the second-place runner-up for the 2020 April Fool's World Assembly Secretary-General Election, but could you introduce yourself and give a brief overview of your NS and TEP career?

Sakana: Hey there, Atlae! I'm Sakana, also known as Feu de Glace. I'm currently spending most of my time in The Black Hawks, but I've also been in a few other regions. I started my NS life by spending about three years in the region that I decided I liked the welcome telegram of (New Warsaw Pact). After deciding that I needed to get out of that rather isolated region, I got unexpectedly invited to Lily. From there I somehow ended up in The Pacific's military, Legio--but that's a weird and confusing tangent. At some point I joined The East Pacific as a citizen and when there was no one with any experience in R/D to take over the position of Overseeing Officer, I was offered the position. This was right in the middle of Fedele's attempted coup of TEP so I was immediately thrown into the thick of things. Since then I've been moderating TEP's Discord, keeping things clean and the bots working.

Atlae: Why did you ultimately decide to run for WA Secretary-General?

Sakana: Well, the event started on the Trans Day of Visibility and it was an April Fools' event so what nation would be better than Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls?! It was fun, silly, and timely. I also hope that there were some smiles from it. I also really enjoy the April Fools' events and like competing in them so no matter what it was going to be fun. Stressful, but fun.

Atlae: What did you think about the previous 4 years of Caelepes' term as WA Secretary General?

Sakana: Wh-oh right. The Sec-Gen position is one that wields immense power and should be treated with utmost respect. With their power to veto anything and kick anyone out of the WA, it's scary. Imagine being kicked out of the WA while you're trying to tag a region? That'd be awful!

Okay, so I'm being told that they don't actually have that power. Huh, I wonder what they do...

Atlae: In your campaign bulletin, you start with "We're here, we're queer: the Trans Catgirls are here!" You mentioned earlier that you began your campaign on International Transgender Day of Visibility, so do you think your campaign resonated with many young catgirls at home?

Sakana: Oh, I know that it did! I got a lot of telegrams from people that were really happy to see the nation running for office. Those telegrams really made me happy since, between the gorespam and awful telegrams that I kept getting, there was a lot of negativity. Those good telegrams made it all feel worth it. I also had some people come out to me which was always an amazing experience.

Atlae: Speaking of telegrams, one of the main complaints of those voting in the election was the amount of campaign TGs sent to them. What's your opinion on this?

Sakana: Haha, there were a lot of telegrams. I myself tried to not send that many out (ie. one WA wide telegram) but I know that other people sent out more than that. All I know is that Alti made that lovely dispatch which was hilarious and made it clear that people weren't liking the amount of telegrams. I also don't think that I have a good perspective on it since I got ~500 telegrams from people. Oh, and I, uh, may have had WA Campaigns blocked on accident sooooooooo who knows!

Atlae: On your campaign thread in the Election Headquarters subforum, you and your campaign picked out catgirl pictures for the top SecGen candidates and anyone who requested one. Where did you get the catgirls from and can you confirm right here and now that they are doing okay one month later?

Sakana: The worldwide team of catgirls volunteered in support of the election! They were all given the highest accommodations and got homemade cookies as thanks. All are safe now and, from what I last heard, are still enjoying the after party. Maybe they'll be partying until the next election, who knows!

Atlae: Who were the people who helped you with your campaign and what work did they do?

Sakana: I'd like to wait to answer that one since I need perms to see an old Discord chat to make sure I get everyone.

Atlae: TEP was one of the first regions to support your candidacy, along with TBH [The Black Hawks]. What impact would you say that those early boosts/endorsements gave you in the election? How were you able to appeal to so many different regions?

Sakana: I think that those early boosts were very helpful in getting momentum. The support from both of them made a solid base for a coalition. I think that we were able to appeal to so many different regions because we had a fun and silly campaign. We weren't worried about being serious for April Fools', that'd be heresy!

That non-serious tone definitely helped us appeal to a lot of regions.

Atlae: Late into the election, [violet] introduced the running mate mechanic into the election. One of the major surprises in the final round of voting was when McMasterdonia became your running mate. Could you share some insight into how this came to be?

Sakana: Oh, that twist! We had that planned for a bit which is why the catgirls didn't have a running mate before. It was something fun and unexpected that we thought would shake things up a bit. It was also brought up briefly between the five candidates (I think I talked to everyone?) that got into the final round that we would all drop out at once leaving the election with no winner. The would've been the most ridiculous thing to happen and I'm sort of sad that it didn't.

Atlae: There have been many accusations that you and other members of the "WA Elite" - namely, the other four candidates that made it into the final round of voting: Kuriko, Caelepes, Valentine Z, and McMasterdonia - conspired to keep Jocospor out of the final round of voting. At risk of a substantial reaction from the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, do you have any comment on this whole affair?

Sakana: Okay, I have to say the idea of me being a WA elite is hilarious to me since most of the time I don't even know where my WA is, lol. And, as for saying anything on the matter, I think that those that got into the final round of voting deserved to be there. Everyone worked very hard to get into the final voting round.

Atlae: Could you give your thoughts on each of the other 4 final round candidates? I know you've already given them a catigirl pic. :p

Sakana: Sure! I think that all four of them are fantastic people and it was extremely fun to run against them. The election allowed me to get to know a few of them better and I'm really glad for that. If you want specific thoughts on each on, the campaign telegram that I sent out gave an adjective for them:
McMasterdonia is ENERGETIC
Valentine Z is FABULOUS
Atlae: What would you say to Kuriko right now about her very grueling job as WA Secretary-General?

Sakana: Hope you enjoy reading the thousands of pages of requirements that you have to follow~!

Atlae: How has post-election life in NS been for you?

Sakana: Post-election life on NS has been about the same as pre-election life. I'm still having fun doing silly things. The only difference is that the catgirls have had c/c proposal(s?) written about them. Oh, that and I keep getting replies from my WA all telegram from people that are just now opening their telegrams up. Other than that things have been pretty much the same. I have enjoyed sneaking puppets into XKI [10000 Islands] for Kuriko to find, though. So far she's only found one but who knows, there might be more~

Atlae: Last question. Will you be running again in 2024? NS is dying to know.

Sakana: If I'm still here, maybe. The world always needs more Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls~

Atlae: Alright, thank you for your time. It was a blast interviewing you.

Sakana: Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with!
[size=large]The Judgment[/size]
By Inquisitive ExaminationsEditor's Note: The following is a work of satire and does not represent the views of The East Pacific.
Where were you on 4/20/2020? A date that will live in infamy, and not just for its auspicious date. It is the day when the deity known as Drew Durnil came down from the heavens and destroyed NationStates' servers with his divine wrath. Only the likes of [violet] could stop his rampage, but the damage was already done.

His army of followers, ranging from 30,000-50,000 nations strong, would have been enough to topple all of the GCRs and major UCRs (CCD's pipe dream, I suppose) if they were commanded to. But nay, they have dispersed around the world, settling in the regions whose recruitment telegrams were the most interesting.

Despite everyone's initial rage about the lag and general inconvenience caused by Drew's divine judgment, NationStates as a whole benefited from the publicity. The East Pacific, for that matter, increased by at least 50%, with the citizenship application office ballooning with requests after his divine message was available to the public. Clearly the East Pacific was favored, since that was the birthplace of Drew's digital manifestation. The day that he returns would signal the Second Coming.

It soon emerged that Marrabuk, the Delegate of The East Pacific, posted the following message: "Hippity hoppity Drew Durnil's channel is now TEP's property" 1 (Marrabuk). This message may seem innocuous to the average reader, but here at Inquisitive Examinations we examine things inquisitively. Clearly Marrabuk has the Mandate of Heaven (why else would he be Delegate) and must have some message from the beings above us. Perhaps he is even descended from them, given his luscious coating; he really is the most handsome. But that would mean that fate has ordained that the destinies of The East Pacific and Drew are irreparably entwined, and that Drew would return one day.
[align=center]Of course, one would be remiss if they were not to supply evidence. TEP's Provost, A Mean Old Man, submitted a proposal to the Security Council queue and it quickly made it to quorum. However, he rustled quite a few feathers even in The East Pacific for not drafting it in the forums first, which a 10x-WA Resolution author like AMOM should undoubtedly know to do. Even though by April 30, the proposal had overwhelmingly failed, AMOM posted this message in his defeat: "I think he may have planned to post the video as this was ending. 😉" (Mean Old Man) The video in question was a sequel to Drew's first divine revelation, causing the influx of nations of the Drewpocalypse. The message that AMOM had left also contained an image, which inscribed on it were these words: "When your resolution fails...But your plan works" (Mean Old Man). Clearly, either Mean Old Man had either coordinated this with Drew, or the action of condemning Deruuu had captured his attention again. Drew's divine revelation at one point mentioned the condemnation of his digital manifestation, expressing pleasure while voting for the doomed-to-fail resolution. Following the failure of the resolution and the deliverance of Drew's divine revelation, Mean Old Man changed his classification to "MASTER PLAN."

