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Nov 17, 2021
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The game is called Spyfall and how it works is all the players except one are told the secret location out of 20 listed locations. That one person is the spy. Players take turns asking questions to other players that help them to figure out who knows the secret location and who doesn’t. However they must be careful not to be too obvious, because at any time the spy can declare themselves and guess what the secret location is. If they are right, the spy wins! The rest of the players win if the spy guesses wrong or if they open a vote and unanimously determine who the spy is.

The official game rules can be found here, but there will be some tweaks to adapt to the forum.

  • A list of twenty different locations will be provided.
  • Every player will be messaged their role. The good guys will be told the secret location, the spy will not be.
  • A randomly selected player will be chosen to ask the first question (usually vaguely about the location) to another player. For example "Tubbius how is the weather?"
  • The player who just answered the question can then ask a question to any other player except the person who just asked them a question.
  • At any time, a player can pause the round and accuse another player of being the spy. If everyone except the accused player unanimously agrees, that will be the final vote. If the accused player is the spy the good guys win. If not, the spy wins.
  • Players can only make one accusation each during the round.
  • At any time, the spy can show themselves and guess the secret location. If the spy is correct, the spy wins. If not, the spy loses.
  • If by the end of the round no one has won the game, the player who was randomly selected to start the game can discuss their suspicions with everyone and put forward an accusation of someone as the spy. If everyone agrees that will be the guess for the spy. If it’s wrong the spy wins. If everyone cannot agree on the first accusation, the next player will have a chance to make their accusation.
  • The round ends after the amount of questions asked is equal to 2 X the number of players. For example if there are 7 players the round ends after 14 questions.

Sign ups will be open for a week, so until January 19th 2022. I would like to get at least 6-8 players. If we have enough people sign up we might do 2 games because I think there is a maximum on how many can play.

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