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    Admin Requests

    Please move this thread back: I recommended it in error, not realizing I was technically not the Dir anymore
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    Shareholder Application Form: Bavan Bhairav Pillai

    hey there, quick update on this: seems new roger has de masked me as shareholdership director (we dont have a PM right now), so my recommendation was not valid. Sorry about that!
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    Shareholder Application Form: Bavan Bhairav Pillai

    All good by me. Pushing this to the Delegate.
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    Shareholder Application Form: Galfni_ns

    No objections from me. Forwarding this to the CEO.
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    Admin Requests

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    Admin Requests

    I can’t apply prefixes in the shareholder app forum. I was able to set “no prefix” but that’s it.
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    Shareholder Application Form: Davidianian

    Thx for the patience! No objections from me.
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    Here for relevant WA discussions

    There is but I think it might only be open to citizens. You should become one!
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    Admin Requests

    Ok because it wasn’t that way a few days ago, so I was just wondering why the forum got screwed up doesn’t really answer my other questions but I get the jist of it
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    Admin Requests

    This forum looks glitched: - A bunch of threads got moved into here - the most recent thread randomly got assigned the awaiting shareholder approval one - the last thread in there I can’t even look at
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    Citizenship Application: Enigma

    Thanks for the in depth explanation. I am recommending you for approval to the Delegate.
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    Admin Requests

    is there any way to view user groups? on other forums you can do this e.g. if i want to view all directors, all auditors, etc
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    [Question] Any person language.

    can anyone from the court acknowledge you have seen this request please
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    [Announcement] Resignation as Justice

    Thank you for your service!