TRR Foreign Update XXXVI


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Aug 2, 2018
Al Eizariya

* World Assembly Delegate: Minskiev *
* Outreach Officer: Thepeopl * Culture Officer: Dakota *
* Foreign Affairs Officer: Catalyse * WA Affairs Officer: Ereh *​

Meet the Delegate - Interviewing the Walrus


Delegate Minskiev "Walrus" Tuskerson addresses Rejects live on radio.

Fresh Delegate elections, brought upon by the early resignation of Nakari, saw friendly neighbourhood walrus and outgoing WA Officer Minskiev, outgoing Speaker and veteran TRR politician Dyl, and perennial candidate Crazy Girl, pitted against each other, competing for the hearts and first preference votes of their constituents. After a hectic final hour of voting Minskiev prevailed on March 30, being elected in the first round with 21 preference votes against Dyl's 19.

On the announcement of the results the walrus's battle chant "Goo goo g'joob! Goo goo g'joob!" could be heard coming from his campaign HQ. In order to ask some soft-hitting questions we travelled to the Delegate's official residence to interview the new ruler of The Rejected Realms just as he was settling into his new office, and were warmly greeted by his tusks.

Interviewer: Let's start with the easy questions. Let's go right to the beggining. When did you join NS and what interested you in it?

Minskiev: I joined NS because I was going through my edgy political phase :^) and watched Drew Durnil. Then he made a video on NS and, eager to spread my naivety, I joined. I chose Minskiev because (again, edgy political phase) I was browsing r/vexillology and found a Kievan Rus flag I liked just before discovering NS.

Interviewer: Where were you before joining TRR and how did you join? :^)

Minskiev: Before joining TRR, I was an XKI RMBer. And a dumb one at that. The details of my ban are foggy, but I think I used bold a lot, got an RMB ban for it, then broke that. So I was sent to TRR. Oops.

Interviewer: And where do you think your path would have taken you had you not been ejected into TRR? Would you have grown bored from NS otherwise? Minskiev: I'm not sure if I would've been bored of NS, but I don't think I'd play the same way or have the same ideals. I would likely still have been interested in cards or the WA, but a lot of regions have different regional images that shape the IC characters of those that participate in those regions. I might've remained in XKI, I might've moved out of TRR and gone to a different region, who knows.

Interviewer: A real rags to riches story. Or eject to delegate? Anyway, before we get sidetracked by awful puns. Do you think of being ejected as an embarresement or just another stepping stone on your NS journey?

Minskiev: Who cares if I was ejected. I like TRR more than I liked being an XKI RMBer. Definitely a stepping stone.

Interviewer: Nonetheless, plenty of ejectees never make the jump you made into the offsite community, or even government at that, so what made you stay in TRR after being ejected? Is there anything special about the community or region that kept, and continues to keep, you here?

Minskiev: I don't know, I liked the RMB and I didn't see much point in leaving. Then I got discord, and I don't think I would've left after that. I really like the community ^-^

Interviewer: I'm glad we have you with us. On to your delegacy, what are you looking most forward to in your term?

Minskiev: I'm looking forward to cultivating TRR's culture with Diplomacy games and Popmaster, rejuvenating our FA in an turbulent international stage, and doing what I can to improve the region.

Interviewer: If there was just one thing your term could be remembered for what would it be?

Minskiev: Activity. I don't think TRR is necessarily inactive, but it's not the most active thing in the world. #diplomatic-corps hadn't had a message posted in it since 2021. Culture under Manson was non-existent. Before the election, we didn't have a dedicated Outreach Officer since Bow. And I was the last, completely new Reject to run for Office, as far as I'm aware. So yes, some more activity as expected by any other modern region is desirable.

Interviewer: And for last, do you have any post-delegacy plans? Would you run again in six months, should everything allow it?

Minskiev: I haven't given much thought into post-Delegacy plans. Ideally I'd like to do R/D again, but I might run for another term if I feel like I should then.

Interviewer: I think that's all the question for today, your blubberness. Thanks for having us.

New Delegate, New Cabinet

The election of a new Delegate was followed in short order by the scheduled elections for TRR's government Officers and its Assembly's Speaker. With just four candidates running for a place in Delegate Minskiev's cabinet, Manson/Ereh, Salem, Catalyse and Thepeopl, and one candidate for Speaker, BowShot118, the elections were decided by a confirmation vote, with candidates required to reach a simple majority to be elected.

Elections closed on the April 9. Salem and Catalyse were elected with 18 affirmative votes, Thepeopl with 17, and Manson with 10 votes, while BowShot was elected as Speaker with 9 votes. Minskiev quickly assigned each new Officer to a place in his cabinet, with Culture going to Salem, Outreach going to Thepeopl, Foreign Affairs going to Catalyse and WA Affairs going to Manson.

In Other News
  • First Diplomacy game of the year, an occasional event in TRR, was inaugurated with a three-way victory shared by Germany (Visionary Union), Austria (Altasund) and France (Frattastan). Other participants were Russia (Hoffania), Italy (Minskiev), Turkey (AnelynS) and England (Bluie Gamer). Congratulations to the victorious powers of Europe.
  • TRR Awards were hosted, with regional favourite Salem winning three awards - Newcomer of the Year, RRA Newcomer and Outstanding Civil Servant - followed closely by both Minskiev, who won Oustanding Staff Member, and Aga, who won Reject of the Year, with Outstanding Officer being shared by both.
  • TRR voted against Repeal: “Condemn Reventus Koth” and Commend Llorens and voted for Condemn Gholgoth and Liberate EmbassyRegionia.
Written & Distributed by the TRR Diplomatic Staff​