Perhaps Mean Old Man's many years playing NationStates had allowed him to unlock the secrets of summoning the divine? Perhaps he simply had the wisdom to know what would successfully call upon Drew in our time of doubt? In any case, it is clear that high-ranking TEP officials have the gift of summoning the divine. Or, in the very least, prophets of a very interesting cargo cult. Who from the heavenly realm of YooToob will TEP call on next? Will they use this power for good or for evil? We will continue to examine inquisitively.
[align=center](Artist's Rendition: Drew Leading the Masses, probably by some guy)[/align]

(Artist's Rendition: The Conjurers' Ritual, probably by another guy. Depicted from the top, clockwise: Marrabuk, A Mean Old Man, Libertanny, Bachtendekuppen, Todd McCloud. Center: a burning lotus flower.)[/align]
[align=center]Work Cited[/align]
1 Marrabuk, Most Handsome of. "The East Pacific Board." NationStates, Max Barry, 20 Apr.
2020, 3:40:55 AM, http://www.nationstates.net/page=display_region_rmb/region=the_east_

2 Mean Old Man, A. "[DEFEATED] Condemn Deruuu." NationStates, Max Barry, 30 Apr. 2020,
9:31 AM, forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=37045834#p37045834.

Editor's Note: These last three articles are short submissions from nations in The East Pacific, about categories ranging from roleplay and satire. They are intended to stoke community involvement in chronicling the stories of TEP.

[size=medium]Tensions rise in Sokala as 2020 Prime Minister election starts[/size]
By Dominic Brual

One week after the start of the Prime Minister candidacy declaration period, tensions between various political parties rose to alarming levels. Several political leaders have been brought in for questioning for being suspected of instigating incidents of vandalism and theft that were observed by the Sokalan National Police Association. Among them was Ronaldo "The Rock" Rose, Party Representative of the ROCK party.

(caption: LOOK: Former Senator and now ROCK party representative, Ronaldo Rose expresses dissatisfaction of the current administration)

"He's [Prime Minister Aruto Sokala] targeted me and my party for the past decade!" Ronaldo Rose exclaimed in an interview "He knows that if we win, we'll expose the corruption he's been hiding behind his socialist revolution."

Rose and his party have been openly trying their best to impede the current Sokalan administration's policies after a failed impeachment attempt that led to Rose and the ROCK party being turned to a national laughing stock.

Rose has been charged with 5 counts of incitiation and is currently being investigated for his connections to 5 incidents of vandalism of VICTORY offices in Santa Rosa and Subic.

[size=medium]Meth Addicts Add Additives to Meth[/size]
By Methany Gladd

Ever since methamphetamine production was standardized in the nation of Jakubonia, the official manufacturers have began to add additives to an addict's favourite drug. This is to lower the concentration of the drug, causing people to buy larger batches of it. Some illegal drug rings have already began distilling and purifying this product, to gain a taste high. Luckily, the practically nonexistent law enforcement has been gradually cracking down on these fiends! Legislations to make a minimum drug concentration quota are underway.

[size=medium]Thany Devito Can Beatbox[/size]
By George Joestar (local aristocrat and interpreter)

Y'all gon make (pwt) me act a fool (pwt) up in here (pwt) up in here (pwt). y'all gon make (pwt) me lose my cool (pwt) up in here(pwt) up in here (pwt). y'all gon make(pwt) me bust a SMACK (pwt) up in here (pwt) up in here (pwt). y'all gon make my fingers snap (pwt) up in here up (pwt) in here (pwt). Why should I battle a crusty old man when you can't even defeat a little weak Peter Pan. You're lucky this is only a beatbox battle (pwt), cause in a real battle I would make you feel rattled. Look at him, he's only got one (pwt) planet, I've got the whole galaxy (pwt) under my dependence. You're gonna pay when you bleed and die, yes you will die destiny arrives. Y'all gon make me aha prt aha sss aha prt ahaha prwrt prwrt aha sss Y'all gon make me aha prt aha sss aha prt ahaha prwrt prwrt aha sss Y'all gon make me aha prt aha sss aha prt ahaha prwrt prwrt aha sss Y'all gon make me aha prt aha sss aha prt ahaha prwrt prwrt aha sss Bwm saia semi bwmbwm ama don stopa bwm saye bwm don bwm stopa pwt bwmbwm saia semi bwmbwm ama don stopa bwm Let me show you how to scratch it ahuHU bwm sama uta p utaata uta eta uta bwm etauts bu pww hu pww eta pww uh seta eta pu etta pu bwm either way destiny still arives.
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The East Pacific News Service
May 31, 2020​


With the Drewapocalypse hitting the region hard, discussions around raising the Endorsement Cap from 300 to 400 were abundant in all circles of government. After lots of discussion and debate, the Viziers proposed to the Magisterium the raising of the endorsement cap on May 7th, 2020. From there, the Magisterium supported the proposal and passed the cap unanimously, with Delegate Marrabuk signing on soon after.

With this higher endorsement cap, nations within the East Pacific shall be able to now endotart to levels similar to when Yuno was Delegate. The enactment of this higher endorsement cap and subsequent increases in endorsement levels indicate that the Drewapocalypse has really helped the East Pacific recover the vast number of World Assembly nations that were ejected during the Fedele coup.


By Tretrid

Tretrid: What do you do as Minister of Immigration?

VW: Well, to be honest, most of my work just comes down to processing the Citizenship Applications. That is probably about 90-99% of what I do. When my job started, back in October, that pretty much was my job. But since the Ministry of Manpower was integrated with Immigration at the start of Marrabuk's second term in February I should do a little more. I have also done a little research in November keeping tabs on the number of foundings in our region, movements into and out of our region, number of nations with WA or with Citizenship, and the number of nations Ceasing To Exist. Also recently I maintained a graph on the number of foundings per hour from a few days before the video of Drew came out up to early May. But still, far more than 90% of my time, as Minister of Immigration comes down to processing Citizenship Applications.

Tretrid: What was it like when Drew released his first NationStates video?

VW:Tretrid: What was it like to process all these new citizen applications from the Drewpocalypse?

VW:Tretrid: How do you think these events will impact the future of TEP?

VW:Tretrid: What is it like to be a member of CitiCom?

VW: Hmm, I don't really know how to answer this. If you think it would make me feel proud or something, then you're wrong. I am not interested in status, or something like that. I do a job because it needs to be done, and that's it. So, being a member of CitiCom to me is no different than being only a Citizen, but with just a little more work to do.
I can say I found it difficult, certainly at first, to be the head of Ministry whose main task, or even sole task, according to a previous (Deputy) Minister was actually the task of the Citizenship Committee. When I started, the CitiCom was under the Conclave's control, and it contained about five members, not including me and the Immigration Staff. Recently, CitiCom has come under control of the Viziers (the Praesidium). I believe that CitiCom has grown too due to this. However, I guess I am still doing the first step in the process of 80% of the applications.

Tretrid: What is the most common mistake made on citizenship applications, and what would you like to tell new people so they can avoid this error?

VW: I haven't kept statistics on that. So, I'll take a quick look in a minute. I am pretty sure that when CitiCom was under the Conclave's control, the most common mistake was: omitting information. People mentioned for instance all their puppets, but didn't mention all the regions those puppets resided in. After CitiCom's control was transferred to the Viziers, earlier this year, the questionnaire in the application form was shortened.
Looking over the new application thread that was made after the transfer, I notice that there were some errors in the beginning that seem to be less common now. At first many people didn't copy the entire form, so they skipped the ratification of the Concordat at the beginning, or they left out their pledge at the end. Then Grand Vizier McStooley changed the layout, so that the form could be copied easier, and after that we have not seen that error anymore.
[returns after a few minutes of absenceTretrid: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to say to the readers of the EPNS?

VW:Paradoxical: Electric Boogaloo
By Giovanniland

Interview with Blueacia
By Zukchiva

Zukchiva: Hey Blueacia, nice to meet you, and thanks for the interview! How are ya?

Blueacia: Good

Zukchiva: Awesome! So first question: could you tell me a bit about how you found NationStates?

Blueacia: Me and 2 friends started it some time back. We all wanted to have a simulator for our own nations. As we played Airline Empires a lot

I took the name Blueacia, one of my friends took the name Sicily and Naples, and the other friend choose Vaspor

Zukchiva: Y'know, your name is pretty unique as far as NS names go. Anyways, what did you and your friends do after joining? Did you found a region for yourselves, or did y'all do something else?

