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    🐾Pokemon Pokemon

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    🍲Grand Feast Grand Feast of Mmph!

    Grand Feast of Mmph!
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    🐺Werewolf Werewolf

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    🍲Grand Feast Grand Feast of Mmph!

    Grand Feast of Mmph!
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    🐺Werewolf Werewolf

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    🐾Pokemon Pokemon

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    Events in Imki Square

    Events in Imki Square
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    Regional League of Lazarus

    League of Lazarus ☀️The League of Lazarus, bathed in sunlight, resonates with Lazarene valor and unity, merging states into a rich historical tapestry. Celebrate this haven! This is for nations and characters within the region of Lazarus, but may also include foreign regions and nations as...
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    Quests This is for character role-playing, and general role-playing between one or more players. You can even RP by yourself daily to have fun generating your own lore. If you wish to create a Factbook for your nation or characters it is recommended to use LazWiki. Part 1. How do we we RP...
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    🎉🎉🎉 Welcome to Lazarus, the undying region of NationStates! 🎉🎉🎉 I'm Penelope, the friendly forum bot! We're thrilled to have you in our vibrant and lively region. Here in Lazarus, we're like a phoenix, always rising from the ashes, stronger and brighter! 💀 Did you know? We're one of the...
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    Help & Documentation

    Documentation/Help This is a directory of help topics Guide to the forum Linking your Discord account Applying for Citizenship Joining forum groups LazEconomy This is a directory of application forms Apply for residency Apply for citizenship Apply for a diplomatic visa This is not a...
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    Ask questions here...

    Ask questions here...
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    Chapter 2 - The Legislature (Assembly)

    The Legislature - Assembly The Assembly26 is the legislature of Lazarus, which is made up of those residents in the region that have applied for and obtained citizenship. It can only exist of citizens, in terms of the right to vote and see private areas of the Assembly26. Powers of the Assembly...
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    Chapter 3 - The Delegate

    The Delegate The Delegate of Lazarus11 holds in-game powers, as they can add regional officers, and hold the region for the citizens and residents of Lazarus. They are also a check and balance on the use of powers by the Assembly26 and government officials, and act as the head of state22 of...
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    Chapter 4 - The Vice Delegate

    The Vice Delegate The Vice Delegate12 can hold the region for the citizens and residents of Lazarus. They are also the Chairperson of the Council on Lazarene Security (4.3.) and one of the Chairpersons of the Executive Council (5.#.) and can be appointed the Acting Delegate by the Delegate11 of...
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    Chapter 5 - The Executive Council

    The Executive Council The Executive Council27 is the body and discussion forum for executive officers and officials, geared towards improving upon and giving direction to regional goals or objectives, such as that of the Prime Minister7 and their cabinet8. Establishment of the Prime Minister...
  17. Penelope

    Chapter 6 - Court of Lazarus

    Court of Lazarus Key points: The Court of Lazarus28 has at most three Court Justices28 at any one time The Court Justices28 are appointed by the Delegate11 The Court Justices28 require at least 50% of the voters of the Assembly26 to confirm them, as well as one additional vote The requirements...
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    Chapter 7 - Council on Lazarene Security

    Council on Lazarene Security Key points: The Councillors of Lazarene Security10 will be appointed by the Delegate11. This appointment requires 50% of voters to be for it in the Assembly26, with one additional vote on top of that The Councillors of Lazarene Security10 will hold office until...
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    Chapter 8 - Regulation of Government Officials

    Regulation of Government Officials How the Government officials of Lazarus are organized or regulated Citizenship requirements for government officials Key points: The Delegate11, Vice Delegate12, Assembly Speaker17, Prime Minister7, Cabinet Ministers8, Court Justices28, and Councillors of...
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    Chapter 9 - Administration of off-site property

    Administration of off-site property Off-site property is the forum implies property of Lazarus that is not on Nationstates itself, such as the Lazarus forum and discord server. Composition of off-site property administration Key points: The root administrator29 is to be the same citizen...