Form submission: Embassy/Consulate Application

Sep 17, 2019
Jean Rowe
Warzone Asia
Your region or organization name: Warzone Asia

Size of your region/organization: 79

Your head of state/government: Jean Rowe

Who is your ambassador to Lazarus?: Last Velneria

If Lazarus provides you with an embassy/consulate, would you be willing to grant us one in return?: We wouldn't be able to grant an off-site Embassy to Lazarus considering that we do not have Regional Forums (Unless we found an FA Server if we establish an FA department, in which case we would be more than happy to provide you with an embassy there) but we already do share an on-site Embassy.

Link to regional forums (if any):

Additional information/questions:: We have been into talks with the Government of Lazarus since a few months concerning the idea of Warzones Incorporated. While we already have an on-site Embassy, we are looking for an off-site one with Lazarus in order to provide Foreign Updates and improve our diplomatic relations.

I affirm that I am authorized by the aforementioned region or organization to submit this application: Yes

Tell us a little about your region or organization: The native Government of our region is the Amyralty of Warzone Asia and was founded on the 1st of July, 2019. Our Government works in a Meritocratic way and is currently led by Lord Amyral (Monarch) Jean Rowe with the help of our Regional Council and Vice Amyral (Heir Apparent) / Roleplay Administrator Last Velneria.

We are currently the safest and most active Warzone thanks to our Roleplay community and have been recently working on providing cultural events for our community members.

While we are technically Independent aligned and have established diplomatic or military relations with some major regions outside Warzones, our Foreign Affairs remain rather Neutral outside Warzone politics due to the nature of our region.

Military alignment/affiliation (if any): Neutral