Blueacia: Thank you for the compliment about the name. Tbh I used a name generator like my friend who choose the name Vaspor

Zukchiva: Well, it was a good name generator >_>

A lot of name generators like NS have long and weird names :p

Blueacia: I don't know about regions, but we did a lot of issues, and laughed us sick sometimes about the results. And we tried to convince each other our government was the best

Zukchiva: That sounds pretty sweet and fun, actually. What happened to your friends? I haven't seen them around here. o_O

Blueacia: One of them (Sicily and Naples) was a hit and run on the map. He liked the idea of this, but didn't want to RP all the time. The other isn't good in English. So I wouldn't do him a favour asking him to join

Zukchiva: Oh, so they still play NS?

Blueacia: I don't think so

Zukchiva: That sucks :/. But it seems that y'all did have fun when you played together. :p

Now, to the meat and gravy of the matter; what attracted you to coming over to TEP Evolved? What made you stray from issue answering, in other words?

Blueacia: Simply said, I didn't like the stats they were using on NS. I was already in the East Pacific region, answered the mail. And joined TEP in 2017. Always have been that 1 pixel island until few weeks back.

Zukchiva: Lololol, yes you have! So I notice that you have a masking as "Cartographic Researcher" on the TEP Roleplay Discord. Why do you have that role, what do you do under it, and do you enjoy being a Researcher?

Blueacia: I just make sure every nation on the map is also on the cartographical list with the correct info

Zukchiva: Do you like doing it? And how did you get that role in the first place? xD

Blueacia: Dylan asked who would do it, and I volunteered

Zukchiva: Heh, sounds pretty neat. So what made you decide to become the one-pixel tax haven you've been known for roleplaying as all these years? :p

Blueacia: "Known for roleplaying" ROFL. Like I only do Urthvision constantly, I don't RP that much. But I always liked the smaller nations on Earth. Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Singapore etc.

I chose to become the Monaco on Urth. Because I am a big racefan. And watch the Formula 1 since 2004. And the GP of Monaco is the most famous. And they are a tax haven.

Zukchiva: Interesting! lolol. But now I have to ask, what makes you want to stay and hang out with everyone? If you don't roleplay much, then what keeps you active in the forum rp community? Is it the community itself? Friendships? What's the thing keeping you addicted (everyone has one if they play NS) :p

Blueacia: It's just fun to be around you guys, I always want top start and RP more. But it hasn't happend yet

Zukchiva: That's so sweet! I know everyone in TEP Evolved appreciates having you here. :p

Well, it seems like it's getting time to wrap this up. Would you like to say anything extra that hasn't been said yet? A message, perhaps?

Blueacia:Zukchiva: Thank you for the interview, Blue!

Blueacia: You're welcome

TEP Evolved: Roleplay Like No OtherTEPWiki: A Catalog of Everything[size=large]my nation?s wiki pageSo, You Want to Run for Delegate[/size]
By Inquisitive Examinations
(Editor's Note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent the view of the Eastern Pacific News Service as a whole.guaranteed to get you elected, 30 day money back guarantee!

Be an animal.
In the following thread, Vice Delegate Libertanny, known to most as Serge, won the Delegate elections with a 56% majority, narrowly defeating Vizier and Former Viceroy Zukchiva, who handled the loss with grace.


After being confirmed by Viceroy-Designee Pakitsk, Delegate Libertanny has announced his new Cabinet, which is as follows:

Vice Delegate: Dragons Blood (McStooley)

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: Sakana
Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Earth Systems Alliance (on Leave of Absence until July 15)
Acting Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: Virgolia (until July 15)
Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs: Wallenburg
Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs: Zukchiva
Overseeing Officer of EPSA: The Atlae Isles

Minister of Information and Communications: Tretrid
Minister of Immigration: VW53ALand
Minister of Culture: Aivintis

Cabinet Advisors: East Malaysia, Pakitsk, Asendavia, Bachtendekuppen, A mean old man, Marrabuk, Todd McCloud, and Hobbesistan*

*Hobbesistan is yet to be confirmed

The East Pacific News Service
June 30, 2020​

Libertanny Elected Delegate, Horse Retires
By Tretrid

After the latest series of Delegate Elections, Libertanny has been elected Delegate of the East Pacific.

Vice Delegate Libertanny has run in both the February 2020 and the October 2019 elections, so it seemed natural that he should run again. It seemed like the path to the Delegacy would be clear for him, or at least it was until Viceroy Zukchiva entered the running.

Here is a list of all nominees, as well as those who accepted their candidacy:

Todd McCloudDeclined
Dragons BloodDeclined
East MalaysiaDeclined
Eastern AlkseariaAccepted
Danelaw ScandinaviaDeclined
a farewell statement, and has recently been confirmed as a Vizier by the Magisterium after his nomination by the Delegate-elect.

A Parrot's Platform of Promised Plans and Potential Policies
By Aivintis

Libertanny's campaign, called the #Libertanny4Delegate Program, promised to bring even more democracy, unity, and strength to The East Pacific. In case you weren't planning on reading through text wall that would put the Great Wall of China to shame, I reread it so you don't have to. Here's a little rundown of Serge's plans for The East Pacific and promised policies:

  • Approachability - Monthly forumside Cabinet meetings to be augmented by Voice Chat meetings on discord to answer questions
  • Cabinet Reform - Retainment of the Vice Delegate position, release of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs into its own Chief Ministry, transparent records and goals for all Ministries, new Chronicler office to maintain even more records, and concrete layout for all 12 Regional Officer positions
  • Bureau of Public Affairs - New department akin to a Ministry that consists of an appointed Director, and elected "Ambassadors" to represent RMB RP and Forum RP and to act as middle ground between the RP community and the government, and to promote RP within the greater TEP community, with the possibility of mentorship
  • Ministry Plans - Staffer of The Month program to boost morale, even more cultural events and activities, a focus on education and assimilation, simplification of the Ministry of Immigration, maintenance of current WA voting procedure, and new World Assembly Development and Education Program run by the CMoWAA
  • Foreign Policy - Maintenance of the current foreign policy, a focus on UCR-oriented affairs without compromising GCR relations, Statesmus+ as a form of foreign exchange akin to Erasmus+, a treaty with Thaecia, guarantees of independence, and official establishment of the Inner Circle as the FA leadership council
  • Consortium - Foreign Affairs project forming a Cultural-Military-WA-Diplomatic Bloc with a select number of active UCRs that maintain close relations with TEP promote equality and cooperation and to pay attention to TEP's UCR allies

These potential promised policies and plans (phonetically fun to say) are apparently indicative an ambitious delegacy in which the rebuilt government will be built upon even more in new ways. Minor points like "Spreading The East" to other games and maintenance of the current EPSA policy augment this platform.

Although it hasn't even been an entire month since Libertanny was elected, this is what has been accomplished already:

  • June 15th marked the release of Libertanny's first statement as delegate, naming his cabinet. A lot of the Cabinet stayed the same, but some of the changes included the appointment of Dragons Blood to Vice Delegate, the naming of Zukchiva as Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs, the promotion of Wallenburg from Minister of World Assembly Affairs to Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs, the appointment of Feu de Glace as Chief Minister of Regional Affairs, and the appointment of Virgolia as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs while The Earth Systems Alliance goes on a Leave of Absence.
  • Bureau of Public Affairs - Zukchiva was named Director of The Bureau of Public Affairs, and has since worked relentlessly on sculpting the new organization. On June 23, Eastern Alksearia, better known as SirShadow, was elected Forum RP Officer by Evolved RPers, making them the official Forum RP Ambassador to the Bureau. RMB RP Ambassador elections are being held as of the writing of this article.
  • Independence - Our first guarantee of independence was offered up to a founderless UCR with close relations with TEP and a promising future, however it was refused by their leadership.
  • Goals + Staffers - On June 17, Libertanny officially requested that all Ministers write up a list of Monthly Targets and keep an updated list of Staffers. This is still a work in progress for some Ministries.
  • Chronicler - Vanzeria was appointed Chronicler on June 17, and has proved to be a valuable addition to the Cabinet.
  • New Executive Application - Chief Minister of Regional Affairs Sakana reached out to Ministers on in regards to updating the Executive Branch Application with new descriptions and contacts, with changes to account for the Cabinet changes.
  • Festival of Tranquil Suns - On June 22, Libertanny opened the Festival of the Tranquil Suns, a festival that had been being planned for quite some time, with a speech written by Vanzeria and Aivintis.
  • Trello - Trello.com was adopted on June 22 as a new platform used by Cabinet as a place for various forms of task management. It has seen extensive use already by most of Cabinet.
  • Consortium - On June 23, the Consortium, which had been discussed before amongst TEPers and other regions, began development. Since, multiple regions have taken part in discussions and debates on various aspects of the Consortium.
  • New Festival - On June 24, Libertanny approved the planning of a new Festival with recent consulate Grace of Gaia.
  • WA Development / Cabinet VC - On June 25, practically the entirety of Cabinet gathered in Voice Chat to discuss the WA Development Program. In this chat, an agenda was followed and ideas were put out and discussed, making great progress for the WA Development Program. The next VC has already been scheduled for early July.
  • Foreign Affairs - Under the leadership of Acting Minister Virgolia, the Chief Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened up a consulate with India, as well as reviewing all current consulates upon Libertanny's request and requesting aid in the delegate transition from a number of our allies. Talks have not yet begun with Thaecia regarding a treaty.

