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    Archived/Tabled [Announcement] Resignation as Justice

    It's no secret that, in recent months, I've increasingly lost interest and activity in serving as a Justice, and after having conferred with New Rogernomics on this matter, it has become abundantly clear to me that there are individuals who are far more active, able, and willing to serve on the...
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    Ruiling Is HEPA Constitutional?

    The Court of Lazarus has unanimously agreed to the following, authored by myself: The Court of Lazarus finds the Hostile Entities and Persons Act constitutional. Nothing in the Mandate or prior precedent explicitly specifies a strict constructionist, literalist reading of the powers of the...
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    Archived/Tabled Goodbye Again

    Your service as a Court Justice has been astounding, and it has been a tremendous honor to serve with you on the Court. Your presence on the Court's proverbial benches will be sorely missed, no doubt, and I doth my proverbial judicial wig to you.
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    [Discussion] Fictional legislature/government?

    was raised a few months agoNSG Senateserve/roleplay as legislators/politicians, form political parties, roleplay in the world in generalestablish governments formed by competitive electionsworldbuild the nationwrite, debate, and vote on legislationand even simulate elections based on a mixture...
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    Form submission: Citizenship Form

    Nation in Lazarus: Skadifron WA Nation: Untied Provinces of Atlantica NS Identities: United Provinces of Atlantica (main nation) Lucius Junius Gracchus All nations in Knyghtaria Vasturian Provinces Ultima Borealia +A bunch of switchers in Spear Danes Have you been accused of any crime/s in other...