Development update - Canary Wharf and other features

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Jun 12, 2018
New Rogernomics
Development update - Canary Wharf and other features

Been busy with a whole lot of other things including the regional map, and some forum stability issues. Now that those are under control, the next stage of forum development can begin, which will be the creation of dice rolls, templates for dice rolls for specific games, and the graphics for those will be put into threads for use.

Canary Wharf

The following areas are still in development:
  • Penultimate Supper (Mystery/Detective game)
  • Pirates Cove (Freeform RP area)
  • Pokemon Gym (Pokemon battles)
  • Wolves vs Workers (Werewolf)
  • Among Us (LazCorp Edition)
  • Lazarus Lottery
  • Spamtopia
In particular, the Penultimate Supper, Pokemon Gym, Wolves vs Workers, and Among Us will be recurring games, meaning once a game ends a new one begins through a scheduled thread post in the sub-forum. Everything else will take place in the Pirates Cove, which will be a freeform role-play area.

Spamtopia will have money games, though these will be gain money by post or through winning a competition or meeting a goal in a thread.

Award types - Trophies vs Badges

There will be two types of awards, trophy points and badges. Trophy points are related to posting activity, such as how many posts you have, whereas badges will be for all kinds of things from in-game to forum or discord activities. The badges that will be added can eventually become a discussion for the Board Meeting Room, as the Assembly has the option to grant awards and honors through the
Lazarene Awards and Honors Act (January 2020).
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