So in this short time, some of Libertanny's campaign goals have already been fulfilled and other achievements have been made, heralding a bright term for Delegate Libertanny. I, for one, look forward to next month's achievements, and the months after that. Hail Pacificus Orientalem.

An Honest Interview with a Parrot: A Talk with Libertanny
By Zukchiva

Zukchiva: Hey Lib, thanks for giving me the chance to interview you! I'm sure a lot of people have questions on what you plan to do in the next few months as Delegate, especially now that you've spent two weeks in office.

My first question (to ease into this interview), is simply how have the past two weeks as Delegate gone for you so far? Have you already come across strong obstacles and have you made substantial progress on your campaign goals in this short time?

Libertanny: Hello Zukchiva,

Well. When Marrabuk said, that being Delegate is basically having a second job, I didn't fully believe him. I was a Vice-Delegate for some period, and I was thinking on how is that supposed to be that different from being Delegate. But it is. It is very different. You can go to sleep and wake up with 20 pings and 10 DMs, alongside forum and in-game notifications. So in between of working full-time, being freelancer / setting up own websites related company and spending weekends away from home, I'm also doing my best to be the Delegate of the East. I hope I'm not doing that bad, but it's up to Citizens. But that's just a typical me, and you seem to know it the best :p

Speaking of what I have achieved (looks into his own campaign). We started creating Bureau of Public Affairs, we already have its leader (Zukchiva) and Forum RP Officer (SirShadow). RMB RP Officer elections are currently happening and I have contacted TEAPOT to have its representative in BoPA / Cabinet too. I have instituted McStooley as Vice Delegate of the East. We kind of changed idea for Organization, and we decided to use Trello, which is an awesome tool to organize Cabinet's tasks. I have nominated ROs. Ministry of WA Affairs has become and independent body (as in, not a part of Regional Affairs). We've had an awesome VC with most of Cabinet attending, during which we talked WA Development Program and prepared business plan for it. We have also began working on Consortium (having already 5 regions + TEP being interested in idea and server being created). We've also already scored a failure - the guarantee of independence of one of regions was denied by them.

Zukchiva: Thats... actually extremely impressive @_@

So that's one thing that caught my eye in all that is the WA Development Program! Many people would say that TEP is a bit behind on the World Assembly game, with GCRs such as TNP, TSP, and Balder having WA programs.

If possible, is there any special unique feature you plan to put into TEP's WA Program, which our fellow GCRs have not added within theirs?

Libertanny: I wouldn't say so. The East Pacific doesn't have its own resources to have a Development Program, so we are really relying on r3n from The North Pacific here. We're basically making a copy of TNP's program. What we are adding, however, is membership in EPSA as part of WADP. In order to encourage people to participate in EPSA without them feeling like losing cool badges from WADP, we will be adding EPSA related categories. Thanks to Evri, we now also have an autoupdating dispatch, that pings WA Residents not endorsing me once a day (if I'm not wrong).

Zukchiva: Well, for better or worse, having a World Assembly Development Program is gonna make our region stronger, that's for sure.

One important campaign promise you made is that you are willing to form a treaty with the region of Thaecia. How is the progress on that? If you haven't started negotiations, when do you plan too?

Libertanny: We haven't began talks yet, as we are pretty busy, as in, both regions are. Thaecia's just gone through elections and we started so many tasks at once. So I would say, as soon as situation gets calmer for both regions, we will start treaty talks with Thaecia. Hard to say when, excatly. But in less than a month, I hope.

Zukchiva: Mhm. Interesting!

One thing you've always been interested in is Magisterium activity as you've been a Magister for a long time before becoming Delegate, and in many other regions the crafting of legislation plays a big part in the executive leader's role.As Delegate, do you see yourself pushing for any specific piece of legislation, or general changes to our current law?

Libertanny: I don't think we should determine this per me serving our region as Delegate now. I have always been into Magisterium and I have always been more or less active there, even as non-Magister. And I do intend to be active, when some things calm down and I have more time. I do not support anything specific law as of now, but I am in general support of (1) making laws less complicated, (2) making laws shorter and more universal (i.e. no refenreces to Concordat or other Acts, unless totally necessary) and generally (3) laws to boost security and (4) laws to boost democracy.

Zukchiva: All of those are very strong goals regarding our legislation. o-o

Now to take a small shift in direction: what do you think has been the greatest challenge (insofar) as Delegate that you have dealt with in these last two weeks, if any?

Libertanny: Frankly. VC has been the biggest achievement imho. I havent seen such activity in Cabinet yet. And we managed to prepare a rather detailed idea for WADP during 90 mins. So it seems like something so simple, but yet so efficient and fruitful.

Zukchiva: The Voice chat was pretty cool, ngl! I especially liked the fun we had in it.

So, another question I have is, why did you decide to stick with the masonry theme and why did you make it a large part of your campaign? Many other Delegates in TEP have experimented with TEP's theme, why not you?

Libertanny: It is a very simple question and a very simple answer. Keeping masonic theme is remembering about past heroes of our region, that server under the Compass. We also remember about Loop, who is more or less the Father of current East. This also seems to be simply "our" Eastern theme. When you think about freemasonry, you think about TEP. And that's also because I'm a regionalist, so keeping traditions is kind of a part of my ideology.

And as a last note. Last time we changed theme we were couped :p

Zukchiva: Lol, yeah that's a pretty strong point ->-

Speaking of coups, it has only been eight months since the coup occurred. While TEP is pretty strong now, it may not be as security-protected in the future.

What do you think is the most largest long-term threat to TEP's security, how do you propose we solve it, and is there anything you plan to do now as Delegate to lessen said threat in the future?

Libertanny: Oh the solution is pretty simple. We need to stop making overly complicated laws and make them all more universal. What killed us the most were so many non-updated or overly complicated laws. Coupers didnt care and were doing their thing, whilst we were debating in Conclave and Magisterium things like "is stopping a coup legal?".

I dont have a direct solution, as I dont see a direct threat. We can never know what is gonna happen tommorrow. But having simple, universaland understandable laws is probably the main self-defence mechanism.

Zukchiva: Hm, that's quite a unique take. But, it does make sense.

This next question is a bit different from the others.

The Vice-Delegacy was a new position created by Delegate Marrabuk, in which you served for around a few months. Do you think that your tenure as Vice-Delegate has helped you acclimate into your role as Delegate? And do you think it has, in some way, prepared you for your current job, and if so, how?

Libertanny: Well. It for sure did help me prepare for Delegacy. But I wouldn't say it played an important role. It's role would be just equal to being Minister of Info in past, or MoFA or Magister. Delegacy is being fluent in or at least similar with a lot of spheres of GP. So that was a nice addition, but I don't think it prepared me for being Delegate more than any role I had before. What was awesome about being Vice-Delegate is that, you had more freedom in doing things, than when you were a Minister. So that for sure boosted my GP activity even more.

Zukchiva: And it seems I'm running out of questions, and we've both got places to be. So, it's time to conclude this interesting interview!

But on a last note, as is custom, do you have a general message you want to share with EPNS's readers?

Libertanny: Pax Fruits are a cheap replacement for Italian pasta. Gooses taste the best grilled.

Besides that. I think not.

Zukchiva: Well Lib, this has been a fine interview, besides the threat on my species and way of life O_O

Thank you for having me, and allowing me to bombard you with my questions!

By Atlae

Atlae: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your delegacy and why did you choose that number?

Marrabuk: 7. I chose that number because even though I felt like I have done well, there are always room for improvement and always more things to accomplish. As a matter of fact, I didn't even manage to complete the consortium project.

Atlae: Is The East Pacific better now than it was before Fedele?

