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    Howdy Folks. I can't say I never saw this coming. In fact I planned on resigning after putting someone I believed would be best as my Vice Director. I have done this to the best of my ability. I have done as much as I reasonably could however I have had a lot of issues with real life and I...
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    Vice Director

    I do hereby appoint Imaginary as my Vice Director of the LazGuard. Imaginary has done a lot of amazing work for the Guard - while being our only other officer - therefore I do believe she is the best fit for Vice Director.
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    As I said during the confirmation process I want to start this alignment discussion with everyone. Personally I believe we could adopt something similar to the NPA's Alignment. We would not allow the banjection/ejection of natives nor would we aid in people who's plan is the password and ban...
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    What are you listening to?

    Just post a song you are listening to! Molly By Lil Dicky
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    Form submission: Citizenship Form

    Nation in Lazarus: Marthizer WA Nation: N/a, changes a lot NS Identities: Tawks VerinGuard, Scott VerinGuard, Scott Faran, Cognat D'Vhakk, Friedrich I, Ibrihim and TheOneTruePi Have you been accused of any crime/s in other regions?: I think I'm only banned from regions for being a raider or...