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Jul 7, 2019


Incumbent Government
President: Cormactopia Prime
Vice President: Rocky Peaks
Prime Minister: Shoalia
Minister of Culture: Toerana III
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ayeinc
Minister of Home Affairs: Wymondham
Minister of Information: Wiskawga
Minister of Intelligence: Badivermeraed

[color=0172AC]Amendments to the Charter[/color]

The Charter of the Pacifica Democratic Union saw some key changes in the last few months, including the:

The Ministry Reform Amendment (Passed 35:3) which effectively dissolved the Ministry of Defense, shifting it's responsibilities to Home Affairs. It also installed the Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of Information as more permanent fixtures in the government.

The Proscription Amendment (Passed 34:1) which gave Pacifica the right to proscribe regions for regional security. Members of a proscribed community may not cross our borders and citizens may not participate in those regions without a proper waiver from the President and Prime Minister.

The Legal Code Amendment (Passed 36:1) which allows for the creation of supplemental legislation that wouldn't suit the Charter.


[color=0172AC]Pacifica[/color] held its second Prime Ministerial election on the 30th of August 2019; voting closed on the 2nd of September 2019. The Prime Ministerial Election was fairly uneventful, seeing the Incumbent Minister stand for reelection unopposed, after being nominated by various Pacificans. A vote was held simply as a formality, with only Shoalia and abstain as options.

Shoalia was reinstated as Prime Minister, securing 35 of the 39 eligible votes cast.

The Ministries were restaffed by the existing Ministers upon Shoalia's reelection.

[color=0172AC]Foreign Affairs[/color]
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Ayeinc, has been working to evaluate regions that [color=0172AC]Pacifica[/color] has relations with in order to ensure ties are mutually beneficial. They are currently working on a new embassy policy and a redefining of the MoFA promotion system, which sets guidelines for future assignments and expectations of members of Foreign Affairs. MoFA has officially promoted its first High Commissioner- congratulations to Dino Pacifica Mission!

The Ministry of Information, headed by Wiskawga, has been working behind the scenes to help plan a regional newspaper for Pacifica, as well as revamp the existing welcoming assets for new members of our community. They have also been working on a collaborative rewards program with the Ministry of Culture.

[color=0172AC]Home Affairs[/color]
The Ministry of Home Affairs, headed by Wymondham, has seen large changes since the last update was released, officially taking over regional security. MoHA is currently working on revamping RMB rules, as well as discussing potential supplimental legislation and a Code of Law.[color=0172AC]Culture[/color]
The Ministry of Culture, headed by Toerana III, is currently working on gameside roleplays for Pacifican citizens after updating our regional map, which now features the neutral ground "Terra Pacificus" and our regional capital, Kanaloa. They have also been working on the Pacifica Roleplay Rewards initiative with Information to encourage quality roleplay and participation in the region.

The Ministry of Intelligence, headed by Badivermeraed, is currently discussing the potential of an interregional program. In addition, the ministry has been keeping watch of Pacifica's borders, in collaboration with MoHA, keeping citizens safe from repeat offenders and their puppets.
Jun 14, 2018
Your Imaginary Friend
Thank you for the update! I love the clean and simple formatting. :D

And congratulations on winning the Prime Minister elections again; glad to hear so many good things are happening in Pacifica!

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