Embassy Application Form: Azhukali

Jun 27, 2018
Your region or organization name: Azhukali

Size of your region/organization: 23

Your head of state/government: Milograd

Who is your ambassador to Lazarus?: Milograd

If Lazarus provides you with an embassy, would you be willing to grant us one in return?: Yes, we will construct a "Lazarus" Embassy Channel on our Discord.


I affirm that I am authorized by the aforementioned region or organization to submit this application: Yes

extremely serious undertaking for me. Because I will be putting all my heart and soul into it, I want to have a bridge connecting us with Lazarus. Feux is here too, serving as WA Delegate. We will start with three embassies: Lazarus, Gholgoth, and Greater Dienstad. Our relationships with these three regions will be a meaningful part of our regional culture. For this reason, we hope Lazarus will overlook our current size. We have invested in 100,000 recruitment stamps and already have a collection of nations on our map and planning to RP.

Military alignment/affiliation (if any): Fishmonger
Jun 14, 2018
Your Imaginary Friend

Thank you for taking the time to apply for an embassy. While I put forward a condition where I would accept your request on Laz's Discord, I have discussed this further with others in Lazarus and most are against any kind of embassy formation with Azhukali. There are reasons to go either way, but as I would already be going against protocol accepting an application from a region so small and new, I'm drawing the line at other citizens disagreeing with the move.

I apologizing for saying otherwise previously, but you application is declined. Despite this, I look forward to seeing what awesomeness I'm sure will happen in Azhukali! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.