Treaty of Pax Poukai

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Oct 14, 2019
Pax Poukai


Desiring friendship and tranquillity between Lazarus and the South Pacific, both parties ratify this treaty and thereby affirm their mutual respect.

Section 1. Recognition of Sovereignty

(1) Both signatories recognize the government of the Coalition of the South Pacific as set forth in the Charter and the government of Lazarus as set forth in the Twelfth Mandate as the legitimate ruling bodies of their respective regions.

(2) Both signatories shall recognize each others' legal successors as the legitimate ruling states of their respective regions.

Section 2. Pact of Non-Aggression

(1) Both signatories pledge not to declare war against one another.

(2) Both signatories pledge not to endeavor, conspire or withhold knowledge of any third party's intentions to invade, raid or otherwise attack their counterpart's home region or possessions.

(3) Both signatories pledge not to direct or encourage any person to adopt false pretenses in their counterpart’s on-site or off-site property.

(4) Both signatories reserve the right to deploy military forces to regions other than their counterpart's home region and possessions when on opposing sides in military gameplay.

Section 3. Cultural and Diplomatic Ties

(1) The governments of both parties pledge to seek cooperation on cultural matters.

(2) Both signatories will maintain in-game and off-site embassies with each other and will maintain diplomatic representatives in each other’s regions.

Section 4. Amendment, Interpretation, Display, and Repeal

(1) All amendments to this treaty must be made bilaterally following negotiations between signatory governments.

(2) The parties to this treaty may clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.

(3) Should either signatory state voluntarily disband without leaving a legal successor or dissolve this treaty in accordance with their own laws, both parties shall be relieved of the commitments made herein.

(4) This treaty shall be displayed in a publicly accessible area of the community forums of both parties.
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