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  1. Roavin

    Removing "Shall" from Lazarus.

    RFC 2119, which defines these words for the documents that specify the things that run the internet, sees "MUST" and "SHALL" as synonyms for its purposes. I tend to refer to these definition when writing something, be it a law for a region or IRL in my field of work (software development).
  2. Roavin

    Treaty of Connacht

    The treaty text looks good and there's nothing problematic with CS. They take the more unaligned/independent FA approach vs. our neutral approach, but that shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Roavin

    Recognizing Hate Speech

    I don't have anything to add except what was already eloquently said. Also against. But I do have to address this one thing: This is a bad faith argument. What McChimp and others are saying is that there is a different route to deal with it. You're portraying it as them being fine with hate...
  4. Roavin

    Appointment: Roavin as Regional Guard Director

    Thanks for the questions! Oof. Hard to say. I tend to mix and match things to be inspired by rather than taking it wholesale from one individual. Pretty much as it is now, but with a better Guard. We're in a very good spot. Lazarus has all the elements of a democracy, as it has had before...
  5. Roavin

    Appointment: Roavin as Regional Guard Director

    Ohai! I don't have a campaign or a speech written, so I'll just braindump the basics as they come to me. Military Experience: jo already summarized it pretty well. I started military gameplay about 4 years ago, and have done pretty much anything from raiding to defending to griefing, to being...
  6. Roavin

    Recall Killer Kitty from the CLS

    I'd say give it a few more moments. Given the global pandemic and KK's RL occupation, it may be a temporary thing out of his control.
  7. Roavin

    Removal of Restrictions for Judicial Appointments

    The way TSP does it is that the Chief Justice is firewalled, but the other justices aren't. I feel like that'd be a model that could work well here, though I'd be supportive of this change as-is as well.
  8. Roavin

    Discussion [Discussion] Diplomatic issues

    NPO also signed with Balder now.