Marrabuk: Personally, I believe so, yes. The region is more stable and unified. There are bound to have disagreements like all families do. But at the end of the day, we will die for one another.

Atlae: What was the best thing that happened during your administration?

Marrabuk: To be honest, there's too many to list. For starters, loyal TEPers banding together to help fight against the coupers was and will continue to be one of my fondest memories of our great united region.

Atlae: What was the worst thing that happened during your administration?

Marrabuk: There were a few notable ones. For instance, the whole AMOM being appointed as Senior Commander of EPSA and releasing an official statement has caused such a huge uproar amongst our allies and potential allies. We could've definitely handled that better, but I still believe we managed it well enough given the cards that were handed to us.

Atlae:Marrabuk: We have a treaty with every single GCR except Lazarus. A treaty with strong UCRs such as XKI and Europeia, building stronger relations with many stable and upcoming UCRs like Thaecia, for instance. So I say, we're pretty strong in the interregional stage

Atlae: What do you think is the general direction and outlook for the future of TEP?

Marrabuk: Reforms internall post coup has been tremendous. Activity has went up tenfold and the unity of the region is now unparalleled. Keeping our region's activity high, unifying our region further and strengthening our influence in the interregional stage via the consortium is the direction I feel our region need to continue.

Atlae: What obstacles will Libertanny have to overcome in order to be a successful Delegate?

Marrabuk: Libertanny has a tendency to work and focus on too many things at once. Personally, I believe Lib's biggest obstacle to prioritizing and recognizing what needs to be worked on first and be able to complete it before moving on to the next project.

Atlae: How will you stay involved in The East Pacific now that your term has ended?

Marrabuk: I have recently just been confirmed as a Vizier and have also been nominated for forum Global moderator role. I am still an advisor to the cabinet and my DMs are always open if Lib or fellow TEPers need advice and guidance.

Atlae: As of now, you have around 100 endorsements from the nearest Vizier, Zukchiva, as well as a boatload of influence. Will you repeat the decisions of your predecessor?

Marrabuk: Not sure, I understand this. What decisions did my predecessors do?

Atlae: What did your immediate predecessor do when he was leaving office :p

Marrabuk: Coup? Yes, definitely and I am certainly planning to coup. Thanks for asking.

Atlae: Thank you for letting us interview and thank you for the service to our region.

By Evrigenis


How did the tea come to be?

On the 6th of June, the Vizier and Arbiter Goose Zukchiva fielded the idea to make the Association official. They then promptly wrote the first draft of what was to become the Charter. This spurred on many questions about what the foundling organization was to look like: Would it be part of the government or independent? How should leadership be structured? While the legislative debate was developing, another important question was asked: What should it be named? Feu de Glace, also known as Sakana, CAME UP with the current name to hearty approval. Rateafication on the 13th was unanimous. Thus, The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders was born.

Who serves the communitea?

In the wake of the Delegate election, the cards community held its own tea party leadership contest. Nominations were plenteaful; however, the election boiled down to former Overseeing Officer of EPSA, current Minister of Regional Affairs, Feu de Glace/Sakana and Deputy MoIC and cards enthusiast Evrigenis/y0. The campaigns focused on who the Steward should be and how the Association would strengthen TEP, respectively. Both campaigns were well received, and on the first day after votingHow tea get started?RMB RP Spotlight: A Civil War
By Osterreich und Ungarn

By Art



The second thing is that Urth has a very well-built world. Many established nations like Great Morstaybishlia, Asendavia, and Norgsveldet have very detailed wikis in TEPwiki, with details ranging from bios of the current presidents, to how a person from that nation speaks, to even the daily common routines from a person from that nation. One great example of this intricate world-building can be found in Great Morstayishlia's Wiki pageDiscord.

The Megathread uprising of 2020
By La xinga

On the night of Sunday, Jun 21, 2020, Administrator and Senior Game Mod Reploid Productions locked the Right-wing Discussion Thread and the Left-wing Discussion thread, places which were meant for you to discuss about, well, left-wing politics and right wing politics! The mod's reasoning for the lock can be found here.

United muscovite nations was the first nation to post. UMN was a person who posted on the 4 and a half year old threads frequently. He even put in his forum sig: "Grumpy Grandpa of the LWDT and RWDT".
To quote UMN himself:

"Congrats on [REDACTED] over a huge portion of the user base. Think I'm gonna head off the site for good, since LWDT and RWDT were the only halfway decent things to do on this site. Go ahead and deat me so I don't have a reason to come back."

Once he realized the mods were not deleting him, he spammed and flamed his way into deletion. UMN was warned for spamming, didn't care, got a three-day ban for flaming, posted against it, and finally got the DEAT.

The first FOUR posts were different posters attacking the mods for their actions. People demanded that the mods say how they got to this decision, and also claimed GHRs don't work. People questioned: "What happens if a mod breaks a rule? Can't they just delete the GHR? Oh, admins answer them? What happens if Admins break the rule?"

Conspiracy theories ran rampant: Did the mods have some biased thing that no one knows about? The Archregimancy insisted that was not the case, yet, sadly, no one listened to Arch. People also claimed the mods didn't want people to chat, and one nation claiming that "the mods took smaller threads and merged them into bigger threads, and now they're getting rid of the big threads?

Two nations decided that since there was no more RWDT or LWDT, they'll create a less broad new one. Nouveau Quebecois created the Authoritarian Right Discussion Thread I, while South Odreria 2 created the Authoritarian Left Discussion Thread IThe Enemy of the People
By Inquisitive Examinations

(Editor's Note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent the view of the Eastern Pacific News Service as a whole.[/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr]

The East Pacific News Service
July 31, 2020

Mindful Horizons: The University Reimagined
By Wonderess (Castle Federation)

https://discord.gg/SFfHssKWonderess (Castle Federation)
Chancellor of the University

TEP RMB: A Fantastic Place to Be
By Zukchiva

Rewarding TEP
By y0​ (Evrigenis)

here are some pages that may helpLibertannyThe World Assembly Development Program of TEP0​

By TechTag (Technocratic Tagalog)

Volinovia, Valsora by MerlovichTechTag: Volinovia: Hello! Doing fine here, thank you though. And yes I do know why you are here in the middle of night barging in at my big mansion is totally not creepy.

TechTag: Okay, okay I am sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep. I will only ask a few questions about the RMB RPs then I will leave you alone. Is that okay?

Volinovia: Fine then. Ask.

TechTag: So, what do you think about Valsora?

Volinovia:TechTag: Okay okay, what do you think about Merlovich and Valsoran roleplayers? Instead?

Volinovia:TechTag:Volinovia:TechTag:TechTag: Merlovich:TechTag:Merlovich: About Windsor? Hm sure, go ahead!

TechTag: Okay then if you say so, first question -- so, what do you think about Windsor?

Merlovich: I think Windsor is great, it's always interesting to look at other maps as a map owner myself. I like Windsor both as a conventional map, and admire the loyalty it's members show to it. Despite it's quieter nature recently, Windsor still has a great load of potential, and I'm eager to see where it goes.

TechTag: What a wonderful answer: very nice, next question! What do you think about Volinovia and Windsorian roleplayers instead?

Merlovich: I don't know a huge amount about individual roleplayers on Windsor, but I know that they're quite strongly tied with the map, and they enjoy it. As for Volinovia, that only goes to show how much he cares for the map, and how well he's done at running it.

TechTag: *is jungshooked*Merlovich: I've heard from a lot of people that Windsor is either being run better or is overtaking or has 'overtaken' Valsora as the RMB's main RP map. I've seen a lot of people place Windsor and Valsora as direct rivals, which I'm not a fan of, and neither is Voli. Both these maps can work and live in peace with one another, and they've done so recently quite well. I dispute the claim that Valsora is any lesser than Windsor, while I admire the work that Voli has put into Windsor, and am impressed with its longevity, I'm still confident that Valsora is the main map for RMB RP. Valsora goes through ups and downs, it always has and the cycle continues no different, sometimes there just needs to be a spark to keep the RMB alive and running smoothly. Valsora is still going strong and will continue to do so. I love this map and have the utmost faith in it's continued success as TEP's main RMB map.

TechTag: What a long answer, anyways thank you so much for your time and such, I hope you have a good day mate!


By Art (Sokala)

1. How long have you been in NationStates?2. How long have you been in The East Pacific?

I started in TEP So lol! Same day as my nation founded above!

3. What was the first RP that you joined? What made you join that RP?

Windsor, I was pretty much got interested with it as I talked with some RMB Persons that are included in the map which are; Azureano, Volinovia, and Distro-Spartica.

