Opening Address - January 2023


Resident Attaché (15%)
Areopagite (Justice)


Jul 23, 2018

I can’t say I’m very good at this whole speech thing. I’m much better in a more casual setting and tend to be terse, yet here we are. Before I get into the stuff I know you’re all really here for, I want to take some time to close the last chapter.

Some of you may be surprised to know that was really my first time in the big arena so to speak. I’d done FA jobs elsewhere in the past, but the stakes were never so high, and never are so high, as they are in the North Pacific. I’d like to think I did well by the region in my service there, just as I’d like to think I’ll do well by my service here. I know that the skills and relationships I’ve built over the last sixteen months at the high table will only help me. One of our points of pride as the North Pacific ought to be this: even if our leaders are only on the big stage for a year or two, they show up when the world needs them and they’re prepared. I hope to be the continued embodiment of that tradition.

I also have a few thank yous to distribute even now. To Ghost, my predecessor, you’ve been a wonderful friend and an even better example of what true leadership can look like. If I’m even half the leader Ghost is at his very best, I am very confident for the term to come. To my competitor at the elections, Vivanco, you may not have the result you might have wanted, but chin up. Merely having competition is wonderful and shows the strength of our democracy that everyone will be held to account. And of course lastly, I’m going to say thank you to the awesome individuals who agreed to be in my Cabinet. Believe it or not, I had them write the bulk of my platform. The overarching agendas were my doing but the specific policy points can only be credited to them. And to their credit, they did splendidly.

Now, for the real stars of the show, my Cabinet. [Dispensing with the usual way we do this, I would simply encourage them to see the notification here and immediately go to take their oath.]

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Wymondham
What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about Wym? Y’all, he’s very special. He’s smart, he’s kind, and he’s a wonderful example of what this region can be and can do at its very best even if he didn’t get his start here. In the crucial months ahead, I know Wym will provide me with his sage advice and almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game and continue the FA trajectory (for the most part) we’re on.

Minister of Home Affairs - Caius
Of all the appointments from Ghost’s Cabinet, I must say that Caius both surprised me the most and pleased me the most. He did a wonderful job at Home Affairs last term and even if we start tailoring things to look a little different than they have in the past, I am confident in his ability to continue to rise to the occasion as he has in the past.

Minister of Culture + Lead Gameside Advocate - Fili
Fili is a relative newcomer to the Culture Ministry. In fact, he’s the only person on this list who was not either already a Minister or a Deputy Minister, but he has shown wonderful skill already in serving as Lead Gameside Advocate. Will his role look different this term? Yes. Do I think Fili will revitalize our Culture and help show why I’m making the choice to have Culture and Gameside together? Absolutely,

Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Fregerson
Freg has done excellent work in the WA Affairs Ministry this past term, making sure that the metaphorical trains ran on time. There are changes afoot in WA, but I feel positive that under Freg’s astute tutelage we will see a return to form.

Minister of Cards - Rewan Demontay
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Rewan has served the region well as Minister of Cards and comes into his third term still with gobs of potential. I am excited to see where the continued Season 3 mania goes and where Rewan’s leadership can take this Ministry. I hope we go from a Ministry on the brink to one which has fully and sensationally made itself an indispensable core part of Government.

Minister of Legal Affairs - Pallaith
This job is effectively an advisory one with the tenor of a Ministry. Ghost will immediately get to work helping the Government fulfill its legislative agenda and help us identify areas where the Government can help improve our Legal Code. I have full faith in Ghost to keep on, keeping on, even if his role is less than it has been this past term.

Now there is one Ministry you don’t see here, the Ministry of Defense. Is it without a leader? [strike]Am I violating the Constitution?[/strike] No. For the time being, ROM will continue his excellent work in leading the Ministry. I do have a pick for Minister of Defense but their work elsewhere renders them incapable of taking the position for about ten more days. When they are finally able to step into the role, I will make the announcement formally stating who they are. And trust me, I believe you all will be as excited for them as I am about them.

Lastly for this opening address, I have a few policy notes that I want to immediately address. Changes to Delegate Directives 4 and 5 will emerge today. These changes will do the following: reorder the precedence in Cabinet and reorder the list of Chair of the Executive Council in mine and Gorundu’s absence (should such occur) and, among other things, formally abolish the one organization policy—starting today, members of other armies (save for armies of sanctioned regions) may join the North Pacific Army. There will be other changes to DD5 especially, but these are yet to be finalized.

Now, I will leave you all with a parting thought. The next four months promise to be among the greatest challenges this region has ever faced, potentially even the greatest challenge it has faced in a decade. I cannot promise that every moment will be easy or that every decision we make will appear to be the right one at the time. But I can promise that we will fight for the North Pacific both at home and abroad and that the metaphorical light of Polaris will guide us.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, or comment, please feel free to reach out via TG or Discord DM @AsquithsAngels#1924.

With hope,