Constitutional Amendments, Reshuffles and Elections (1 Viewer)

Apr 3, 2020
Hello all,

It has been a busy last few weeks in Thalassia. I have been trying to keep Lazarus updated on Discord and the Regional Message Board but I have summarised these events below.

First, our President Cormactopia Prime resigned from the position and announced his retirement from the game. The Government had already unanimously agreed to propose a Constitutional Amendment that would abolish the position of President and split the Presidential powers between the World Assembly Delegate and Founder. This amendment was taken to referendum and strongly supported by WA members of the region leading to an election for World Assembly Delegate - essentially a new position with reduced powers.

Five candidates put their names forward for the World Assembly delegate position; Ayeinc (former Minister of Foreign Affairs), Banq (Ambassador to the Communist Bloc), Odin/Bormiar (former Deputy Minister of Security), Toerana (former Minister of Culture) and Zentata (Deputy Minister of Culture). You can read their interviews in an election special of the The Wave here:

The delegate election quickly turned into a two-person race, with both Ayeinc and Zentata earning early support from voters. Slowly, Zentata pulled into a decisive lead and was eventually endorsed by Banq, with Toerana and Odin essentially ending their active campaign mid-way through the election. Zentata has now taken the delegacy and will begin their term as World Assembly Delegate establishing this new role and its responsibilities, and hopefully ensuring increased engagement with World Assembly affairs within the region.

Ayeinc has now been nominated as Vice Delegate, subject to approval at referendum.

Alongside these changes, Prime Minister Arenado undertook a reshuffle of his Cabinet following the expected resignations of Badivermeraed (Minister of Security) and Wymondham (Minister of Information). Liruslau, former Vice President was appointed as Minister of Security and Owl Archipelago was promoted to Minister, following their service as Deputy Minister of Information under Wymondham.

Our region now moves forward with Prime Ministerial elections due to begin next week. The Thalassian baseball leagues have been temporarily suspended during election season and will recommence soon.
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