4. Are there any other RPs you are part of? What are those RPs?

Yep! I am also a Part of Valsora, My own map, Courisla, and now the forum rp, Urth! And some Roblox RPs

5. What are you RPing as in those RPs respectively?6. Prior to NationStates, did you have any other experiences in roleplay?8. With Volinovia moving on from Windsor, what are your future plans for it?9. You recently joined the Urth RP of TEP. Any thoughts on why you joined Urth?

I am a man of curiosity. I like to check out things when I have extra time and have nothing to do, I saw the server invite in the main discord server and joined, There are a lot of supportive people there like Sammy (New Leganes) and Dylan(Staynes) which really urged me to join Urth and here we are now, me having a fun time on Urth as well.

10. There are talks about you rebooting Courisla. Any comments on this?

Courisla just went from active to super dead when I lost my charger for 2-3 weeks, I started it as a joke as I am trying to hone my cartography skills without using a premade map by a generator and tried it. It turned at least pretty decent and joked about it on the server then, yeah some people do want the reboot. Who knows? Maybe in the near future if someone is still interested.

Looking through the Stained Glass Windows
By Inquisitive Examinations

LibertannyWindows Defender

Windows Defender Flag

Ultimately what was the Windows Defender theme and why did it take place? The earliest mention of Windows Defender seemed to take place a day previous, when Libertanny joked that The East Pacific was turning defender, shorty before complaining about setting up Windows 10. A connection between these two topics were soon made, with the Windows Defender joke being born.


true representation of feedback, because looking at the comment sections is always a valid method to gauging opinion. You get some less than stellar reviews.

Clearly, Libertanny was paid to do this. Like all the Raid: Shadow Legends commercials, only money could have convinced him to post something as unfunny and meme-worthy as Windows Defender. This thus implies that some higher power has paid off Libertanny to be unfunny. Could it be the Rahls, whose presence has similarly plagued TEP and NSGP with rumors for years? The Illuminati, like we at Inquisitive Examinations illuminated in a previous article?



As taken from WeeKeePeeDeeA
true people of NationStates. The East Pacific will call it leaking. Wenohere. Your donation would be greatly appreciated.[/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr]
The East Pacific News Service

August 31, 2020​

An Analysis of the Rejected Time's Survey Rankings of The East Pacific1. CULTURE2. MILITARY PRESENCE3. STABILITYENDWORDcan be made, at the end of the day the East Pacific is still chugging along. Ultimately, that is what matters most.

The Ebil Rick-Rolling Goose of TEPTechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag: I came here to interview you for our EPNS Issue for this month! Would like you like to spare a bit of time for a few questions, please?

Zukchiva: Eh sure, why not? I have some time for it.

TechTag: Thank you very much! Okay, here is the first question. Why did you decide to be a goose? Is there any particular reason or anything that led you to be a goose? What was the reason that made you make it canon if it was accidentally mentioned by someone?

Zukchiva:TechTag: What was your first experience when you joined The East Pacific?

Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva: Yes.

TechTag: What is your opinion on TEP as a whole?

Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag: What does it feel when you ran for the delegacy and lost? Are you somewhat expecting to lose or some sort?

Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag: What do you think about the people of TEP?

Zukchiva:TechTag: Did you enjoy life here in the Nation States as one of the oldest nations?

Zukchiva: While I do enjoy life in NationStates, I do have to say that in terms of age I am a very young nation. In fact, I am what most would consider a toddler. :p

TechTag: If new nations were to join and interested in working here in TEP, what would be the best advice you can give to them?

Zukchiva:TechTag:Zukchiva:TechTag: wHaT dO thInK AbOuT mE? (ofc we would not let go a memey question cause this is Zuk peeps.)

Zukchiva:TechTag:Thaecia and the East Pacific; Friends & ComradesEPSA Mission Reports

By Catiana


Actual picture of a dark and stormy night​[/align]


Actual picture of CatBot​[/align]


The Atlae Isles

Refuge Isle






The soldiers assembled, watching Catiania apprehensively. Standing in the rain, the wind flapping the grey, dramatically frayed cloak that had suddenly appeared on his shoulders, Catiania threw his arms wide, and declared:

The Atlae Isles


Refuge Isle


After CatBot was given some catnip and some scratches behind the ears, it leaped off and liberated many regions of their vermin problem.

Calefacta Aquas Piscinae for a little while. The official report can be found here

By the next major CatBot was ready for action once more, and indeed hit so many targets that it started forgetting them.





https://www.nationstates.net/region=Konteka_People Organization








































































































































Previous mission reports may be found here.

Roleplaying with Music: UrthvisionFirst of all what is the Urthvision Songfestival?How did it come to existence?

Few years back I (Blueacia) asked on the old Skype server if people knew Eurovision and if they would join a RP when it would be on the forums. After some questions from people I knew I had to think some more about it. In november 2017 I dared to really start it and asked a few people who I talked a lot with to join. Since then we had 12 editions, the last edition just ended.

How many editions and winners are there?How many participants are in Urthvision?Anything else?N-Day 4 - A Flying Disaster

By Aga

(The Puppetmaster

By Inquisitive Examinations

(*checks notes*pride ourselves in exposing the inner doings of the elite and the corrupt and the mainstream media. We strongly advocate for national sovereignty and we will not

[size=xx-large][size=xx-large]The East Pacific News Service[/size][/size]
October 3, 2020

Thermonuclear War Occurs, AA Victorious
By Tretrid

That time of year was coming up again. Specifically, the time when thousands of nations would obliterate each other in thermonuclear warfare.

A lot of regions were preparing for it beforehand. However, things were a bit different this time around. The old feeder alliance, UPPERCUT, was no more, and the feeders went their own separate ways.

The North Pacific and the South Pacific joined up with the Potato Alliance, which also included most of the regions of Canopy from the previous N-Day. In full, the Potato Alliance had the North Pacific, the South Pacific, the Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Forest, Spiritus, Europe, The Leftest Assembly, The Union of Democratic States, International Democratic Union, Yggdrasil, Autropolis, Sonindia, The Hold to Hide In, New West Indies, Warzone Asia, Warzone Sandbox, India, European Union, Union of Democrats, Democratic Socialist Assembly, 00000 A World Power, The Communist Bloc, Big Farma, and South Pacific.

Meanwhile, the Pacific, the West Pacific, Balder, and United Kingdom joined together to form CRAB, or Crustaceans Repelling Atomic Bombardment. And as for the sinkers? Osiris, Lazarus, The Black Hawks, Refugia, Lone Wolves United, Caer Sidi, Thalassia, Europeia, and Social Technocratic Union formed the faction Ba Sing Se.

Where does that leave the East Pacific? They approached the other regions of the Consortium (a bloc of sorts with a few UCRs) to form a faction, and they agreed. Several other UCRs joined this faction, and then we have ATOMIC, or Alliance To Obliterate Many Inferior Contenders. They consisted of 21st Century Rome, Force, the Iwakusphere (The Glorious Nations of Iwaku and Eientei Gensokyo), The Labyrinth, Loranium, Lorania, Southfield, Phoenix Partners, Thaecia, The Democatic Republic, The East Pacific, The Free Nations Region, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Wintercrest, and Wintreath.

Meanwhile, the Augustin Alliance, consisting of Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, Lands End, and Ridgefield, as well as Anteria, Karma, Hartfelden, The United Ascendancy, The Great Experiment, Krasnaya, Scotia, Hive, The Global Democratic Union, URA, and Southern Africa, was back. Having traditionally done well in N-Day (with the exception of N-Day 3), they were once again looking to do very well in the coming nuclear armageddon.

The reigning champions, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, had returned. Like last time, they included Hell, Underworld, Glass Gallows, Middle Earth, Hippy Haven, Citadel of Ricks, The Order of the Grey Wardens, and Lily. The involvement of TGW and Lily is notable here, as it was the sheer amount of puppets wielded by the two R/D orgs that propelled the Horsemen to victory in the previous N-Day.

And so N-Day started, on 6 AM UTC, September 26. Well, it started on 6 AM, instead of the more usual 9 PM, because of an error made by [violet]. This lead to concerns that N-Day would coincide with Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism.

The large factions initially focused on taking out smaller factions to get some easy points. For example, ATOMIC completely obliterated the Layem Defense Coalition.

After some rather easy victories for each of the large factions, they then proceeded to attack each other. By around 8 AM UTC, the Horsemen started attacking the Potato Alliance with several ten thousands of nukes. The attack, though in part dampened by the amount of shields Potato had stockpiled, was devastating, and sent the Potatoes into a rather deep negative score.

