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New Rogernomics

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Jun 12, 2018
New Rogernomics
Hello Lazarus! I had a question, how do I earn Lazarene Feathers on the forum, I'm kind of new here...

I also just applied to be a shareholder. What else is there to do here?
By posting, such as in the spam threads.

As for what there is to do:
With our regional government there are opportunities to get involved in the politics of the region. Lazarus has regional elections every four months for most political positions, and there are opportunities to become a member of a Department (Ministry) and serve Lazarus that way. You can get hands on experience of how our government works, and maybe even run for political office yourself in the future. This section of the guide will give you a brief run down of what is on offer.

The Assembly of Lazarus - This is the main legislative body of Lazarus, where shareholders (citizens) and employees (residents) of LazCorp propose and discuss legislation and issues of the realm. In order to vote on legislation or in regional elections however, you must become a Shareholder (Citizen). It isn't hard to become a Citizen, so you might want to give it a try, and become a fully-fledged member of the community, though you are just as welcome to stay a Resident and join in on basic forum activities.

Departments (Ministries) of Lazarus - The following Departments (Ministries) of Lazarus are often open to new members, so you should feel free to ask around about joining one and helping out.

Public Relations - Manages the Diplomatic Relations of Lazarus
[Become an Ambassador]

Regional Guard - Military Forces of Lazarus
[Join here]

Internal Management - Organizes Events, Media (such as the Gazette), and Role-Plays
[Join here]

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