Anti-fascist Tag Run (major 20/11/2021) (1 Viewer)

Aug 11, 2018
Anti-fascist Tag Run


At major, the LazCorp Regional Guard went after a number of fascist-tagged regions which had left their World Assembly Delegate on Executive. Out of the 6 targets, 5 were hit, with a single unfortunate miss. The operation involved 7 LazCorp-affiliated legal experts, though this varied.
LazGuard screenshot.png
The following targets were hit with legal claims for being in violation of LazCorp's policy on fascists:

The following Lazarenes participated:
Director joWhatup
Junior Associate Whatermelons
Intern Alnorud (non-WA)
Intern Bavan Bhairav Pillai
Intern Domais
Intern Moe
Intern Ryccia

In addition to this success, it is my pleasure to announce the promotion of several of the individuals involved in this operation. Interns Domais, Ryccia, Moe and Alnorud have all shown their dedication and capability to the Guard, and as such have been promoted to the rank of Law Clerk. Please join me in congratulating them! :)

If you are interested in participating in anti-fascist ops or serving Lazarene interests abroad, please consider joining the Guard!​

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