With Potato out of the way, ATOMIC was next. The Horsemen once again attacked with thousands of nukes. ATOMIC was able to weather the initial wave of nukes, but eventually ran out of shields, and was irradiated with around 50k Radiation.

ATOMIC briefly attempted to do guerrilla warfare, much like what Potato was doing now. However, they gave up, and eventually decided to merge with a faction. After considering merging with Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance, they decided to merge with Augustin Alliance.

Potato never really gave up, even if their region was very devastated. And their determination paid off for them in the end. Meanwhile, the Horsemen were set on all sides by several very large factions. They were outnumbered, and their main hope was taking out the other factions early. But eventually they ran out of shields, and the onslaught of the other factions caused them to plummet to the bottom of the leaderboard. Potato had also managed to get a positive score again, and was quickly rising up. Their comeback was massive, going from several tens of thousand points below to about 285K points by the end of the event.

While all this chaos was happening, Noahs Second Country founded the faction Second Best Test, which mainly included Noah himself and his card farming puppets. Another card farmer, Evrigenis, who had fought in ATOMIC and became disillusioned with the Augustin Alliance, decided to join forces with him. They did pretty well, mainly because they had other puppets create factions so they could nuke them, while trying their best to prevent the other factions from finding out and messing with what they were doing. And so, in playing N-Day in such an unconventional way, they managed to end up 6th place on the leaderboard.

The Augustin Alliance, like most of the other factions, were focusing on Horsemen. After the Horsemen were defeated, they eventually got into a fight with CRAB, despite both factions supposedly having Non-Aggression Pacts with each other. This irritated several people from ATOMIC, causing them to leave AA and rejoin the old faction. Some remnants of ATOMIC went through the effort of trying to make a comeback, and by the end, they once again had a positive score, with 1627 points and 18th place.

And so the Augustin Alliance ended in 1st place, Potato ended in 2nd place (only barely behind the AA), and Ba Sing Se ended 3rd while managing to avoid getting any sort of radiation.

Discussing Nuclear Strategy with a Parrot

By Tretrid

Libertanny is the current Delegate of The East Pacific, and was also heavily involved in the creation of ATOMIC and was part of its High Command through N-Day. He is also a parrot.

Tretrid: If I told myself from one year ago that I would be discussing thermonuclear war with a parrot, he would probably think I was on mind-altering substances. What circumstances have lead me to discuss nuclear war with a parrot?

Libertanny:swallows sunflower seeds.

Tretrid: Anyway, what led to the creation of ATOMIC as a faction?

Libertanny: Now that's a question I am capable of replying to! Well. Since Marrabuk was the Delegate, we were working on a project called The Consortium. We managed to gather quite a nice band there - The East Pacific, Free Nations Region, Force, Thaecia, Kingdom Great Britain and Iwakusphere. One day we were simply talking about cooperation and what we could do. We went through 4 of 6 member regions participating in Liberation of South Pacific and unanimous vote against Commend Altino. Our next idea was "something bigger" - and we did it. We decided to create our own faction for NDay to strengthen bond between government officials (who led ATOMIC), warm relations between our residents and simply have fun together. However, hearing about Potato, we decided to go further - we decided to reach out to our friends to create ATOMIC with us. It worked - we managed to get some regions to join and we strengthened relations with them. From top of my head - Wintercrest and The Labyrinth. But there was more. So again, ATOMIC was simply supposed to be first bigger cooperation of Consortium, and it worked much more better than we expected. We got new friends and the world heard about us.

Tretrid: Oh, since you just mentioned the Consortium, can you briefly describe what it is?

Libertanny: Indeed, I can. Consortium is a bloc for cooperation between The East Pacific and our friends. Whilst in history, some were bringing ideas to make it "momma TEP & its UCR children" that's totally not the idea I went for. Whilst it doesn't seem popular between us, GCRs, I treat UCRs equally with GCRs. And that is what we went for - a bloc made out of equal partners. Our main goal was bringing communities together, strengthening diplomatic relations and doing cultural cooperation - or simply, making friends. But with the time, it went further - like mentioned WA or R/D cooperation. Upon this, we had second meeting of High Council and Grand Founders, which was open to all Consortium Residents. We agreed to convert Consortium into something "bigger". We included technological cooperation (we have quite a nice IT team, that f.e. developed us a tool for NDay), we included voluntary R/D cooperation and we included WA cooperation, which does not require all Delegates to vote in certain way, but the decision of WA Council is shared as WA recommendation to all Consortium Residents. As of current, we are in the middle of formation of Military Council and WA Council. Our next step is legislating the founding treaty (Convention of Lausanne).

Tretrid: So what were your general plans for ATOMIC this N-Day?

Libertanny: Well. Our general plans were survival and destruction of Horsemen of Apocalypse. We were doing rather fine until second offensive of HoTA (we survived first offensive with no loses - around 15k nukes incoming). When second offensive started, we rapidly noticed, that HoTA's goal is not desruction of ATOMIC immediately, but destruction of our shields. HoTA were sending up to 1,5k nukes at one nation. So it was rather easy to notice their strategy. Upon this, we decided to do Guerilla Warfare (idea stolen from Potato), but at the end of the day, we decided to merge with Augustin Alliance. However, when AA made decision our command did not like, many ATOMIC members moved back to our faction. They managed to bring us from last place (-50k points) to 18th place. So we achieved both of our goals, at the end of the day - destruction of HoTA and rather nice "survival".

Tretrid: How did ATOMIC make decisions and choose who to attack?


Tretrid: What led ATOMIC to do its all-out attack on Horsemen?

Libertanny: Rationalism, I would say. It was known from the very beginning, that if all factions don't cooperate against HoTA, we would be all eaten by them. Although it took Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance long to notice that, they joined the fight too. And frankly, imho at least, BSS and AA were best coordinated factions. But yeah, it was really about rationalism.

Tretrid: What lead to ATOMIC deciding to merge with AA, instead of trying to make a comeback like Potato did?

Libertanny: I think there was no decisive event, that made us choose merge over guerilla warfare. We talked both, we tried to go with guerilla warfare, but we then decided that it's either destruction of ATOMIC or merging with someone else. We considered both Ba Sing Se and Augustin Aliance, but we decided to go for AA by simple vote.

Tretrid: What were the reasons that ATOMIC merged with AA specifically?

Libertanny: Well. Obviously, our first thought would have been Potato - but they rejected merge proposal before the Nday. So we did not even consider it. Speaking of Crab, I think they were somewhat neutral party, that our command had no feelings about. Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance, however, impressed us with perfect coordination and attacks they launched on Horsemen. So when it came to proposal to merge, we either considered AA or BSS. It then happened through simple vote. Although at first it was head to head vote, the time was rushing, so commanders changed their votes to AA to reach majority rapidly (which actually ended up in unanimous vote).

Tretrid: In hindsight, what would you have changed about what ATOMIC did?

Libertanny: Frankly, I don't think I would have changed anything. To me NDay was perfect. We had a chance to do something bigger with our friends - Consortium. We achieved the goal of destroying Horsemen. We all had fun. Consortium made its first IT project. To me, it was really perfect and I would not have changed anything.

Tretrid: What do you look forward to in the next N-Day?

Libertanny: Firstly, I for sure look forward to do it alongside Consortium and other regions, that created ATOMIC with us. I'm also hoping, that Crab, AA and BSS (or any other substitutes of them) will join fight against Horsemen earlier, than they did this year. But most importantly - I look forward to having as much fun as we had this year :)

TEP's Finest: The Order of the Golden Ocelot

By Pledonia

"The Order of the Golden Ocelot shall be dictated as the highest civilian award to be given within the East Pacific.

On September 23, 2020, for the first time since January 2017, the highest civilian award within the East Pacific was awarded to eight of TEP's finest individuals. The Order of the Golden Ocelot. "These eight individuals are the very shining stars of our region, they are the very beating heart of The East Pacific, and they have brought change and impact to our Region, " says Libertany, our delegate. Listed below are the eight who were awarded the Order of the Golden Ocelot.


