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  1. moe

    Discussion The Way Forward, Pt. 2

    I wonder if we would be better served having shorter terms, maybe even just 30 days compared to 120. Yes, it would lead to more elections, but I think one of the things that personally demoralizes a lot of people is being super excited about working in a role, finding out that other members...
  2. moe

    [Archive] Diplomatic Status/Visa Applications

    Hey Sincluda, welcome!
  3. moe

    Discussion [DISCUSSION] Appointment of Aga as Speaker

    Support the nomination
  4. moe

    Discussion Motion of Removal: The Vice Delegate

    I don't think that this is an appropriate response to the issues facing our region.
  5. moe

    Discussion Motion of Removal: the Delegate

    I don't think that this is an appropriate response to the issues facing our region.
  6. moe

    Mmph mmph MMPH?

  7. moe

    Mmph mmph MMPH?

  8. moe

    Discussion Where are we going?

    Apologies all -- I've been a bit busy the last...er month or so, but going forward I will make an effort to check in more often, a few times a week, to stay updated and work on things
  9. moe

    Proposal Treaty of Hānau Hou

    I'm ready to vote
  10. moe

    Shareholder Absence List

    Nation: moezarus I will be taking a brief leave of absence as I have just moved to college post COVID and have been getting used to things again!
  11. moe

    Embassy of Balder

    Thank you for the update!
  12. moe

    PM Nomination [PMN. 27] [Passed] Confirmation of Cabinet vote

    Debussy: Aye Moe: Abstain JoWhatup: Aye Domais: Aye
  13. moe

    Proposal Confirmation of Cabinet Discussion

    I'm thrilled to be returning to one of the areas that I like best in NS -- foreign affairs. I'd also like to congratulate HEM for stepping in last term and doing a great job as well in the position. Everyone here seems like solid picks for this upcoming term.
  14. moe

    Election Special Election (August 2021)

    1. McChimp 2. JL 3. Re-open nominations
  15. moe

    McChimp's Campaign Thread (August '21)

    Do you think there is hidden value/potential in citizens who are in our region, but not on our forums? Do you feel like we haven’t been doing a good job of driving them here? And if so, how do you think we can improve on those efforts?
  16. moe

    JL for Prime Minister

    Thanks for the answer! Really appreciate the clarification
  17. moe

    JL for Prime Minister

    Ok, I'll be a little more direct here. One of the things that I thought we were on the same page on, is working on the Gazette. I don't think I'm blameless here, but after being reassured for months that there were things going on in the works, and that these articles were on track and being...