Embassy Application

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Embassy/Consulate Application Form

Forum embassies provide regions and organizations with an official place to share information, make statements and proposals, and generally develop relations between each other.

In-game embassy?
Regions that already possess an in-game embassy with Lazarus are encouraged to establish a forum embassy as well.

Not an in-game embassy?
If a region that does not possess an in-game embassy with Lazarus would like to begin developing relations with Lazarus it must first establish a forum embassy. After a period of review, a region that has taken this step may be sent an in-game embassy request from Lazarus and a Lazarene ambassador will be sent to the region.

Please read the following forum embassy guidelines before applying:

1. All applications will be considered, although overly small (less than 100 nations) or new regions (less than a month or so) will most likely be declined.

2. We ask that if granted an embassy, you post in it at least once every few months:
(a) If your embassy is not posted in for 90 days, your region will receive a notification that it may be closed:
(b) You will then have a certain period of time, usually at least two weeks, in which to make a post in the embassy.
(c) If no activity takes place before the deadline, your embassy will be archived. A new application here will need to be filled out to reopen it.

Masked Shareholders and Residents should NOT use this form, as it will alter their main user group. Contact @New Rogernomics or the Director of Public Relations directly instead.
Please provide the name of your region or organization.
Please list the approximate number of nations currently in your region or organization.
This will be whoever heads your region or organization, whether this is a WA Delegate, Emperor, PM, Founder, and so on.
If yourself, say so. If not, mention the ambassador here.
If you would like to tell us a little about your region or organization, feel free to do so here.
I affirm that I am authorized by the aforementioned region or organization to submit this application.

If found to be false then this application will be put under extensive review. You will be asked to provide more information to the region and forum administration, and your application may be rejected.