The Atlae Isles - for revival of Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army post-coup; for developing EPSA to the stage it has not seen for years; for incredible job done within news service both before and after the coup; for service as Magister; for service as Senior Diplomat (and member of Inner Circle of FA) and help with revival of Foreign Affairs of The East Pacific post-coup; for general contribution to all of the Executive as Staffer

Dragons Blood (McStooley)


Nova-Columbia / Krionik - for tirelessly working on introducing first release of Valsora as member of RMB Mapmakers Team; for reviving the project of Valsora and developing it to the point, Valsora became mainstream RMB Roleplay; for tirelessly working as creator of second release of Valsora since 2018; for working on currently used RMB RP Rules, that brought Roleplay on RMB into a new level; for working on increasing standard of Roleplay on RMB; for creation of one of the best dispatches within The East Pacific, that inspired several other RPers

Tretrid - for bringing EPNS from the grave post-coup; for long and active contribution to news service before coup; for working on conversion of EPNS into Ministry of Information, alongside Libertanny and The Atlae Isles; for help with revival of Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army; for active membership in Inner Circle of FA as an Advisor; for service as Minister, Vizier and Magister; for tirelessly working on improving the Executive; for contribution to Forum Roleplay, and help with recruitment of new Roleplayers, and help with getting started with TEP Wiki, and for bringing new and unique ideas to the realm of Urth

Tuvaltastan (Tuva)


Congratulations to all who received this illustrious award. Hail pacificum Orientale!

Shattering Diplomacy; Roleplay's Spiciest

By Dylan


Constitutional Reforms: What's Going On???

By Zukchiva

Regional constitutions are the foundation for the vast majority of regional governments. A constitution serves as the baseline of regional law and day-to-day governance. It is no joke to say that if you want to get to know a region, you should look at their constitution. For besides dictating lawful procedures, constitutions often establish the basic themes and beliefs of a region.

It is a common practice to amend constitutions as time plunges forward and the game itself changes. New game features are added, regional social dynamics are changed, new beliefs and viewpoints are shared. A constitution is not just the baseline of a region, but a living document. No region can have a perfect constitution, so if a constitution is not kept up-to-date, then a region is sure to fail.

On February 3rd, the Magisterium passed the rewrite with a 100% majority, and was further confirmed by 100% of citizens voting in favor during the subsequent referendum. Thus, the Concordat was rewritten into a much clearer document.



In the span of a short few months following the rewrite, three Concordat amendments were passed


The first large-scale amendment proposed was a rewrite of Article F in late August. Article F guarantees the rights of citizens and residents within the East Pacific. The amendment simplifies the current Article as well as establishes new rights and procedures regarding Resident bans, in hopes of stopping future mass-scale purges of residents.

The second amendment proposed was a rewrite of Article B

The third large-scale amendment proposed was a new Article A

Interview with Altys: A Newcomer's Perspective

By Zukchiva

This interview took place on Discord from September 12th, 2020 to September 29th, 2020.

Minor edits were made to correct typos and ensure flow of the interview.

Zukchiva: Hello, Altys! Thank you for doing this interview, how are you doing?

Altys: I'm doing good & you? :p

Zukchiva: Doing alright although I wanna eat some chips soon :x

Altys: nuuu, dont

Zukchiva: :9

Zukchiva: Alright, while I grab some chips because I'm still hungry (eep), would you mind giving a brief history on your time in NationStates? Regions that impacted you, major positions you've held, that kinda thing.

Altys: Alright so

I've arrived on NS on August 2018 and didn't do anything GP-side until March/April 2019 when I joined Thaecia. I quickly became a RP Admin(due to being good at mapping) and an OOC admin on the main server(I became admin during an incident where someone who had just joined tried to spam). In Late May/Early June I became Associate Justice, in early July I became Roleplay Minister, and was at the time staff in all Thaecian ministries.

Then Rayekka's administration came and I got kicked out of most ministries, except FA where I became one of the first members of the FA Council (FA Inner Council equivalent in TEP). Nothing much happened during this term, I got re-confirmed as Roleplay Minister and stayed Associate Justice.

Fast forward to February 2020, I ran for President and lost by 15 points (15%), I however became Deputy Prime Minister (mainly an advisory role and something comparable to the Chief Minister of RA in TEP, except DPM does not legally exist) and assisted Korsinia during his first term. I stayed Roleplay Secretary (changed name in the meantime) and Associate Justice.

In May Paradoxical '2.0 happened and Serge & I were known as the AFK admins on the Minecraft server; always online, but always AFK. After the festival ended Serge spammed me to join TEP; so I did. I became a citizen, joined the executive (MoC & MoFA at the time).

I organised most of the stuff for the festival, but got really precious help from Lemonadia for the planning, and the people who volunteered to host activities. During the festival planning, Aivintis had offered me the position of DMoC in TEP, which I accepted as you all know it. On the last day of the festival, August 16th, Serge proposed to me to become TEP's new MoC as Aivintis was resigning, I wasn't sure at first, but I do not regret accepting the position at all! I really love my time in TEP.

On the same day as I was offered the Ministry of Culture, I got fired from Thaecia's FA Council (arguably the job I loved the most in the region, not directly because of the position itself, but because I really like FA). This wasn't the best of times for me, and my activity in the region simply dropped to almost nothing like before. I recently resigned as Head of Recruitment, and keep thinking of resigning as a Senator since Late August. To you this might not be important, but I also moved my WA from Thaecia to TEP on September 18th. The next day I would be reinstated as a member of the FA Council.

It's safe to say I've forgotten lots of things, and emphasized too much on the most recent ones, but these obviously are the first ones that come to mind, and 2020 really was the year where I started doing a lot of things (thanks to the lockdown as well ehe).

Zukchiva: Well, that's interesting to hear. Annnd you answered two of my next questions. XP

It seems you've done a lot in Thaecia, before becoming involved in TEP. I also did notice you moving your WA and thought it was important, but didn't think to ask. It's nice to hear about your NS story, you've done... alot!

So I think the question we have now is:

Why are you starting to do more in TEP rather than Thaecia? What brought along said change?

Altys: For now I am, but thanks to this interview I decided to relaunch my projects for Thaecia. As for what brought along the said changes, one was already explained above (August 16th) and the second simply is school.

Zukchiva: Glad to know this interview has had some impact! And glad to see that you're focusing more on real life.

Now, to turn our questions to more the abstract:

How would you describe TEP in one word? And why?

Altys: Friendly

Oh and of course - when Thaecia got in controversy with the NS community and got yelled at from all parts, TEP came in and supported us - actually trying to help Thaecia understand NS Geopolitics more, instead of simply bashing it like the others did.

Zukchiva: It's nice to hear you say that, I've always considered TEP to be a friendly region (although IG I have a bias. :p)

Now, TEP and Thaecia are different regions with different qualities. As someone who's been a part of both regions, what would be the single greatest difference between each region, and how do they differ in that respect?

Altys: Unity

In TEP it's flagrant when you join: the region's different communities are really split up. Forum RP stays on their server, RMB Peeps keep themselves to the RMB, and only the GP community seems to be a bit everywhere.

Of course if you ask them to do something on another place than their core one, they might come depending on what it is (ie game nights), but they won't do it naturally.

In Thaecia absolutely everyone is in the main server and is part of the same big community. Sometimes the Roleplay may or may not become a bit more separate, but the majority of its roleplayers are part of the bigger Thaecian community anyway.

This 'unity' thing really shocked me when I learned Thaecia had 2x 3x more voters in general elections that TEP had in Delegate elections.

Zukchiva: Yeah, I can see the truth in what you're saying. I hope that TEP can be united as Thaecia is! I feel like Marrabuk and Lib have done some work in that regard, but we definitely have some work to do in TEP. XP

So on a similar thread, what is one thing you like about TEP as a region?

Altys: It's old. :p

Being in Thaecia which is a fairly young region, long-term experience is limited to her lifespan. But with TEP being a GCR, there's a lot of old NS players who have been here for a very long time and have lots of experience in GP, which is always nice to have when you have questions.

^ Due to that, TEP is also pretty big, meaning you are less likely to be in a situation where you lack man/brainpower for a project or attendees during an event, and especially as minister of culture, it really is a comforting feeling.

Zukchiva: LOL, that's one way to put it! Yeah, TEP is old and quite large, which makes sense for a GCR.

So what is the #1 top thing do you believe TEP needs to improve on?

Altys: Unity :p

Zukchiva: Should've expected that. XP

Alright, now we're pretty much done. However, I do want to ask: would it be possible for you to share some of your future plans as Minister of Culture, assuming Libertanny wins the upcoming elections?

Altys: Oh well, first I will have to lose the Thaecian General Elections as I'm running for PM over here :p

But if I indeed stay MoC, you can expect more game nights, more permanent activities (like radio culture), and hopefully a higher culture score on The Rejected Times' GCR rankings

Zukchiva: LOL, got that reference XD

Anyways, good luck to ya in Thaecia! And yayayay game nights and radio culture are both awesome things!!! You've done a great job as MoC and I'm very sure you'll be capable as Thaecia's PM.

It was nice interviewing you, Altys! Have a great day. :p

Altys: It's not certain I am to be PM yet. 5(or more) candidates are running, and some of them (me included) are pretty strong. :p

And thanks! You too.

Zukchiva: :p[/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr]
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